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Fifteen Important Things Earth Angels Need to do to Align with Universal Energy

15 Important Things Earth Angels Need to do to Align with Universal Energy

Here are 15 important things that all Earth Angels need to do to feel aligned with universal energy and ensure their vibrations are high – so they can accomplish their soul’s mission and live their life, walk their path, and serve their purpose to the fullest and most beneficial way for all of us.


Lightworkers and Earth Angels Need High Vibes

Earth Angels are important, and they are a necessary part of ensuring that humans, the world, and life on this physical planet are all in alignment with God’s plan. Yet life as an Earth Angel has unique challenges that tend to pull us away from our purpose, lower our vibrations, and make it harder to embrace the soul’s mission.

Fifteen Important Things Earth Angels Need to do to Align with Universal Energy

If you are a lightworker, spiritual warrior, or any kind of Earth Angel, the most important thing you can do is make sure your vibes are high and that you are in alignment with universal energy.

Why? Because when your vibrations are high, you are also raising the vibrations of the world and the people around you – just simply by being there. Not to mention having high vibrations allows you to attract what you need to walk your life’s path and accomplish your soul’s mission via the Law of Attraction.  

So ensuring that your vibrations are high and that you are in alignment with the universe is important and necessary. Yet as an Earth Angel, life on this dense physical planet may leave you prone to feeling lost, misunderstood, out of place, depressed, and anxious – all of which pull you away from your important purpose and lower your vibrations.

What is worse is that feeling and experiencing life like this can make the Law of Attraction feel like some sort of punishing force. And you start to wonder if maybe you’re just meant to be down on your luck, feel depressed, and never actually accomplish all those dreams you have.

And that is not good. The world needs you, your light, and it needs you vibrating at the high frequency you are meant to vibe at. Because you are meant for and needed for something very important – not just for you, but for all of us. And those feelings and doubting yourself are not helping anyone.

So let’s get this turned around as quickly as possible.

All it really takes are a few simple things that you can easily bring your awareness to that will get things turned around and start the flow of positive energy in your direction – so you can get back on track, walk your life’s path, and achieve your life purpose with the love, joy, and abundance that you are meant and deserve to have.

Let’s get started! Here are 15 important things all lightworkers and earth angels need to do to be aligned with universal energy, spread increased high vibrations, and attract what they need to accomplish their mission.

Fifteen Important Things Earth Angels Need to do to Align with Universal Energy

1) Take a Break:

First things first, take a step back and have a moment away from all the hustle, bustle, stress, and chaos of daily life. Take a few deep breaths, ground yourself, and recenter into this moment.

Visualize your breath bringing in positive, calm, and uplifting energy and breathing out anything negative and anything that does not serve you in a positive and uplifting way.

Taking the time to recenter, ground yourself, and ensure you see things through a fresh perspective is necessary to keep from getting burned out or lost in the denseness of the physical world.

2) Remember, Bad Things Can and Will Happen:

Life is not perfect, and we all know it doesn’t always go smoothly. But what you want to keep in mind is that this is how life is supposed to be.

Suffering, challenge, and pain are all part of human existence and are necessary for growth, development, and achievement. It may not always seem fair, but it is the way life needs to be. So sometimes, bad things happen, and even though it is hard to see hardships in the world, we must accept it and let it happen.

When things go badly in the world, or you feel helpless to make a difference in someone’s life, don’t dwell or get caught up in it.

And when something bad happens to you, accept it as just one bad thing that happened. Maybe it was necessary, or maybe just a fluke, either way, expect whatever comes next to go well – because this one bad thing will not define you or your day.

These are the moments where I say to myself and truly believe that “everything happens for a reason.” Sure, it is cliche, but it is true. Saying and thinking this phrase really helps me get through the difficult moments in life with my outlook intact and my vibes relatively high.

3) Improve Your Relationship with the Universe:

Remind yourself that the universe wants to work with you. Like a genie in a bottle, the universe is at your command. It will provide what you ask for. Try to visualize and imagine the universe as a partner, an entity that wants to help you and provide for you so that you can accomplish and achieve your life purpose and make the world a better place. Together, you and the universe can move mountains.

4) Allow Good to Happen to YOU Too:

It is just as important to receive as it is to give. Open your heart and your mind to the idea that you deserve love, help, and good things in your life too.

It is not all about helping others and being 100 percent altruistic all the time. When you feel good, you make others feel good just by being around them, and you raise the vibrations of the energy around you.

So practice some healthy selfishness, give yourself as much love (maybe even more) as you give to others, ask for help when you need it, and take care of yourself. And, please, work on doing all of this without guilt. You are important, and you deserve love, positivity, and good things too.

5) Set Intentions Often:

Set clear intentions to have what you want as often as you can. Say them aloud or to yourself or write them down. But, at minimum, be sure to say something like: “Hey, Universe! It’s me (your name). From here on out, I feel grateful and happy, and everything is going my way!” at least once a day.

6) Be Mindful of Your Thoughts:

Just because you think something does not make it true. And when you are out of alignment with the universe, it is all too easy to fall into the “See, I told you so” trap, which happens when it feels like everything in your life is supporting the idea that the universe is against you and everything your ego says is right.

Remind yourself that your thoughts are powerful. Every thought you have is energy that is directly communicating with the universe. Try to catch negative thoughts and reframe them or turn them into something positive. Hey! You don’t have to believe the thought for it to work; it just needs to be more positive than the negative ones that you have been experiencing.

Or be on the lookout for my upcoming YouTube series about how to raise your energy and the energy around without having to try to change your thoughts. A sort of backdoor approach to automatically changing thoughts rather than trying to force it to happen.

7) Put Emotions in Perspective:

Just like thoughts, emotions can play a bit of trickery on our perceptions. Primarily when experiencing extreme emotions, it feels like that state of being will last forever.

Grief, loss, depression, anxiety – in the moment – these emotions are strong; they are consuming. And when consumed by something, it seems inescapable. It feels like there is no end in sight. It is okay to have these emotions, but when they come up, keep in mind that most all emotions only last about 90 seconds. Soon it will pass, so try to throw in some positive thoughts and intentions. They still have power even if those feelings won’t let you believe them.

If you’re struggling with strong, negative emotions, be sure to read this post on How to Use the Law of Attraction with Depression or watch the video Depression and Getting Started with the Law and Attraction over on my YouTube channel.

8) Focus on Yourself and Let Everything Else Go:

Don’t worry about what others are thinking or how they perceive you. Don’t worry about the events going on in the world that you have no control over. And don’t overfocus on everything that is going on outside of you.

Instead, turn inward and focus on what you need to feel good and be at your best. The answers and guidance that you need are inside you, it is called your inner wisdom, and you can trust it.

So let go of the outside world and get in touch with your inner self. Imagine you are one with your higher self. Talk to your inner warrior, your soul, and your authentic self, and ask these parts of yourself, “what is going on?” Let the answers simply flow into your consciousness. You can also talk to your angels and guides to help you through this and find the answers.

9) Relax:

Relax and get your consciousness out of the way. Your ego is not helpful in most situations, especially when your vibes are already wavering. Your ego is the voice within you saying that it is not possible to feel better. You should just accept your situation and life the way it is because that is just how it is. “And there is nothing you can do about it.”

Your ego will sabotage your efforts and create doubt. So tell it to go take a “chill pill” and let it go. Allow yourself to be one with who you really are – what your soul is calling you to do. Engage your inner warrior and allow it to inspire, heal, and motivate you to reach new goals that will take your life and purpose to the next level.

You’ve got what it takes, but when your ego is talking, anxiety and fear dominate, so let those self-defeating feelings go. Relax knowing you and your angels got this.

10) Rewrite Your Story:

Reality and how we perceive reality are all experienced through filters, filters created throughout a lifetime of experiences. As such, our lives are a story that we are currently narrating. We tend to have a certain theme for the story we are living, such as “the universe is against me” or “I am depressed and useless.” And then we only remember experiences in our life that support that theme.

But there are other experiences in your life that do not support that negative version of your life story. Not only that, but you can also change the filters you are seeing and perceiving your world/story through – simply by using a bit of intention and visualization.

Try the following technique to help begin rewriting your story.

  • Imagine everything that has gone wrong in the last day or so going right instead. It might feel strange at first – but imagine what your day (start to finish) would have been like had everything gone perfectly.
  • Go back several years and revisit past events along your timeline. Think about all the things that have gone right. The times you’ve had good luck, when you did something well, or anytime you felt happy about yourself and how life was going. If you remember negative events, regrets, or memories that do not make you feel good, simply let them pass through your consciousness and move on to the next positive memory. Those perceived negative memories have a time, place, and usefulness – but this is not it.
  • Sit with the feelings that come up for you during the last two activities. Then imagine your current hopes and dreams coming true in the future – see yourself accomplishing it all with ease and everything you need just falling into place.

Do these three techniques often. Once a day is great, but even once a week as a reminder will help shift the flow of energy and change your life story.

11) Avoid Negativity:

For now, whenever you feel sad, lost, depressed, anxious, or feel like you are heading down a path of toxic internal negativity, it is vital to avoid outside negativity. That includes negative people who drain your energy, negative news in the media, negative images in television and movies, and places that give you any sense of negativity.

This is not a forever thing; it is a just-while-you-need-to kind of thing. That is, unless the negativity comes from people or places that are toxic and not good for you, in which case, now may be the time to cut those people and places out of your life so that you can move forward.

12) Avoid Trying to Make Things Happen or Not Happen:

Use expectation and let life simply flow. Know you are going forward with good faith and intentions and doing what you need to tell the universe you are happy and feeling fine.

Be sure to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves and any inspired ideas you have. If the perfect thing you need falls in your lap, jump on it and enjoy it. Just go with the flow.

Practice and focus on gratitude and how wonderful it is that you have the power to connect with the universe and make things happen in your life. When something bad or negative happens, don’t try to fix it or change it. Just let it happen. Expect what follows to be good and positive.

13) Don’t Help Everyone:

You cannot help everyone, and you are not meant to. There is too much in the world for one person. Even the most amazing and capable lightworkers and Earth Angels cannot do it all.

Sometimes you will not be the right person for the job, and some people are just not going to want your help. And that is okay. It does not help anyone to waste your energy and lower your vibes trying to help those who do not want it. There are plenty of others who will benefit greatly from your love and light. So let the others go and focus on doing and helping those for whom you can and who want your help.

14) Allow the Process to Unfold:

From here on out, be sure to intentionally think about and focus on things that make you feel good. Do things that make you feel happy and how you want to feel. Implement self-care and learn how to love yourself.

It is very important to work on expecting good things to happen at this point. I realize this is easier said than done, and that is okay. Going from a place of overwhelming or consuming negativity to expecting positive things to happen is a process. And it’s not a process that is accomplished overnight. So just keep making the effort. Soon, your high expectations and positivity will catch up, and you will see a change in how the energy flows into your life and affects you. 

15) Lather, rinse, repeat:

Keep going through each step and check in with yourself until your hair is clean. Um, I mean, until it feels like you are in harmony with the universe. It is the same concept, though. If your hair isn’t clean enough the first time, you shampoo it again, so if things aren’t on course and going right in your life, keep going through these steps until you feel good and aligned.

You know you are in harmony and aligned with universal energy when you feel good, happy, and overall excited about the possibilities the future holds.

And do it, all of it, because you deserve to feel good and accomplish your soul’s mission.

Did you try out any of these steps? Are any of them more challenging than others? Are any of them more effective? Be sure to leave your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comments. I – and I am sure many others – would love to hear what you have to say.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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