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Are you An Earth Angel? The Traits and Qualities of the Earth Angel

Are You an Earth Angel? Traits and Qualities of the Earth Angels by Sarahdawn Tunis

The following is a list of traits, characteristics, values, beliefs, and life experiences to help you figure out if you are an Earth Angel. Being an Earth Angel is not always easy – but it does not have to be miserable. Identifying yourself as an Earth Angel and learning you are not alone are the first steps to finding acceptance, love, and understanding of yourself and your mission. It is also the best path to find others who think, feel, and similarly experience the world.

Are You an Earth Angel?

Are You an Earth Angel? The Traits and Qualities of the Earth Angel by Sarahdawn Tunis

Earth Angels are unique human beings with the spiritual purpose of assisting the angels as part of their soul’s mission. They have a huge calling and tend to be drawn toward this mission even when unaware that it is their calling.

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Yet this tremendous mission of the Earth Angel requires challenges, obstacles, and even sacrifices in order for them to come into their full potential. This means the path they must take, although necessary, is usually quite difficult and lonely. It is this path that will mold them into the physical and spiritual beings their soul requires to complete their mission, but it is not easy.

This angelically-inspired life path often creates feelings and situations that are out of the ordinary, difficult to deal with, and often unfair. Although wrought with blessings, high vibrations, and an extremely joyful mission, it isn’t until the Earth Angel finds and discovers their path that life begins to unfold into the extraordinary and rewarding existence it is meant to be.  

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Being an Earth Angel is Often a Lonely Experience

If you are an Earth Angel, you have probably felt like an outsider most of your life. You have never really fit in or felt accepted for who you are, including in your own family growing up. In addition, you may also have personality traits, mental disorders, and ways of seeing the world that keep you isolated from others and even bullied at times, which only adds to the loneliness.

Although you may have spent much of your life feeling like a weirdo or as if something is innately wrong with you, the fact is there are many others like you out there. You’re not broken, and you are not weird. There is nothing wrong with you at all. You are just unique. And your soul is on a mission.

You Are Not Alone

As you progress along your path as an Earth Angel, you will likely find peace, understanding, and self-acceptance, knowing there are many other Earth Angels out there. Those who share similar traits, experiences, and ways of seeing the world with you. A place to fit in and understand who you are just a bit better.

You will find Earth Angels all over the world. They can be any age, have any kind of skill, talent, or ability, and are in every profession imaginable. And even though every Earth Angel is special and uniquely qualified to accomplish their specific mission, it is actually quite amazing just how many traits we do, in fact, share.

So, here are many common traits seen in Earth Angels. May this list help you identify as an Earth Angel, claim your authenticity, connect with your angels, and live a life full of joy, love, abundance, and self-acceptance. And, perhaps most importantly, have the overall positive life experience of helping others that you desire and deserve to have.

Take a look at the following 41 traits, and if you find you can relate to most of them and feel like maybe somebody “gets you” for the first time in your life, then you can be confident that you are an Earth Angel. If this is not enough and you want more confirmation, try the Am I an Earth Angel Quiz.

Click here to download a PDF checklist that you can print at home.

Earth Angel Traits

The following is a list of common traits found in Earth Angels. If you can relate to these traits and qualities, you are very likely an Earth Angel.

Primary Traits and Characteristics of Earth Angels

These primary traits are traits that occur in all Earth Angels. They are the most apparent indicators that you are an Earth Angel, as they are our defining characteristics. You will relate to all six of the following if you are an Earth Angel.

  1. You feel a strong connection to the angels. You have a powerful desire to connect with them. When you do, you sense extreme familiarity, comfort, and safety. You may even find the angels feel more familiar, safe, and comfortable than connecting with family and loved ones here on Earth.
  2. You have a deep and enduring desire to help others, the planet, or animals. You find joy, contentment, and inner peace when you are in service and living according to this desire to help.
  3. You are extremely kind and compassionate. People are drawn to you for help, and you are more than willing to give of yourself to anyone in need.
  4. You are very sensitive to energy. Both environmental (coming into your five senses) and physical energy (people, places, and things). This leads to environmental sensitivities, sensory processing disorders, and avoiding places and situations with harsh or intense energy.
  5. You are empathic and easily pick up on the emotions of others. You feel their feelings and take on their energy. This often happens without your realizing it, and it deeply affects you.  
  6. You are very spiritual and intuitive overall. You have a deep spiritual connection, have always been drawn to spiritual concepts and beliefs, and feel there is a deeper and more profound truth and reason for our existence.

Personality Traits

These are the personality traits often seen within Earth Angels. Depending on your particular mission, these may vary. However, you will probably be able to relate to all of them – at least to a small degree.

  • You have a peaceful, calm energy that people open up to easily. Even strangers are often drawn to you and talk to you about personal matters.
  • You care deeply for people and love helping those in need despite how you have been treated in your past and even in your present.
  • You often struggle with being grounded. Your head is in the clouds, dreamy, almost as if you are sometimes crossing into different realities.
  • You appear extroverted to others, but you are primarily introverted and tire easily when around a lot of people and energy. In other words, you are called very strongly to help others, and you love being around them when you do – however, you need plenty of “me time” to process and recover.
  • You are an overthinker. Earth angels have a tendency to ruminate. They are pretty much in a constant state of observing and taking everything in – all the time.
  • You see the good in all things. You have an eye for the diamond in the rough in every situation, especially involving those you are helping or care about. This makes you a very optimistic person for the most part – although your optimism and positivity can be hidden by depression, addictions, and trying to withdraw and isolate.
  • You are wise beyond your years – you seem to know things or understand things in a unique and clear way. Especially regarding the people and things you are trying to help, your mission, or spiritual and energetic concepts.
  • You are protective of anything you care about. Fiercely protective, you will fight for what you love, value, or deeply believe in.
  • You tend to be judgmental of others and have high expectations – especially those who are in need of help but refuse to listen, change, or make any effort on their own behalf.
  • You are a perfectionist and struggle with patience. You want everything to be perfect, and you want it to happen as quickly as possible, even instantly sometimes.
  • You have imposter syndrome. Meaning you find it hard to accept there is anything unique or special about yourself. This is not limited to accepting yourself as an Earth Angel or as special – you also tend to feel this way with any kind of diagnosis or label, good or otherwise.  
  • You are much more comfortable giving than receiving help. Actually, you are more comfortable giving than receiving in any way, shape, or form.

Social Experiences

Both growing up and as an adult, the social life of an Earth Angel brings its own set of experiences. The following are common social experiences that, as an Earth Angel, you will likely find very relatable.

  1. You feel like you do not fit in with others. You have often been bullied, rejected, or left out. You don’t know exactly why, but you know this happens because you are somehow different.
  2. You grew up in a dysfunctional family or may have been in foster care. As an adult, you most likely feel disconnected from your family of origin.
  3. You are not competitive and tend to back down quickly and easily when competition is afoot. In fact, you would rather just give the win away than engage in too much competition. Overall, it is safe to say that there is not a competitive bone in your body.
  4. You are drawn to those in need, and they are drawn to you. Although it is often good people sincerely in need of what you have to offer, you also find that you attract troubled, broken, and abusive people. You may feel like you can fix them just by giving them enough love and understanding – but you end up being used, pushed around, taken advantage of, and in abusive relationships, and even worse at times.
  5. Earth Angels tend to be in co-dependent relationships or no relationship at all. You often feel and act as though your happiness is dependent on how happy you can make others. Eventually, you may find it easier just not to be in a relationship at all.

Mental and Emotional Traits

Just like everyone else, Earth Angels are driven by their emotions and mental states. That is not to say this area is any easier for them. Actually, this is the area where many of the differences that make us unique and special beings really stand out.

  • Self-love and self-acceptance are difficult for Earth Angels. You tend to put everyone and everything above yourself and ignore your own needs. This is partly because you are too busy thinking of those you care about, but all too often, it is because you do not feel worthy. For most of us, it isn’t until middle age that we find our inner peace. This is when the lessons ease up, and through your experiences, you gain a deeper understanding of who you are and begin to accept and love yourself.
  • You are very good at masking and presenting yourself in a way that best serves those around you – often to the detriment of your own well-being.
  • You most likely have current or past experiences of mental and emotional disorders, including things like depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), bipolar, or low self-worth.
  • It is not unusual for Earth Angels to struggle with addictions, including, but not limited to, drugs, alcohol, eating, social media, and high-risk behaviors.
  • Most, if not all, Earth Angels are neurodivergent, although it may not be diagnosed. And many Earth Angels will have more than one neurodivergency that helps them see and experience the world in a not-so-typical way. Some examples of neurodiversity are Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Dyslexia, Bipolar Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Soul’s Calling (Life Path)

The calling of the soul to complete its mission is strong within most people. But for the Earth Angel, this calling is so powerful that it shapes who you are and how you interact within the world. The following are common traits that most Earth Angels will experience regarding their life path and soul’s calling.

  • You feel your purpose even if you have yet to discover or fully embrace it. It calls to you on a deep and enduring level.
  • You have a longing and a deep desire to live with integrity and authenticity – far more than the average human. And you can easily lose track of yourself and what makes you happy if you stray from your mission, even if you do not fully know what it is yet. Experiences in this life may make you feel like an outsider, a weirdo, or too sensitive. Yet, when you try to live up to the expectations of others, you become miserable and depressed and may even feel physical pain. You must follow your calling – your heart.
  • You like to help and go. You form deep connections and lasting relationships with a few people. But when it comes to helping others, you prefer to provide the needed help and then move on to your next sacred project.
  • Even when depressed, anxious, or in any way out of sorts, you can always rise from your own darkness and pain to help those in need – especially loved ones.
  • You are happiest when you feel you are doing good and serving a purpose. Including helping others, advocating, defending the defenseless, fighting for what you believe in, and, in your own purposeful way, serving the greater good.
  • You are both creative and rational. You are very good at seeing how things connect, both abstractly and linearly. Especially how the physical and spiritual worlds connect and work in harmony and synchronicity.

Values and Innate Beliefs

All human beings are born with and grow up learning certain values and beliefs. However, some seem consistent across the board with all Earth Angels. The following values and innate beliefs have probably been a part of you for your entire life, and they will continue to be a driving force throughout the rest of your life.

  • Faith comes to you exceptionally easily.
  • You believe in energetic and spiritual healing.
  • It feels like Earth is not your home.
  • You have always been drawn to nature, fantasy, and mystical ideas. You believe in pretty much anything mystical and magical, including angels, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, magic, etc.
  • You value self-improvement and spiritual growth more than most. You are continually seeking the meaning of life, why we are here, and what would make it better.
  • You disconnect mentally, emotionally, and physically from anything that does not align with your values or authentic self, including people, jobs, places, movies, ideas, etc.
  • You are a fighter. You can’t stand to see injustice or harm inflicted upon others. When you are exposed to such things, you become angry and feel driven to help and defend those who have been hurt. Your wrath upon the perpetrator of such injustices can be quite intense. This leads many Earth Angels to be advocates, fighting for and defending groups, the planet, or animals in need.  


This is not a complete list of all Earth Angel traits. Just like everyone and everything in this life (and beyond), each of us is unique and special, and we have the exact right set of skills, traits, characteristics, and experiences needed to complete our specific mission as both humans and Earth Angels.

This list is just to get you started so you can begin learning about yourself and why you operate and experience the world a bit differently than most others. And, hopefully, to help you feel a connection with those who do have many of the same feelings, thoughts, and experiences as you.

Stay in touch! Earth Angels, much like the angels and archangels, have specialties that influence their life purpose and personalities even more than all this. Soon, I will have a post about the different types of Earth Angels that will help you find and follow your life path and live with the authenticity that brings the blessings Earth Angels are meant to have. Join my mailing list here for updates.

So You Think You’re an Earth Angel! Now What!?

So, you’ve read through this list and find that you relate to these traits quite significantly. And you now think you are definitely – well, at least probably – an Earth Angel. What should you do next?

Love Always, SarahDawn

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