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Getting the Most Out of Mercury Retrograde

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About three times every year, our planet goes through a phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde. Mercury has an influence on many aspects of daily life. So, when it goes into retrograde, it can feel like it is wreaking havoc on your life.

It is for this reason Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap. Many people consider it a time to expect problems and inconvenience. Some even consider it a bad omen. However, with the right understanding, Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing.

In fact, if you know what you are doing, it is very beneficial.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is when the planet, Mercury, appears to stop and then move backward. Although the planet is not actually reversing its course, from the perspective of the Earth, it appears to be.

Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year and lasts for about three weeks. So, we spend a significant amount of time in Mercury Retrograde each year.

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules over many areas of our daily life. It is a very fast paced and energizing planet. So when this energy slows, it may feel like life is at a stalemate and falling apart. And that is where Mercury Retrograde gets its bad reputation.

mercury is in retrograde
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Most of the time, Mercury brings quick, energizing, and efficient energy into our lives. However, during a retrograde, the planet’s energy slows, stops, and even reverses.

Since Mercury’s energy is moving backward, so are the areas of our lives that it rules over. And that can feel very frustrating, especially if you don’t know what is going on.

So, let’s get to know this planet a little bit more.

Areas Mercury Rules Over

The three primary areas the planet Mercury rules over are Communication, Mental Actions, and Rational Energy. Including:

  • Communications:
    • Speaking, writing, books, online communication, learning, and anything to do with the written word.
    • What we use to communicate with: such as the objects we use to write with (pens, pencils, etc.) and the computers and electronic communication devices.
    • How we express our thoughts to others, including our verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Mental Actions:
    • Intellect
    • Awareness
    • Manner of thinking
    • How we understand and process information
    • New ideas
  • Rational Energy
    • Logic
    • Reasoning and “good sense”
    • Perceptions

Mercury also rules over:

  • New things
  • Our nervous system
  • Import/export
  • Trade
  • Commercialism
  • Revenue
  • Transportation

I know, right? What else do you need every day to survive this world besides food and water? And this retrograde thing goes on for three weeks? Three times a year!?

Yes… that is true, but don’t worry, there are benefits to all this. Just bear with me.

First, let’s go over what you can expect during the retrograde so you can prepare to make the most of it.

Image of the symbol for Mercury. About three times every year our planet goes through a phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde.

What to Expect During Mercury Retrograde

Each retrograde will affect us a little bit differently depending on what the planets around it are doing and which constellation it is aligned with.

Mercury will also affect each person differently.

Those who were born while Mercury was in retrograde and those who have Mercury in their star charts may feel the effects more or less intensely – depending on their individual circumstances.

Since Mercury rules over the previously mentioned areas of our lives, there are certain things you can expect. And there are some things you should avoid if you can during a retrograde.

Word of caution here: Do not live in fear of Mercury Retrograde or its effects. These are just guidelines and information on what you can expect. Sometimes these things cannot or should not be avoided during Mercury Retrograde, and it does not guarantee problems. So, use your best judgment. Listen to your intuition. And above all, do not live in fear and wind up creating needless problems.

With that said, here is what you may experience during a retrograde:

What to expect during Mercury Retrograde. Remember this isn't all bad, this energy is helping you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Misunderstandings and Difficulties with Communication

  • Since Mercury rules over communications,
    misunderstandings tend to be the rule rather than the exception during this time.
    • This includes business, personal, and romantic communication.
    • It also includes written, spoken, verbal, and non-verbal communication.
    • E-mails may not come, snail mail can get lost, you may say or write something you don’t really mean
    • You may find it difficult to put your thoughts into words or understand.
    • You and other people are more likely to misinterpret what is being conveyed
  • Tip: Think about what you say or write before you say it to avoid saying something you didn’t mean.

Starting or Beginning Anything New May Lead to Problems or Regret

  • Avoid Starting Anything New, Signing Contracts, or Making Big Decisions
  • Beginning new projects or ventures may result in problems, failure, or later regret.
  • Signing contracts or starting new ventures during the retrograde tends to have problems and may even fail.
  • Since mental actions and rational energy are affected during the retrograde, you are likely to change your mind once Mercury goes direct.
  • Your perception is ruled by Mercury, so during the retrograde, you may not see things clearly.
  • Your reasoning and common sense may be a bit off.

Electronics Get Unpredictable.

  • You may find your electronic devices stop working properly or have unusual problems.
    • For example, during most Mercury Retrogrades, the mouse scroll on my computer does not work while using the internet. Once Mercury goes direct it begins working properly again.
  • These problems tend to feel random and very frustrating, to say the least.
  • This is especially true for devices that connect to the internet directly or through Wi-Fi.
  • Tip: Don’t give up on your electronics until the retrograde is over. In my experience, most problems with electronics completely go away once Mercury is direct.

You May Feel Like You’re Running in Slow Motion

  • You might physically feel sluggish or tired.
  • Your thoughts may feel slow or as if not coming to you at all.
  • You may find it hard to express yourself by speaking or in writing.
  • You might make decisions that you will later regret.
  • Tip: Don’t mistake this slowing of the body and thoughts for depression. It can feel like depression, but it most likely isn’t. And you will feel better when Mercury goes direct.

The Past Might Reemerge

  • You may find things that have been lost
  • People from your past may reappear.
    • You might get a phone call, e-mail or run into someone from your past that you have not heard from in a long time.
  • You may hear songs or have other experiences that remind you of a past person, place, or time.
  • You may find memories and reminders of past traumas and crises that you thought you worked through are making a comeback.
  • Tip: Be sure you only let positive and good things from your past back into your life. If it is something you can work through – do it. Otherwise, just let it all roll on through.

Travel Plans May Not Work Out

  • Mercury rules over travel, so…
  • Flights get delayed
  • Roadblocks emerge and
  • Other travel delays may make your travels difficult.
  • Tip: Plan ahead, give yourself extra time during travel, and have a plan B in place – just in case things don’t work out.

How is Mercury Retrograde Good?

Woman balancing on a round rock resembling a planet. Symbolizing how Mercury Retrograde reminds us to make sure our life is in balance

Now we get to the part I promised: the good aspects of Mercury Retrograde.

The first thing to do is to realize and understand that life is about balance.

As we walk our life path, it is best to create harmony and balance along the way.

Mercury retrograde is the Universe’s way of reminding you, and even forcing you at times, to create this necessary balance.

The energy of Mercury Retrograde is all about your balance between the past and the future, between working and relaxing, between insight and action, and between self-care and taking care of others.

It is a reminder to take a step back, relax, and reflect on your life, how it’s all going, and the decisions you’ve made up until this point.

If you understand this energy and go with it, Mercury Retrograde will push you toward massive accomplishments. The benefits are endless.

A Chance to Reset

The positive side of Mercury Retrograde’s energy gives us the opportunity to reset where we are and where we are going. So you can be sure you are on the path you want to be on.

Although we tend to get caught up in our goals and accomplishing all our day-to-day tasks with efficiency and speed, it is just as important for our success to stop moving forward so fast and look back on what has worked (and not worked) along the way.

You also benefit from just stopping, taking a break, and working on self-care. So when the time comes, you will be well-rested and ready to continue your journey.

Mercury retrograde is a reminder to take care of yourself and to take care of the past so it does not hold you back from accomplishing new and better things.

Like the saying “out with the old, in with new.”

Meaning we need to get the old out of the way to make room for the growth we are reaching for.

By taking Mercury’s lead and slowing down, reflecting, and taking care of yourself, you are creating the stage needed for long-term success and happiness.

Not much else in our day-to-day lives gives us such a strong reminder of how important it is to slow down and reflect on our lives. Not to mention giving us the energetic support for us to do it all so efficiently.

How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Of course, I keep saying things like, ‘if we follow Mercury’s lead,’ but Mercury in Retrograde usually does not give us a choice. Because when it comes to the energy of Mecury Retrograde – you can run, but you can’t hide. Meaning, you have the choice to resist the slowed energy, but it will likely create more problems later.

It is when we do not understand the energy of Mercury Retrograde or choose to resist it that people run into problems, have negative experiences, and come to dread the three long weeks that Mercury is in retrograde.

However, by going with the flow during this time, you will find that not only are there little to no problems, but you become more efficient, happy, and creative in the long run.

Give it a try this retrograde and see how it goes.

Here are a few things to focus on.

Finish Old Projects and Business, or Tie Up Loose Ends.

Alarm clock floating in water and clouds. Things dealing with the past are relevant during Mercury Retrograde.

Although the planet never actually moves backward, it appears to do so from our perspective here on Earth.

And since perspective is important, this means, like the planet that appears to be backtracking, now is a good time for us to do the same thing.

Go back and finish incomplete projects, reassess old ideas you’ve had, and make sure you don’t have any loose ends that need to be taken care of.

Do Anything That Starts with the Prefix “-re.”

Retrograde means moving backward or going back to a past time. So, the retrograde is sort of like getting a re-do. Make the most of it by looking back on the choices and decisions you’ve made. Then redo, reorganize, reanalyze, and reflect.

Anything that begins with the prefix “-re” is an effective and beneficial activity during Mercury retrograde.

Some more examples are, redecorate, recreate, re-visit, reassess, renew. It really is as simple as going back, refreshing, and giving new life to old ideas.

Let Go of the Past

Now is a valuable time to let go of the past and that which no longer serves you. Since things will feel like they are moving slower, take the time to reflect on your past and meditate on what is best for you. Leave behind what no longer serves you.

Ask your angels to help you release any cords, attachments, and/or blocks that are not serving your purpose or the greater good.

I find this meditation by Doreen Virtue to work wonders to cut those cords and let go of the past.

Clean Out Your Closets

And everything else that holds old things you no longer need. As part of releasing the past, get rid of old stuff that is cluttering up your physical space.

According to Feng Shui, our environment is a reflection of our internal world. So get rid of the physical and material things you no longer need and create an energetically clear environment.

Do a Digital Detox

List of words pertaining to social media. You may benefit from a social media detox during Mercury Retrograde.

Since your electronics and devices may be acting up during the retrograde, now is as good a time as any to take a break and detox from the electromagnetic energy.

With the occurrence of misunderstandings in communication, it is also a good time to consider one of those social media detoxes. This is when you take a break from social media for a time and see how wonderful life is IRL (in real life).

Focus On the Positive.

Keep your thoughts positive and your ego in check. When Mercury goes retrograde, it enters its shadow phase. As a result, it also brings about our shadow sides. Making it easy for your ego to come to the surface. Where it tends to point out and intensify your fears, doubts, and negativity.

Spend time meditating, focusing on what you are grateful for and all the accomplishments you have already achieved.

Communicate with Intention

When you are communicating with others, be especially mindful of doing so from your heart and higher self. Beware of allowing your ego and shadow side to take over and creating the well-known misunderstandings that tend to occur during Mercury Retrograde.

If you are not certain that someone understands what you are communicating, be sure to rephrase. Make sure they are getting it.

If they show signs of misunderstanding, they probably are. Even if it is uncomfortable to confront and readdress what you are talking about – do it anyway.

It will be worth the effort now to avoid bigger problems that may result once Mercury goes direct.

Think Before You Act

Before you have any important conversations or make any new important decisions, take the time to really think them through. Better yet, if it’s possible, hold off on them altogether until Mercury goes direct.

This is especially true when it comes to making business decisions, signing contracts, or starting any new major life changes.

Now is the time to be looking back, reflecting, completing, and letting go. Before you know it, Mercury will be direct again, and the pace will pick back up. That will be the time to put into play all the ideas and insights you have gained during this time.


Maybe the most important thing you can do during the retrograde is to just relax.

Use this time for some much-needed self-care.

Meditate, catch up on sleep, take some time off to refresh, and pamper yourself.

You work hard when Mercury is direct. If you want to avoid getting too tired or burned out, you must balance that work with some relaxation.

Now’s the time to do it.

So, enjoy these few weeks before the pace picks up, and you find yourself, once again, going full speed ahead.

In Conclusion

As with most things in life, if viewed from a perspective of fear, Mercury being in retrograde can create problems, difficulties, and struggles.

However, by understanding the benefits of this time and taking advantage of what it has to offer, you can come out refreshed, renewed, released, and ready to take on the world.

So, let’s celebrate this time of calm, slow reflection, and renewing by staying positive, letting go of that which no longer serves us, and taking care of the important people that we are.

Personally, I’ll be taking lots of naps and hot baths and working on all those old posts I’ve started and never finished. How about you?

Do you have any more suggestions on how to get the most out of Mercury Retrograde? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mercury Retrograde got you down? Check out these Mercury Retrograde memes.

Love, Light, and Blessings to all. Happy Mercury Retrograde! 🙂

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