Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. Learn to control your thoughts and will control your life. You are a powerful co-creator, capable of manifesting and creating a reality for yourself and others. That is a lot of power to have in life and, if you really think about it, quite intimidating – especially if you are prone to things like doubt, worry, and negative thinking. So these posts are about the Law of Attraction and how to use it easily and effectively to consistently bring positivity into your life -even when your vibes are low. It is time for you to have the life you deserve.

Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy - Law of Attraction
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Live in the Blue: Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy

Most of us have experienced life with hardships and struggle. We’ve had challenges and obstacles that seem too big to surmount. But life is not about succumbing and surrendering to problems. It is about believing in so much more. Believing in possibilities, in...
How to Create Powerful Intentions. Part 3 of the Powerful Intention Series
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Powerful Intention 3: How to Create Powerful Intentions

How do you create intentions and ensure you are on the best track possible for manifesting the life you desire? This is the third part of the Powerful Intentions Series that covers just that. Learn to create powerful intentions in five steps that tap into the subconscious mind and remove blocks that often stand in the way.