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Just as the moon affects the waves of the ocean, the universe with its planets, stars, and strong energy have an effect on our emotions and life on earth. Keep your vibrations high and know what to expect during some of our most important astrological events.

Burning Bright: Celebrating the Summer Solstice 0

Burning Bright: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Summer solstice, the first day of summer, the middle of the year, and the longest day of the year. Many people know about and recognize the summer solstice, but there is a very exciting and spiritual meaning to this day that can assist you...

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Bring In the Light: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice was once a highly regarded and celebrated time of year. Now for many of us, it either goes by unnoticed or is considered the first day or winter or midwinter. Yet there is a very spiritual meaning to the winter solstice...

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Need a Laugh? Mercury Retrograde Memes

We all know that Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation. Known as a hellish time we have no choice but to endure. A time when communications break down, travels are erratic, computers and wifi fail and other such possible catastrophes befall us. However, not everyone...

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Getting the Most Out of Mercury Retrograde

A complete guide to understanding and surviving Mercury Retrograde and how to reap the benefits of this time. Mercury Retrograde is a positive & beneficial time for us. By understanding the benefits & how Mercury Retrograde works you can come out of this time refreshed, renewed, released and ready to take on the world.


Mercury Retrograde 2015

If you’re interested in Mercury Retrograde and how to get the most out it, check this newer updated post. Getting the Most Out Of Mercury Retrograde.  As soon as the New Year has just begun we are hit with Mercury going retrograde. But it...


2015 Blood Moon, Supermoon and Mercury In Retrograde. What To Expect and How To Make The Most Of This Amazing Time.

You may not be aware of it, but right now we are experiencing something truly amazing. Tonight, September 17, 2015, is a full moon, blood moon, supermoon lunar eclipse. Not only that, but Mercury is in retrograde until the 9th of October. The lunar...