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The Spiritual Side of Halloween 0

The Spiritual Side of Halloween: Put Some Spirit-uality in Your Halloween

We all know Halloween as a fun time for dressing up, scaring ourselves, and the ever-exciting trick-or-treating for the younger generation. We dress up, buy a bunch of candy for the kids who will stop by, and well, just party. Bobbing for apples, going...

Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy - Law of Attraction 2

Live in the Blue: Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy

Most of us have experienced life with hardships and struggle. We’ve had challenges and obstacles that seem too big to surmount. But life is not about succumbing and surrendering to problems. It is about believing in so much more. Believing in possibilities, in potential,...

You are an extremely powerful co-creator. Your Power to Create: You are a Co-creator article. 3

Your Power to Create: You Are a Co-Creator

Life is so much more than what we can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. There are so many more senses we possess than the five we learned about as children. We have abilities and powers beyond anything our imaginations can fathom. It is...


It’s Been Awhile: Blog Information and Updates

Hello, Everyone! I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time. I actually have a reason for that. The last year hasn’t been the best for me. But, it has been a journey and an experience of learning. It has been a...


The Importance of Childhood Attachments

A Basic Human Need When my son, Nicholas, was born he was a healthy 7 pound 15-ounce baby boy. From my perspective, he was the definition of a bundle of joy. I’ll never forget the moment I heard the nurse say; “It’s a baby!”...



Welcome to my blog! The goal I have for this blog is to help make the world a better place one person at a time. I hope to do so by sharing ideas, tips, advice and my own experience in order to reduce depression,...

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