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For the last several years, I have searched for an easy way to lift my mood and combat negative thinking. I knew the Law of Attraction worked, and I knew my negativity was getting in the way of achieving the success I was looking for.

Yet, I found myself consistently falling back into my old negative patterns. That is until I realized the simple answer.


It’s easy, it’s fast, and it works.

If you want to create positive feelings even in the worst of times. Raise your vibes and attract abundance. Or to change your reality from one of lack to one of prosperity. Gratitude is a surefire way to accomplish all of this and more.

In fact, it is the greatest tool you have to accomplish anything you desire.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling. A very positive feeling. It comes from the Latin word gratus, which means thankful or pleasing. So…

Gratitude is the very good feeling we have when focused on that which brings us pleasure.

Many people think of gratitude as being in response to kindness from someone or being thankful for what we have been given. Most certainly, this is gratitude, but that is only part of it.

Gratitude is so much more.

Yet it is so simple.

Gratitude our greatest tool. Title image for post.

It is a pure, innocent feeling of joy and pleasure.

Gratitude also comes from noticing what is around you and being struck by how good it feels.

Like those times when the things you normally take for granted come into focus, and you can’t help but smile.

Such as the beauty in the sky’s orange and pink hues at sunset. The serenity in the rustling of the leaves on the trees in a soft breeze. The moments when you hold the hand of someone you love and really feel the pleasure their touch and presence brings you.

So much of the time, we only focus on what’s ahead and what needs to be done. Most days, we are in such a race to accomplish everything that needs to be done that we miss out on these moments of joy. We miss the experience of gratitude and the power it has in life.

And on reality.

And that, my friends, is a real shame.

Because when you miss those moments, you are missing out on the abundance and pleasure that your life is meant to have.

Not only that, you are unnecessarily creating blocks, hardships, and struggles for yourself.

Gratitude is a Tool for Happiness and Success

You can use gratitude as a tool to accomplish many things. It is simple to use and is the easiest way to raise your mood and vibrations instantly.

Try this to see what I mean:

Close your eyes and think about all the stresses you’re going through. All the things you are trying to accomplish, the daily tasks that need to be done. The bills that need to be paid, the kids that need to be raised. Whatever it is, take a moment to just scan your mind, taking inventory of all the stuff weighing on your mind recently.

Notice how you feel.

Stressed? Depressed? Tired? Overwhelmed? Ready to just call it a day and hit the hay?

Now, close your eyes again, and this time, think about someone you love unconditionally, such as a family member, a spouse or partner, a child, or a pet.

Think about the first moment you saw them, the first words you said. Think about the first moment you realized you loved them and how it felt. If you can’t think of these first moments, think about any time you had with that loved one that was fun and joyful. See them smile at you. Hear them say, “I love you.”

Take a moment to let yourself be filled with images and memories of the good times you have had together.

Now, once again, notice how you feel now.

Most of us will noticeably feel much better after the second visualization, as if the stresses from before aren’t quite as important as they were just a few minutes ago.

Feelings of love, joy, and gratitude become predominant.

You’ve just experienced how easy it is to completely change your state of mind by choosing what you are thinking about.

Gratitude is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this anytime you need to feel better, change your mood or thoughts, or raise your vibrations.

Awesome Ways to Use Gratitude:

Young lady looking up in gratitude

To Raise Your Vibrations:

Life is so much easier and enjoyable when we have high vibrations.

It helps us communicate with the spiritual realm and work the Law of Attraction, and it just feels good.

High vibrations allow you to be in touch with your higher self and follow your intuition.

It also guides you effortlessly on your life’s path, bringing even more pleasure and higher vibes as you accomplish your purpose.

As an Instant Mood Raiser:

Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. The good thing about that is you can choose what it is you are focusing on at any given moment.

When times are hard, and depression and anxiety are at their worst, it is hard to change your thoughts and be positive. But it is not that hard to just start listing off things you are grateful for.

As you force yourself to think about these things, your focus shifts, and, as a result, your mood will soon follow.

Check out How to be Happy When You’re Not and Feel Good On Demand with These Brain Hacks for more ways to lift your mood and feel better quickly.

To Enhance Your Prayers and Affirmations

Prayers and affirmations are extremely more effective when using gratitude. It not only raises your vibrations so you can communicate more clearly with the spiritual realm. It also makes them more powerful.

State your prayers in the positive and with gratitude. “Thank you, God, for the money to pay my rent this month.”

Asking for what you want by thanking God for it makes your prayers more loving and effective.

Same thing when asking the angels for assistance, “Thank you, Angels, for protecting me and my family.”

Make your affirmations twofold by adding gratitude. And powerhouse your intentions by phrasing them the same way.

Instead of saying, “I have more than enough,” say, “I am so grateful that I have more than enough.”

To Work the Law of Attraction Much Faster

Alarm clock next to stacks of coins with seedlings growing from them. Gratitude breeds success.

If you are stuck in negative thinking and focusing on what you don’t have, feeling overwhelmed and/or helpless – just take a few deep breaths and think about what you are grateful for.

Even when in the worst of moods, taking a few minutes to think about what makes you happy will cancel out those negative thoughts and start attracting better things.

With higher vibrations and positive feelings, you are setting yourself up to attract more of what makes you feel grateful.

When feeling stressed, tired, and/or overwhelmed, you are sending out a message of lack.

But when you focus on gratitude, you are sending out positive energy.

An energy of being open to receiving. And you will attract more that makes you feel the pleasure of being thankful.

To Get Motivated:

Accomplishing goals and dreams takes action and commitment.

Yet, it is way too easy to get caught up in how far you still have to go.

When looking too far ahead, the task can feel daunting and overwhelming. Making it hard to stay motivated and on task.

Use gratitude and change your focus to your accomplishments. Instead of thinking about how much you still have to do.

Do this by looking backward instead of forward.

Take the time to look back on your achievements. Notice what challenges you have overcome and what you have learned.

When you look backward and see what you have already accomplished and when you feel grateful for the pieces that have already fallen into place – you will find your motivation soars, new ideas emerge, and your excitement and passion will reignite.

Other Ways Gratitude is Your Greatest Tool

  • It is easy. Make a list on your phone or to carry around with you and refer to anytime you need.
  • It’s simple. You don’t have to remember any skills or scripts; just think about what you’re thankful for.
  • You can practice it anywhere. While driving, in a meeting, or while relaxing. Anytime at all.
  • It works in every situation. To feel better, to work the Law of Attraction, to communicate with spirit. When stuck in negative thoughts, patterns, or emotions.
  • People enjoy being around you. The state of being happy and grateful is contagious. You pass it on to others and make them feel good. Added bonus, you also attract other grateful and happy people to you.
  • It makes you stronger. Focusing on gratitude makes you stronger in mind, body, and spirit. You can overcome anything with gratitude.
  • There is always something to be grateful for. Even in the worst of times, you can find something to be grateful for. Even if it is just for the air you breathe or the gravity that keeps you from floating off into space.

Last — But Not Least

Gratitude feels good.

And who doesn’t want to feel good?

I'm thankful for you!

Do you have any thoughts on gratitude or anything you’d like to share? Please be sure to leave your comments, ideas, or experiences in the comment section below.

Love Always, SarahDawn

P.S. I am grateful for you! <3

P.P.S. If you see this, write what you are most grateful for in the comment section below. 😉

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