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“Are You On the Right Path?”

August carries the energy of the angel number 8. The energy of abundance and financial rewards for hard work and faith. This is the month you will begin to see a payoff for the work you have done since the beginning of the year. And if your energetic vibes are at the right frequency, the payoff is likely to be financial.

However, the angel number 8 comes with a set of warnings. It is a number of hope and blessings, but it is also the number of infinity, the universal law of cause and effect, and karma.

Angel Number 8

With the energy of the angel number 8 in your life, you must be aware that everything is infinite.

Which means a big payoff of unlimited abundance as a reward for your kindness, compassion, care for others, and hard work. But it also means unlimited negativity, struggle, and a lack of abundance if you get stuck in a pattern of negative thinking and low energy.

It also carries the energy of bringing to you whatever you have been putting out into the world. Have you been kind, giving, and generous? If so, this number is letting you know that it is all coming back to you. And you will get to enjoy the rewarding karmic benefits of your altruism this month.

But if you have been living with negativity, being critical and judgmental of others, harmful to others, or living with negative expectations about your life, the angel number 8 is a warning. You are attracting that energy right back to you.

And either way, good or bad, the karmic energy of the angel number 8 has the potential to be unlimited.

The best way to use the energy of angel number 8 this month is to focus on where you are now.

Take a step back and evaluate the path you are on and the path your want to be heading down. It is a time to reset and reevaluate your goals and what you really want.

Look back on how things have been going, and ask yourself: Where do I want to go? Am I on the right path? Where is the path I am on taking me? What has been going right, what have I done that has paid off, and what things do I need to change or adjust to be on the path I want going forward? What have I learned from my mistakes and failures, and how can I use them to enhance my journey going forward?

And no matter how things are going or what comes into your life this month, focus on gratitude. Be grateful for it all. Even the lower parts of your experiences come with lessons and opportunities. Find the diamond in the rough and focus on its beauty, and the angel number 8 promises to bring the rewards you have earned.

Don’t let it get to your head when you start to receive abundance and rewards resulting from your hard work. Accept whatever comes to you with grace and gratitude, and keep your focus on kindness and love for others.

The rewards coming from the angel number 8 are meant to help you continue to accomplish your purpose and achieve your highest potential. But if you get caught up in the rewards and allow them to take you off your path, you can end up losing it all.

Ultimately this is a month of hope, gratitude, positive thinking, and karmic balance. And knowing that what you need to accomplish your purpose and reach your highest potential is coming to you.

That is as long as you are a good person and aren’t stuck in a pattern of negativity. And if you are, this month is an excellent time to begin making changes. Start by doing whatever you can to be grateful, positive, hopeful, and focus on being loving, kind, tolerant, caring, and compassionate to everyone and everything around you.

May your August be blessed!

Read “Infinite Potential: Meaning and Messages of the Angel Number 8 “ to learn more about the rewarding and hopeful energy of the angel number 8.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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