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~ December ~

The Soul’s Garden

Energy is shifting and dynamic. It is constantly flowing, changing, and running in and out of our lives. The energy around us affects the energy within us, and with each passing month, there is a significant energy shift as the number it resonates with changes.

The angels are using this monthly energy to send us guidance and suggestions so that we can use it to make the most of our life’s path and to accomplish our dreams, goals, and soul’s mission.

The following post is what the angels want us to know about the monthly angel number energy of December.

It’s December, the final month of the year.

Time to start tying up all those loose ends and enjoying the end of yet another trying year. Right? Next year is going to be “my” year!

Well… that is not quite how it works this month.

This is why, when it comes to the angel number energy of each month, I find December to be perhaps the most interesting and rewarding. That is, if you can accept, embrace, and submerge yourself in its unique energy.

Angel Number 12: Planting Seeds

You see, although December is the last month of the year, the energy of the angel number 12 is urging you to plant the seeds of new beginnings and fresh starts. It is pushing you to step into a new phase of life and begin making your future dreams and goals happen now – not after the new year begins.

December carries the energy of beginnings, not of endings.

This means that just as we approach the end of the year and have our sights set on completion, the month’s energy urges us to forget all that and prepare for what is coming next.

The energy of this month is comprised of two numbers that carry opposite and opposing energies. The angel number 1 and the angel number 2. What is exciting, though, is that by bringing these opposing forces of energy together, the result is a very balanced and amazing number of hope and possibility.

Then, like icing on a cake, when you add the sum (1 + 2 = 3), you get the angel number 3. And this already positive and helpful energy is topped off with the energy of optimistic and joyful manifestation. And then sprinkled with a heaping spoonful of divine protection.

The energy of the angel number 12 is both endings and beginnings. It is an energy of moving forward and reflection, about action, and allowing things to happen. The angel number 12 brings the simultaneous and often opposing energies of letting go and dreaming – of pruning, reaping the harvest, and planting new seeds. 

All in all, the energy of the angel number 12 is about growth – urging us to use our past experiences to push us forward, keeping what is useful and letting go of the rest, with the realization that our past creates our present but does not define it.

Even though December is the last month of the year, it is not about tying up loose ends and finishing up the goals from the prior year; it is about preparing for what is coming next. Your spiritual journey, life path, dreams, and goals are parts of your soul’s garden. And this month is when you want to clear out the old, dried-out, and withered parts of the past and begin planting new seeds.

But, in a way, there is a catch.

As you release the past and plan and prepare for the next phase, you are asked to do so in complete faith. You do not know what will happen or how things will work out. So December is a time for believing, trusting, having complete faith, and taking risks.

The energy of the angel number 12 asks us to create dreams and goals and strive to reach them with faith. Because its energy is about planting seeds and, without a doubt, knowing they will eventually break through the earth and grow into what they are meant to be.

At the same time, this energy pushes us to let go of the past and free ourselves from anything that might hold us back from moving forward and growing. Whenever you plant seeds, you need to clear out the old plants and weeds that may stifle or suffocate the new growth.

Here in the northern hemisphere, December’s days are short. We spend more time this month in darkness than any other month of the year. This is symbolic of the energy of the angel number 12. You are being asked to plan and prepare, to take risks and be open to new opportunities, but you must do so blindly – or in the dark – so to speak.

Yet, just as we know, the sun will come up each morning, and soon the days will become longer; the seeds you plant this month will grow and blossom into unimaginable beauty – if you are open to and allow it.

The seeds nestled in their warm and dark soil have no idea what awaits them once they emerge from the comfort of the ground, but they continue on their path of growth to complete their purpose. Fully embracing the opportunity to transform and emerge into their final form despite the risk of exposure, it will eventually have.

The angel number 12 is asking you to do the same thing. Grow, take risks and chances that nourish you and your dreams, and do so in complete faith. Do this now so you can head into the new year ready and prepared to reach your full potential and emerge from the comfort and safety of the world you know to complete your soul’s mission.

It is time to reach for the stars, believe, and take active steps toward having the prosperous, abundant, and joyful life you are meant to and deserve to have.

Remember that you do not need to worry as you put yourself and your dreams out there. The angel number 12 brings the energy of divine protection. It is safe to step out of your comfort zone and operate under blind faith as you are loved and protected throughout it all.

So go forth this month with faith, optimism, and positive thinking. Use your natural talents and skills, be creative and confident, and believe in yourself and what you can and will do.

There is no time for doubt this month. Your best bet is to focus on ensuring the seeds in your soul’s garden are healthy and well taken care of. Because now is the time to let them (and you) flourish.

Sending lots of love and blessings. May this December be the beginning of all your hopes and dreams coming true.

Read “Planting Seeds” Meaning and Messages of Angel Number 12″ to learn more about the powerful creation and manifestation energy of the harmonious angel number 12.

December 2022 Events:

  • Opportunity is knocking! The energy of December 12th (12/12) occurs this month. Be sure to read about the energy of the angel number 12:12 so you can make the most out of this day of manifestation.
  • The Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) / The Summer Solstice (southern hemisphere) occurs December 21st.
  • The final Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins December 28th.
Love Always, SarahDawn

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