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The Spiritual Side of Halloween 0

The Spiritual Side of Halloween: Put Some Spirit-uality in Your Halloween

We all know Halloween as a fun time for dressing up, scaring ourselves, and the ever-exciting trick-or-treating for the younger generation. We dress up, buy a bunch of candy for the kids who will stop by, and well, just party. Bobbing for apples, going...

Gratitude our greatest tool. Title image for post. 3

Gratitude: Our Greatest Tool

For the last several years, I have searched for an easy way to lift my mood and combat negative thinking. I knew the Law of Attraction worked and I knew my negativity was getting in the way of achieving the success I was looking...


Ten Metaphysical Practices to Ease Depression

I can’t count the number of times I have met someone who is suffering from depression, looking at me with despair and doubt seeping through every cell in their body, telling their story of how traditional treatment has left them worn out, tired and...

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