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It is possible.

Hi! I’m Sarahdawn.

You can all me Sarahdawn or just Sarah if you like. Welcome to my website. I’m so glad you are here. This is a place for all people to be loved and accepted no matter who your are, where your come from or what you believe. And this is where I aim to reach people who want to feel better and experience life the way they deserve. In health, love, and abundance.

Life hasn’t always been easy for me. In my previous life (as I like to call it), I suffered with extreme depression, anxiety, and a non-existent self-worth. Nothing ever seemed to work out for me and no matter how hard I tried to be happy and successful I would fail – miserably– life just sucked.

I used to work as a therapist in private practice where I treated people with depression, anxiety, and family issues. But when my own life came crashing down in a string of tragic events I discovered there is so much more to life and happiness than I ever could have imagined.

As a result I have dedicated my existence to learning about and mastering the metaphysical world. Including how to talk to angels, use the law of attraction, and change reality as most of us know it.

And now I am in control of my life and my experiences. I have a life that is enjoyable, fulfilling, abundant and much easier.

Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

And that is what this site is all about. Sharing my experiences and knowledge with you. So anyone who wants to end their life of pain and suffering or anyone who just wants to be happy and follow their life path can do so easily and with love.

My goal is to help you experience a life of abundance, health, love, success and happiness without unnecessary hardships.

Use your body, mind, and soul effectively and efficiently to overcome depression, remove blocks to your success and create the life you want and deserve to have.

You can pick and choose any aspect that works for you or put it all together to have the most powerful way to change your life and your reality. You know best what will work for you, I provide the tools to put it into place.

Check out my blog and sign up for my newsletter for monthly advice and tips or check out my books for even more inspiration and to help along your path.

And keep coming back because I am just getting started.

Wishing you all the best!

With Love & Blessings! <3

Angel Numbers

Master the numbers in your life. Angel numbers are one of the simplest and easiest ways to communicate with angels. They are synchronistic, repeating numbers that carry a spiritual message and help us along our path. Learn about these numbers and what they mean with my Easy Guide to Angel Numbers blog series or become an angle numbers master with my book, Angel Numbers Mastery.

Dreaming, Believing, Becoming Blog

Learn to dream, learn to believe and become anything you want!

Check out my blog where you will find lots of information to get started and stay motivated on your path of changing your reality.

I do respond to comments ~ so feel free to ask questions, share your experiences and give your input.

Depression Warriors

Depression Warriors

Depression Warriors are those of us who have fought the negative effects of depression. We have learned to tap into our inner-warrior and are in pursuit of helping those around us learn to be fully in control of their own lives.

No matter how bad you feel or how impossible it seems you can change your reality and end depression as you know it. Depression Warrior training will teach you how to use your body, mind and soul to tap into your own inner-strengths. Let your true self shine and learn to manage and understand the negative sides of yourself that keep you down. Discover truths about where your depression comes from and find peace from the pain of the lies you have learned and believed up until now.

Depression has controlled and ruled our lives for long enough. It is now time we become the rulers of our own lives. Experience the happiness, confidence, and abundance you are meant and deserve to have. You can do it!

Become a Depression Warrior!

Half of a woman's face in peaceful rest with rose petals on her. One of the signs of angels is sense of peace and calm washes over you.

The Depression Warrior Series

Keep a look out for The Depression Warrior Series. A series of books designed to train you to fight and win the battle against depression. Each book includes valuable and effective techniques to change your reality and put an end to the negativity of depression. I have even included a whole book to train the Depression Warrior’s friends and loved ones to understand how to help and support them along their journey while also taking care of yourself. Read the one that appeals to you and your needs or read them all!

Trick your brain into thinking you are happy.

 Start Training Right Now

Look for the Depression Warrior Category on my Dreaming, Believing, Becoming Blog.

Here you can learn the basics of each category of Depression Warrior training and find what fits you best. Quickly and easily begin to change your reality and learn to control your depression.

Be sure to leave comments so we can create a community of Depression Warriors to support and receive feedback from each other. As always, I reply to comments and questions and greatly appreciate them.

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