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Mercury Retrograde 2015


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As soon as the New Year has just begun we are hit with Mercury going retrograde. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing and as a matter of fact, there are quite a few benefits to having Mercury in Retrograde.

mercury in retrogradeMercury goes into retrograde today (January 5, 2015) and will continue to be in retrograde until January 25, so remember that over the next few weeks you want to avoid beginning anything new, especially contracts. You may experience difficulties in anything to do with communication and your electronics might get a little unpredictable.This is because Mercury rules communications and right now, as it is in retrograde, misunderstandings tend to be the rule rather than the exception.

So, now you know what not to do, but let’s talk about what to do and how to make this Mercury Retrograde a wonderful experience.

-This is a good time to finish up any unfinished projects or business and tie up loose ends. Although the planet never actually moves backward it appears to do so from our perspective from the earth. This means that like the planet that appears to be backtracking it is a good time for us to follow its lead and do the same thing. That includes anything that begins with the suffix “re.” Such as reflect, renew, reorganize, redecorate, redo…

-Being the beginning of the new year, after resolutions have been made and are getting into full swing, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on past years and meditate on what is best for you to leave in the past so you can head into 2016 with a fresh and new perspective. Ask your angels to help you release any cords, attachments and/or blocks you have that are not serving your purpose or the greater good.

-Remember to focus on the positive. When Mercury goes retrograde it enters its shadow phase. As a result, it also tends to bring about our shadow sides as well. So, your ego may have an easier time coming to the surface and pointing out and intensifying your fears and negativity. Keep your thoughts positive and your ego in check. Spend time meditating, focusing on what you are grateful for, and all the accomplishments you have already achieved. Your shadow side is not something to be feared, it is a natural and normal component of living in the physical world and when viewed as a good thing can be used to help you find and stay on your life’s path.

-Not only is it important to keep your thoughts positive during Mercury Retrograde, this month being January, carries the energy of the number one. The one energy reminds us to keep our thoughts positive as we are manifesting what we are focused on. So do what it takes to keep that ego voice under control and start this year off on a positive uplifting note. Once again, remembering to take extra time for meditating and using those powerful affirmations.

-When you are communicating with others be especially mindful of doing so from your heart and higher self and beware of allowing your ego and shadow side taking over and creating the well-known misunderstandings that tend to occur during Mercury Retrograde. If you are not absolutely certain that someone understands what you are communicating to them be sure to rephrase and make sure they are getting it. If they show signs of misunderstanding, they probably are. Even if it is uncomfortable to confront and readdress what you are talking about do so anyway as it will be well worth it to prevent bigger problems from occurring in your relationships once Mercury has gone direct.

As with most things in life, if viewed from a perspective of fear, Mercury being in retrograde can create problems, difficulties and struggle. However, by understanding the benefits of this time and taking advantage of what it has to offer you can come out refreshed, renewed and better off. So, let’s celebrate this time of reflection and renewing by staying positive and letting go of that which does not serve us any longer. Love, Light, and Blessings to all.



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