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Life with Angels 2: Getting to Know the Angels

Life with Angels Part two: Getting to Know the Angels by

You know about angels. You know the angels have the power to come into our lives, create miracles, guide, support, and even save our lives.

But how do you get to know the angels? How do you know they are around? How do you create a lasting relationship that allows the angels to assist you?

This is the second post in the series “Life with Angels” aimed at just that. Helping you understand and get to know the angels. So you can create a harmonious life full of their love, guidance, comfort, support, and miracles.

The Life with Angels Series

This is part two of the Life with Angels Series. To get the most out of this series, I recommend you read the articles in order.

So, now that you have invited the Angels into your life what comes next? How do we make the most out of our new angelic partners?

How do I know if angels are around me?

You might be wondering how do I know if there are angels around me? The answer to that is simple. There are always angels around you.

You were born into this life with at least one guardian angel. Most of us are born with two and sometimes even more. These angels came into this life with you and will remain by your side, without fail, until you die. These are your angels. Always there, always available.

If you invited the angels into your life and you don’t feel any different, this is because nothing really is different. Your angels have always been there. Your surroundings have not changed. The angels have not changed. What has changed is you. Your openness to letting them now help you.

As you get to know the angels and your relationship grows and develops, so will your ability to hear, feel and know which angels are with you.

Who are the Angels?

Illuminated angel standing above rippling water. Getting to know the angels.

The term angel means messenger of God. They are divine sparks of God’s love sent to guide, help, protect, and deliver divine messages to us.

When using the term God, I am referring to the Creator of all things. The Source of all energy. This Source is non-denominational and is pure love. The name is not important, so you can call it whatever you are most comfortable with.

Our Creator vibrates at such a high frequency it is very difficult, if not impossible, for us in the physical realm to have contact. So, angels are sent to be with us to ensure the love of God reaches us.

The frequency that angels vibrate at is lower than God, which makes it possible for those of us in the low vibrating physical realm to contact angels. So we can receive the messages God has for us.

We have Three Kinds of Angels Available to Assist Us

There are three types of angels responsible for assisting humanity. They are the guardian angels, the angels, and the archangels. Each group of angels has a certain role in our lives. And all of them are available for us to call on at any time.

All angels are non-denominational. They exist to help each and every physical creation of God. Including us, the animals, and the earth itself. They are loving and non-judgmental beings who take great joy in helping to raise the vibrations of the earth.

While you are walking your life’s path and fulfilling your life’s purpose, you, too, are raising the vibration of the earth. Each time you help the planet or one of its inhabitants, you are helping the angels raise the earth’s vibration. So, in turn, the angels take great joy in assisting and supporting you. Ultimately it is a synergistic relationship of helping each other.

The Guardian Angels

As you know, guardian angels stay with us for our entire lifetime. They guide, protect and provide comfort.

Blurred image of a person standing in front of the sun representing spirit guides being crossed over loved ones.

They, like all angels, are governed by the Law of Free Will. So even though your guardian angel is with only you for this lifetime, you still need to give them permission to assist you. The only exception is in matters of life or death. Which means your guardian angel can step in and protect you without your asking if you are in a situation that may result in your death.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are not angels. However, they are often confused with guardian angels. Spirit guides are those who once walked the earth and have now crossed over.

Many times, our spirit guides are crossed over family members or loved ones who are watching over and helping us now spiritually.

Your spirit guides are similar to guardian angels. They guide, protect, love, and support you. Since they were once human, they vibrate at a lower frequency and can be easier to sense and communicate with.

The primary difference between guardian angels and spirit guides is that angels have never walked the earth in human form. Whereas spirit guides were once people who now guide us from the spiritual realm.

The Angels

In addition to guardian angels, many people have accumulated more angels throughout their lives. They are known simply as the angels or general angels.

When we ask for angels to help and guide us, these are the angels who respond. They create miracles and synchronicities to help us get through challenges and accomplish our purpose, especially if your purpose is to help others and work toward the greater good.

There are many ways the angels come to be by our side. When you pray and ask for assistance, God may send additional angels to you guide you. Sometimes other people will ask for angels to be with you, and those angels stay with you indefinitely. During times of grief, loss, or pain, angels will gather around you to provide comfort.

Angel statue with a light over heart holding a hand out.

You can call on the angels at any time to provide protection and guidance. Ask them to protect you or someone else. Simply ask with sincerity, and they will respond to your request. It brings the angels great joy to be called on and asked for assistance. All they want in return is your gratitude. So be sure to thank them whenever possible.

The more you imagine, think about, feel and ask for them, the more angels will be with you. These angels may stay forever, or they may come and go depending on your needs.

The Archangels

The archangels are higher ranking and higher vibrating than the angels or guardian angels. They oversee the rest of the angels and keep everything running smoothly in the angelic realm.

Unlike the angels and our guardian angels, archangels come when we need them or when we call upon them, and then they leave.

There are several archangels who specialize in different areas of life. Each available to respond to our requests for assistance at any time. You are extremely blessed when the archangels are around you.

If you want to learn more about archangels, read: Getting to Know the Archangels.

What Does It Feel Like When an Angel is Near?

Two hands being held in comfort to represent the peace and comfort you feel when you know the angels

Being in the presence of angels is a joyful experience. People may feel the energy rush through their bodies and feel a tingling sensation. It is often described as feeling calm, loved, protected, or elated. To know the angels is to know the true feeling of peace, love, and comfort.

One thing is guaranteed. You will never feel fear due to an angel.

The energy of angels is one of love, joy, and comfort. To be in the presence of angels creates an atmosphere full of this positive energy. This energy vibrates at a very high frequency, so it raises the energy around you.

Such high vibrational energy not only raises the existing energy in the area, it also helps clear away negative energy. So, the energy you feel coming from angels is only positive and good. An angel will never have a fearful, angry, or negative energy.

Beware, though, you can bring a lower energetic vibration into the space by having negative thoughts, doubts, or feelings. When doing so, you will create blocks that inhibit the angels around you from communicating with you and allowing you to know they are present.

Angels Know What is In Your Heart

Although you are just starting to get to know the angels, your angels have been with you for a long time, and – they know you very well. The angels know what is in your heart. And they know your true feelings and desires. In many ways, angels know us better than we know ourselves since we as humans tend to ignore, block, or lie to ourselves about our true feelings.

You do not always have to say a prayer or ask the angels to help you. If you truly desire an angel’s assistance, you will get it. If you ever have a difficult time articulating what you want, it is not a problem. Since they know what is in your heart, you do not need to use words to let them know what you need. All you need to do is open your heart to them.

The angels will not appear in any way that will bring you fear. To show up at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night would honestly scare most people out of their wits. Although you may think you’d give anything to see an angel like that, the angels see you clearly and know better. The truth is, if you have your vibes high, believe wholeheartedly, and you have yet to see an angel, there is a good chance it is because it would scare you.

If you have not heard an angel, seen an angel, or felt an angel, you may still be in a place where such direct communication will startle or frighten you. The angels will not appear if it will create any distress or fear at all. Not to mention the energy of fear is quite low, so if you are feeling fear, you are creating an instant barrier between you and the angels.

The more relaxed you are, the more you will be able to sense the angels. So, practice meditation, destressing, and relaxation. Eventually, as long as you do not give up, you will become more comfortable with the idea, and the angels will become more direct and able to reach you.

How Do I Know It’s Really an Angel?

Image of the same woman. One she is blue with a halo the other red with horn. When you know the angels you can feel the difference between angels and lower energies.

Angels are part of the spiritual realm, and, as in all things, the spiritual realm has a balance. Balancing out the love and positivity of angels, spirit guides, and other heavenly entities are negative entities. When you open yourself up to the spiritual realm, you are opening yourself to both sides: the positive and the negative.

Working with angels and nurturing the light within you makes your soul visible to all those in the spiritual realm. Lower entities will want to bring you down. So, it is very important for you to protect yourself and to understand the difference.

The lower negative entities can attempt to trick you by tapping into your caring and loving nature. Sometimes they can deceive you and try to convince you they are an angel and are there in your best interest.

Although it is good for you to be aware of these lower entities, do not let them scare you. It is easy to tell the difference.

As I mentioned before, angels will never cause you fear or any kind of negative feeling. When angels are around, you will feel comfort, joy, love, and very high vibrating positive emotions. If you sense an energy around you that makes you feel anxious, upset, angry, depressed, or any distress, then it is not an angel.

All you need to do is ask the angels to protect you and keep you safe. Say, “Thank you, Angels, for loving and protecting me always.” And it is done.

What do Angels Look Like?

Since angels are not physical beings, they are not restricted to just one form. So, they will appear to you in a way that makes you the most comfortable.

Angels do not really have wings and halos. But since that is the way humans perceive them, that is often how they will appear. This is because it will make you feel comfortable and happy. You will also recognize them easily in this form.

However, this is not always the case. You might prefer to see an angel dressed more casually in jeans and a T-shirt.

Angels also do not have a race, skin color, or gender. So, they will appear to be whatever race, skin color, or gender you feel the most comfortable with.

In short, angels look like whatever you want them to look like.

Meeting Your Guardian Angels

Now that you have invited the angels into your life, you know who the angels are and what it feels like to have an angel in your presence – you are probably excited to meet them.

Woman laying in the sun on the grass. Meditation is one of the best ways to get to know the angels.

By using this simple meditation, you can learn how many angels are around you and what their names are. This is a huge step for feeling like you know the angels in your life. The key for this communication to work is for you to be in a very relaxed state. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Silence or turn off your phone and other electronics.

Take several deep breaths and allow each muscle in your body to relax. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath and the feeling of your muscles relaxing. Let all the other thoughts of your everyday life float up and away from you – completely out of your mind.

Once you are fully relaxed, ask for the name of your angels. You may see the image of a name in front of you or you may hear a voice or whisper of a name or names. You may also have a name pop into your mind. Be sure to stay relaxed and try not to doubt what you see, feel or hear. This is how angels communicate with us.

While in this relaxed state, you can ask your angels anything you want. Ask how many angels are around you. Ask what your angels look like—anything you want. In fact, you can use this technique anytime you want to ask your angels a question.

When you are done, open your eyes and write whatever you want to remember down. Since when you are in such a relaxed state, you are silencing your conscious mind and accessing the subconscious, it is all too easy to forget what you saw or heard. It is just like having a dream that fades quickly once you wake.

Be sure to thank your angels for the answers and for being in your life.

Getting to Know the Angels is a process

If you can’t feel the angels – don’t worry. They are always there, always helping as long as your heart is open to it. Take it step by step and day by day.

It can be a process to feel close to the angels. Just relax. Begin the process by believing, having faith, and keeping your heart open. Soon you will know the angels and have a rewarding and wonderful relationship with them.

The next posts in this series will help you learn to increase your ability to connect with and communicate with angels.

Did you try out the meditation? What are your angels’ names? Be sure to share your experience, knowledge, or questions in the comment section below.

Love Always, SarahDawn

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others. You are more than welcome to use the information contained in this post for any personal or not-for-profit purposes. Please cite Sarahdawn Tunis as the author and include a working link back to this page. 

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