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It’s Been Awhile: Blog Information and Updates 0

It’s Been Awhile: Blog Information and Updates

Hello, Everyone! I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time. I actually have a reason for that. The last year hasn’t been the best for me. But, it has been a journey and an experience of learning. It has been a...


The Importance of Childhood Attachments

A Basic Human Need When my son, Nicholas, was born he was a healthy 7 pound 15-ounce baby boy. From my perspective, he was the definition of a bundle of joy. I’ll never forget the moment I heard the nurse say; “It’s a baby!”...

Welcome! 2


Welcome to my blog! The goal I have for this blog is to help make the world a better place one person at a time. I hope to do so by sharing ideas, tips, advice and my own experience in order to reduce depression,...

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