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A Magical Course in Angel Numbers:

Opening the Portal to Angelic and Spiritual Communication

A Magical Course in Angels Numbers: Opening the Portal to Angelic and Spiritual Communication by Sarahdawn Tunis

By Sarahdawn Tunis

Do You Feel Your Angels Calling Out to You?

Angel numbers are so much more than simple signs and messages. They are guiding lights along our spiritual path, lighting the way to a deep and intimate relationship with our angels and spiritual guides.

You are here by no accident

Your angels are calling you to open the door to spiritual connection and communication so you can receive the divine love, guidance, and assistance you are meant to have in this life. You are here because you feel the calling.

And angel numbers are the path your angels are guiding you to use.

Going beyond angel numbers, A Magical Course in Angel Numbers, will help you open the door, let the love and light in, and become closer and more connected to your angels with every angel number you see. 

A Magical Course in Angel Numbers

No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey with Angel Numbers and the Angels

~ This Book Can Help ~

A Magical Course in Angel Numbers is like having several books in one. No matter where you are along your path with the Angels, it will meet you where you are and fit your needs right now.

It's a Guide

You will find a guide that includes the most commonly seen angels numbers - including angel numbers 1- 99, with their mirror and reversed mirror numbers and the most commonly seen triple digit numbers.
Each entry includes at least one special channeled message from the angels.

Angel Number Basics

Angel numbers are signs that carry a message from our angels and spiritual guides to help us along our path and to accomplish our soul's mission.
Learn how they came to be, how to use them in your life, and how to begin understanding what your angels want you to know when they place one of these spiritually charged numbers along your path.

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Interpret & Channel Angel Numbers

Although angel numbers are generally based on the numerological energy of the each number, but they do not inherently carry a message. Someone needs to channel it.
Learn how angel numbers work and how you can tap into your intuition and trust your abilities to begin channeling your own angel messages with each angel number you see.

Deeply Connect with Your Angels

With learning, practice, and exposure using your gifts to communicate with angels ~ the portal begins to open.
Learn how to deeply tap into your gifts and go beyond angel numbers. Connect, communicate, and have a deep and profound relationship with your angels that you can rely on everyday.
This is just the beginning!

Is this Book Right for You?
Have a look inside.