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Depression Warriors are creators, artists, writers. We are the authors of our own story, the creators of our reality. We have seen the dark side of life and we have had an intimate relationship with the dark side of ourselves. We now stand triumphant. Against all odds. Living fully in our light. Knowing joy and seeing light when others only see shadows. We know judgment and oppression, but we do not dwell upon it. The truth of who we are, what we are, and our purpose in this life is within us and we know it more profoundly than any other. We are Depression Warriors and we fight to be who we are. We are proud. We are one. We stand together exalted, happy, and at peace.

The Depression Warrior Book Series

Be on the lookout for the following books in the Depression Warrior series. Book one and two will be available soon. Books 3 – 6 are still in the development phase.  So titles, descriptions, and order of books may change. Keep coming back – or sign up for my mailing list to receive updates by email.

Go from sitting ideally by and letting depression take hold of your life to empowering your inner warrior. The Depression Warriors Book One: From Pacifist to Warrior

True healing from depression does not come from traditional treatment and thinking. It takes a new perspective and understanding of who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.

Tap into your inner power and change your reality as you prepare to take the Warrior’s Journey.

Part One: Depression As We Know It

Part Two: The Construction of Reality

Part Three: Beginning the Warrior’s Journey

Learn the basics of the Depression Warrior training including:

    • What depression is
    • Why you may be depressed
    • How your reality has been created
    • How you have the power to change your reality
    • Parts of you that may be sabotaging you and those wanting to help you soar
    • Several skills and techniques for managing the negative side of depression
    • And some new ways of thinking that may surprise you.

Get The Depression Warriors Book One: From Pacifist to Warrior at Amazon

Available in 2021

A continuation of the first book building upon the basic Depression Warrior Concepts. This book will take you along the sixteen steps of the Warrior’s Journey to healing, self-growth, and co-creating your new and ideal reality.

Master the Depression Warrior skills and techniques. Including mindfulness, advanced meditation practices, breathing techniqes, and much more.

Further your healing by getting more in touch with spirit and the spiritual realm. You are not alone.

Use the Law of Attraction and subtle energy systems to heal depression, accomplish your dreams and goals, and create your ideal reality. Go beyond healing and learn to master the art of manifestation.

Learn about your inner child and how to heal the hurt child within you for increased health and well being. 

~ More than Books! ~

The Depression Warriors Community

Join the community of Depression Warriors!  Connect with others and receive the support you need as you progress along your Warrior’s Journey.

The Depression Warriors’ forum is just getting started (hey the book isn’t even out yet!) but you can join now as a founding member to help me get it going. There may not be very many members yet, but I’ll be around to talk, support you, and answer your questions. 

Hope to see you there soon! 

Depression Help

The Depression Warriors Blog

Come check out the Depression Warriors’ blog. You will find lots of free and useful information about depression and how to transform your reality. 

Including metaphysical, spiritual, psychological, and neurological help for managing depression and achieving a life full of the success and happiness you deserve.

Put an end to depression as you know it starting right now.

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