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Posts and articles about the angels. Including what/who they are, how they can help you in your life and along your life path, and how to call on the angels for whatever you may need. Here you will also find stories about angels, channeled messages, and anything to do with angels and how to connect with them. Please note – Archangels and Angel Numbers are not included here as they have their own categories. Thank you, sweet, guiding, loving angels, for all that you do for each and every one of us every single moment of our lives.

Life with Angels Part two: Getting to Know the Angels by
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Life with Angels 2: Getting to Know the Angels

Have you invited the angels into your life, but are not sure where to go from there? Life with Angels 2: Getting to Know the Angels will help you understand and know what to do next to begin forming a relationship with the angels. It is full of information about angels that will help you understand just what it means to have angels in your life. It even includes how to meet your guardian angels.