Awaken Your Soul: Angel Number 1111

An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers. Angel number 1111: Awaken Your Soul

Do you keep seeing the angel number 1111? If so, the angels are sending you uplifting guidance, positivity and support. Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know. 

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The Energy of Angel Number 1111

Angel Number 11:11 title image including the main messages

The angel number 1111 has the combined energies of the angel number 1, the angel number 11, and has influences of the angel number 4.

Combined these energies are extremely powerful. Providing a spiritual message of awakening to spirit while creating a strong foundation for your dreams and goals in the physical world.

The angel number 1 brings a focused, individualistic and head-strong energy of leadership and accomplishment. It is the energy of new beginnings, fresh starts, and the desire to accomplish new goals and dreams. This energy assists us in manifesting our thoughts quickly. So the angel number 1 urges us to keep our thoughts positive and focused on our desires.

The angel number 11, which is double in this situation, is the most intuitive of all the numbers. It is the energy of releasing control and the need to know of the physical world. And learning to instead rely on faith and intuition to guide us. It demands a mastery of positive thinking and striving to achieve your dreams. And it asks us to do so without any concern for logic or rationality. It is the number of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

If you add the sum of the angel number 1111 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4) you have the influence of the angel number 4. A down-to-earth practical energy about building strong foundations and creating safety, security, and stability as a basis for accomplishing our dreams, desires and soul’s purpose. While many of the numbers encourage us to dream and reach for the stars, the angel number 4 is the practicality and reality of how to accomplish those dreams. It is also the number of the Archangels, the four elements, and the four sacred directions.

The angel number 1111 is your calling to wake up and open your eyes to spirit and the power within you. This is a number that takes you beyond spirituality and into a whole new level of connectedness and physical manifestation.

The physical manifestation of your dreams and goals is how you accomplish your soul’s purpose. The angel number 1111 shows you how to create those dreams with unrestricted faith and imagination while also using the logic, rationality, and stability of the physical world to manifest those dreams – no matter how big – into reality.

You are a spiritual being and you have the power to create reality here on earth.  

Angel Numbers Mastery

The Message of Angel Number 1111

If you repeatedly see the number 1111, your message is one of encouragement and guidance.  Here is what the angles are telling you.

Make a Wish

The best time to make a wish is when you see the angel number 1111. In fact, it has become common practice for many people to stop what they are doing and make a wish whenever they see the time is 11:11.

This practice doesn’t come from out of nowhere. The energy of the number 1111 is about subconscious desires and strong manifestation. So, when you see the angel number 1111, it is the perfect time to make a wish.

The angel number 11, which is double in this message, has the energy of accessing faith, the higher-self and the subconscious. All of which guide you along your life path and help you find happiness and fulfillment.

It also means you are manifesting almost instantly. So whatever you are thinking about and focused on when you see the angel number 1111, is what the universe will provide. Making it the perfect time to make a wish and focus on it with intensity.

But don’t stop at just making the wish. You need to follow through by listening to your inner-guidance.

Once you’ve sent your wish out to the universe, be sure to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and intuition. Because the additional energy of the angel number 4 will guide you toward the best way to turn that wish into a reality.

What You are Considering is Meant to Be

Are you considering a new project or taking a new direction in your life? Have you been putting it off or feeling hesitant to start because it may be challenging and is beyond your comfort zone? Or have you started something new and big that you are just hoping it is the right direction for you?

If so, you are in luck. The angel number 1111 is your confirmation that what you are considering is exactly what you are meant to do. The angels are encouraging you to put all your positive energy and thoughts into this new direction.

By seeing the angel number 1111 there is no doubt that it is meant to be, and the angels are fully supporting you.

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself as you walk this new path. The risk and effort you take will most certainly pay off.

A Spiritual Awakening

Outline of dove in front of flame representing the spiritual awakening of the angel number 1111

The angel number 1111 is a very special number. Many people see it as their first angel number sequence. Even those who are further along their spiritual journey and familiar with angel numbers will often see the angel number 1111.

Do not underestimate the power of this more commonplace number though, it is very powerful.

No matter where you are along your path, the angel number 1111 is a call to wake up and pay attention.

The angel number 11 carries the energy of spiritual awakening and the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment. Since the energy of angel number 11 is double, the angel number 1111 is known as an Awakening Code, Code of Activation or Code of Consciousness.

The angels are letting you know you are at the beginning of a new level of spiritual enlightenment.

Be sure to pay attention to the world around you because signs, angel numbers, miracles, and other synchronicities are coming your way.

The angels have opened the doorway of positive spiritual energy for you. It is up to you to walk through it with your spiritual eyes open.

If you do amazing things will happen.

Embrace All Things Positive

Yellow balls with emoticon faces of varying emotions focused in on the happy one. The angel number 1111 is a message to be positive and master positive thinking.

Perhaps the most important message of the angel number 1111 is to surround yourself with positivity. This means you need to do whatever it takes to make sure you are thinking about and focused only on the positive aspects of life.

Once again, the angel number 1111 has an extremely powerful energy of manifestation. Which means you can manifest whatever you are focusing on pretty much instantly. This includes both good and bad.

Since the angel number 11 means, you need to master positive thinking, the angel number 1111 is telling you to go beyond mastering it and make it an integral part of your existence.

Ask your angels to guide you away from harmful and negative situations and guide you only toward light and positivity. Both within and without.

If you are challenged by depression or negative thinking try reading: Ten Metaphysical Practices to Ease Depression, How to Be Happy When You’re Not, and Feel Good On Demand With These Brain Hacks.

Believe in the Possibilities

Bright orange question mark on a black table surrounded by black question marks. The angel number 1111 is confirmation that what you are considering is meant to be.

By seeing the angel number 1111 the angels are encouraging you to let go of the need for logic, reasoning, and rationality and just believe in the possibilities of what may be.

This is a message encouraging you to have unrestricted faith. Let go of the need to control everything in your life and just go with the flow. Know whatever you are doing or desire will work out.

You have what it takes to accomplish whatever you want in this lifetime. And the angel number 1111 means the angels fully support you.

Release any negativity and fear that may be holding you back and believe you are supported, loved and assisted at all times.

Create Your Dreams

Signs indicating a cross-roads of impossible and possible. Angel number encourages you to create goals that will make what once seemed impossible possible.

The angel number 1111 is about creating dreams and goals unrestricted by logic or rationality.

These types of goals are connected to your higher-self and usually reside in the subconscious mind. By pulling them into your consciousness they will lead you toward abundance, happiness and fulfilling your life purpose.

So, create your dreams with abandon, reach for the stars and discover those truly wonderful ideas that reside within you.

Focus on Your Goals

woman sitting on a rock looking up at the sky. Representing the angel number 1111 and the message to believe and have unrestricted faith.

When you see the angel number 1111 the angels are guiding you to get your priorities in order. Create meaningful and important goals that will help you accomplish your dreams. And focus on them with all you have.

Once you have your goals in place, ground yourself and make sure your roots are firmly planted and connected to the earth. Focus yourself with devotion and determination to accomplish it.

Now is the time to use reasoning, logic and rationality to get organized and create a strong foundation. By doing so, you will achieve what you may have once seen as unachievable.

You are Supported by Angels

All angel numbers mean the angels are with you, guiding and supporting you. However, the angel number 1111 adds additional energy to this message.

No matter what you are going through or what decisions you make, when you see the angel number 1111 the angelsincluding the archangels, are saying they support you. They are with you, waiting for any opportunity to assist. All you need to do is ask. 

When you see the angel number 1111 ask the angels for any assistance you need. You can ask them for help with the other messages of the angel number 1111 or anything at all.

Try asking them to help you release negativity and manage difficult situations or people. Or to help you maintain positivity.

And be sure to ask them for assistance as you work to achieve your dreams and goals.

Do you have any experience with the Angel Number 1111? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

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The angel number 1111 resonates with the angel number 1, the angel number 4 and the angel number 11.

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