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Planting Seeds ~ Meaning & Messages of Angel Number 12

Angel Number 12. An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers.

Do you keep seeing the angel number 12? If so, it is a message from your angels of loving encouragement.

Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know. 

Not sure what angel numbers are? Read this first: An Introduction to Angel Numbers.

Meaning & Messages of Angel Number 12

“Planting Seeds”

The Energy of the Angel Number 12

Angel Number 12: Planting Seeds

The angel number 12 has the combined energy of the angel number 1 and the angel number 2 with influences of the angel number 3.

The angel number 1 and the angel number 2 have opposing and opposite energies. And when these energies are combined in the angel number 12, we are left with a very balanced and successful number that propels us toward the accomplishment of our soul’s mission.

The angel number 12 is an extremely balanced number due to the opposing energies of the angel number 1 and the angel number 2. This is because the supportive energy of the angel number 2 meshes well with the often single-sighted energy of the angel number 1.

The angel number 2 is like the wind beneath the wings of the angel number 1’s desire for achievement. Propelling it forward with balance, harmony, love, and inner peace

The angel number 12 is the energy and foundation of manifesting and creating. Especially that which we need to accomplish our life’s purpose. It is the garden in which we plant the seeds of desire. Then, with positivity, love, optimism, and hope we nourish those seeds so they can grow into the plants and flowers we envision them to be.

When we plant seeds deep within the soil, they can no longer be seen. They begin their cycle of growth beneath the surface of the earth. Yet, even though we cannot see them, we know without a doubt that the process is occurring. And when the time is right, the seeds will break through the earth.

So we tend to that garden with faith and excitement. Knowing that with a little time, patience, and determination the garden will soon become lush and green with growth.

It is the planting the seeds of our dreams and desires and tending to them with positivity before we can see them, that encompasses the energy of the angel number 12.

The angel number 12 is the energy of beginnings, fresh starts, imagination, and the hope, faith, optimism, joy, and determination it takes to nurture and bring our goals, dreams, and desires to life.

The Angel Number 1

The angel number 1 brings a focused, individualistic, and head-strong energy of leadership and accomplishment. It is the energy of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the desire to accomplish new goals and dreams. This energy assists us in manifesting our thoughts quickly. So the angel number 1 urges us to keep our thoughts positive and focused on our desires.

The Angel Number 2

Conversely, the angel number 2 resonates with a very balanced, faithful, compassionate, and helpful energy that focuses on relationships and our duty to serve the greater good. Its energy is about having faith in the spiritual and in ourselves. It resonates deeply with accomplishing our life’s purpose by balancing service to others with service to ourselves.

Influences of the Angel Number 3

If you add the sum of the angel number 12 (1 + 2 = 3) you have the influence of the angel number 3. A very spiritual number that carries the positive, optimistic, creative, and youthful energy of having faith and manifesting your desires as you walk your spiritual path – knowing you are loved and protected by the spiritual realm, including the ascended masters.

How the Energy of Angel Number 12 Affects Us

The angel number 12 is about reaching for the stars and believing that we have the power to make our biggest and most lofty of dreams come true. Although we are still in the planning and preparing stages of manifestation the angel number 12 is the embodiment of optimism, joy, and hope for what we will create.

The angel number 12 taps into our deepest drives and desires and fills us with inspiration. It carries the energy of motivation and determination that is fueled by limitless imagination. As we begin to imagine and visualize our plans coming to fruition, the angel number 12 fills us with faith, love, and hope that anything we imagine can and will manifest.

It has a very strong energy of manifestation that is about to occur. Your thoughts and what you are focusing on is in the process of becoming reality. So the angel number 12 is a reminder to stay positive, keep your focus on what you desire, and live with love, joy, and optimism so you can ensure that what manifests is what you want.

All in all, the angel number 12 is the nature of being positive and reaching for the stars with focus and determination combined with having faith, love, and balance. It encourages you to take risks, begin new projects and follow your heart with unwavering faith even in times of doubt or when you have yet to see any progress.

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The Message of Angel Number 12

If you have been seeing the angel number 12 repeatedly the message you are receiving from the angels is of loving encouragement. Here is what the angels are telling you.

As you read the following messages, keep in mind these are only possible messages. Each angel number contains a lot of energies that can manifest differently depending on what your angels want you to know and what is going on in your life.

The following messages have the potential to apply – in general – to anyone who sees this number and seeks answers. So, take only what resonates with you as you read each message, and just leave the rest behind for now.

The key to receiving and understanding your angel number messages is to rely on your feelings, thoughts, and intuition to guide you. No book, blog post, or article can give you the perfect answer to what your angel number message is, so trust yourself and your inner wisdom.

If an additional message sparks in your mind that is not included here, trust that it is your angels and spiritual team talking to you.

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The Answer is Yes

Have you been struggling with a tough decision? Look no further, when you see the angel number 12 this is your confirmation to go for it. Especially if the decision you are trying to make is regarding your life path and/or soul’s mission.

If you have been considering writing a book, starting a healing practice, taking a more fulfilling career path, or anything to do with following your heart, the angels are encouraging you to get started. This is definitely a good time to put yourself out there and transform your life. Be sure to pay attention to the other messages of the angel number 12 to help you make the most of this decision.

A Time for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

Hands holding a seedling in dirt. Angel Number 12: Planting seeds

When you see the angel number 12 the angels are letting you know that now is a good time to begin something new or to get a fresh start on something old. Especially regarding your spirituality or to serve the greater good.

You have learned from and grown along your path so now is a good time to release what no longer serves you and start with a fresh new perspective.

If you have been thinking about starting a new project or going in a new direction in life now is the perfect time to plant those seeds and get started. When you see the angel number 12 it means you are able to manifest what you desire quickly. And it brings a very strong energy of achievement and success. As if that isn’t enough, it also carries the energy of faith and your prayers being answered. So you have a lot of energy supporting your efforts right now.

What you have been wanting to start will likely lead to making the world a better place and take you even closer to spiritual enlightenment and a stronger connection to the spiritual realm. So the angels are supporting and encouraging you to take risks and go the distance with this new endeavor.

Opportunity is Knocking

Having the energy of the angel number 12 in your life means opportunities are being presented to you. The angels are encouraging you to notice and act upon these opportunities. By doing so you will find yourself feeling closer to your spirituality and actively manifesting what you desire.

As you open yourself to these opportunities be sure to walk in faith, positivity, and optimism. The energy of the angel number 12 means to keep working and being open to opportunities. Even when you may not see the results or benefits keep going because your hard work, faith, and determinism will pay off.

Make Your Life Better

When you repeatedly see the angel number 12 you are being called to transform yourself and make your life better. Create new dreams and goals and come up with a plan to achieve them.

Improve your environment and home life by getting rid of old stuff and make room for new, positive things that will help you grow and improve your quality of living.

You want to ensure that your surroundings fill you with love, light, comfort, and happiness. Improve your home and family life by creating balance and harmony both within your home and with your family members. Ensuring that everyone feels safe, protected, optimistic, and loved.

Also, focus on clearing out your mind and emotions. Get rid of old, closeted emotions, psychological blocks, and cut any cords to the past that are no longer useful or helping you along your path. Be sure to make both your inner world and outer world reflect the life you desire.

Focus on Relationships

The angel number 12 is a call to focus on and work to improve the relationships in your life. Now is the time to make sure your relationships are balanced and that you are in harmony with all the people in your life. Be on the lookout for negative people and harmful relationships and let them go so you have room for positive, nurturing, and caring relationships.

The angels are letting you know that you and how you feel are important. Your happiness and the positivity in your life reflect back onto the world. As such your relationships should serve to support and lift you up not dull your light. So be sure to nurture the relationships in your life that reflect the love you have to give to the world. Surround yourself with people who live in love, light, and happiness.

A New Relationship

The angel number 12 may be an indication that there is a new relationship in your life or it is about to come. It can also mean the rekindling of an old relationship. The angel number 12 is a good sign that the angels are supporting this union of souls and something positive and important for your life purpose will come out of it.

Treat this relationship with nurturing love, faith, joy, optimism, and positivity so that it can bloom and grow. Work toward creating balance and harmony in this relationship and it will be rewarding and fulfilling for many years to come.

Your Purpose is Calling

When the angel number 12 appears in your life, you are being called to take an inventory of your life, what you are doing, and where you are heading. You are being reminded that you were created perfectly to walk your life path and accomplish your purpose. And now is the time to make sure you are following your heart and headed in the direction you are meant to go.

The angel number 12 is an indication that your life purpose is spiritually oriented. You have a duty to serve others and to improve the greater good. Whatever it is you do in life, you will likely find the most happiness and success by helping others.

Right now, you’re at the beginning of a new phase of your life path, so be sure to stay positive and optimistic, this is the time you are planting the seeds of what will grow in your future. Be sure to use faith, intuition, compassion, and love to propel you forward.

You are Safe and Protected

When you repeatedly see the angel number 12, the angels are letting you know that it is safe to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and act upon the opportunities that present themselves to you. All of what you are experiencing is divinely guided and you are fully supported and protected by the spiritual realm, including the angels and the ascended masters.

This is also the best time to follow your intuition, take risks and act upon any opportunities which will prove your faith. The angels are showing you the angel number 12 to let you know it is safe to take the leap. Go forward and walk in faith. This means having spiritual faith but also having faith and confidence in yourself and your natural skills, talents, and abilities.

So take risks and transform your life with faith, optimism, and a child-like abandon, knowing, even in times of doubt, it is all working out the way it is meant to.

No Room for Negativity

When the energy of the angel number 12 is in your life there is no room for negativity. This is such a balanced and positive number that optimism, faith, and trust are your best bet.

Not only are you at the beginning of a fresh phase of your life path you are also manifesting and co-creating your life. So it is necessary for you to keep your thoughts positive and negativity in check. You are planting the seeds of your future, be sure to nurture them with love and positivity. There simply is no room in your life right now for negativity.

Do you have any experience with the angel number 12? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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