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Powerful Intention 3: How to Create Powerful Intentions

How to Create Powerful Intentions. Part 3 of the Powerful Intention Series

Do you know how to create powerful intentions? Whether you’re working the law of attraction, striving to achieve your dreams and goals, or just trying to get through the day, knowing what intentions are and how to set them is the most powerful tool you have. Intentions are a relatively simple act that have an immense effect on your life. They are the starting off point to co-creating your life and one of the most important techniques for using the law of attraction. Learning how to set powerful intentions and using the power within you is the first step in creating the life you want and achieving your desires.

So how do you create powerful intentions and ensure you are on the best track possible for manifesting the life you desire? This is the third post in the series Powerful Intention that covers just that. Be sure to read the other posts so you can be an intention setting master.

In this series:

What are Intentions and When To Set Them

If you have been following along in this series, you have a good idea of what intentions are and why they are such a powerful force in your life. Intentions are a declaration of what you want and they show the universe what you are expecting to receive. Setting intentions every day, even for the little things, helps to raise your vibrations and increase your ability to manifest anything you want.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read the previous posts to learn more about what makes intentions so powerful and how to use them in your everyday life to propel you toward changing your reality and co-creating the life you desire and deserve to have.

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Your Statement of Intention

How to Create Powerful Intentions. Part 3 of the Powerful Intention Series.

To begin with, setting an intention is little more than making up your mind and declaring what you want. And this is primarily done as a statement. You are putting into words what it is you desire and saying it out loud (so to speak).

You really do not need to state your intention out loud, you can say in your mind or write it down – as long as the intention is a declaration from your heart, nothing else is required.


Even though the setting of intentions is a simple concept, there is a difference between making a statement or simply wishing for something to happen.

At first glance, they appear to be the same thing, but the universe tunes into more than just what you say or what you are wishing for. The universe responds to your feelings both physical and emotional. It picks up on your true heart’s desires and your beliefs.

A Wish vs An Intention

When it comes to manifesting and co-creating your life, it isn’t the words coming out of your mouth or what you write on a piece of paper. It is what you believe, think, and feel that transforms a simple wish into an intention.

Woman looking up at a starry sky. It takes more than a wish to create powerful intentions.

The words we use to declare our intentions are for our own benefit. They are simply a tool you can use to bring your desires into conscious awareness so that you can act upon them and clearly focus on what you want.

That doesn’t make those tools any less important though, this is simply a distinction that is important to be aware of. Because, if you are just making wishes and saying what you want, you are not going to be adept at manifesting those desires. You must have the underlying feelings and belief in order to make the universe understand what it is you are expecting.

To sum that up, an intention is a statement fueled by your desire, motivation, drive, belief in yourself and the universe, and your willingness to make it all happen.

If you have struggled with manifesting intentions in the past, it is because the universe clearly understands and picks up on the difference between simply making a statement or making a wish and the emotion that is fueling it all. How you feel matters and what you believe makes all the difference.

So let’s learn to use what you’ve got and turn you into an intention setting powerhouse.

Setting Intentions

It is because of this need for your intention to be more than a wish that you need to create and set your intentions with purpose. Real intentions are set with real emotions.

So when setting an intention, you want to ensure that you are pulling your entire being into it. Including your subconscious, your emotions, beliefs, passions, and your physical body. All of you must become part of the intention. Once you have done so the universe has no choice but to manifest it.

The law of attraction works regardless of your awareness or belief in it. It is a universal law that will provide what it is you are feeling and focused on. There are no tricks, manipulation, or games going on. It simply does what it does – no matter what. Which is to attract like to like.

So the process of setting strong intentions needs to be done by creating – within your body, mind, and soul – what it is you want to attract to yourself. Making yourself a magnet of positivity and abundance.

And that is what an intention really is. Making your current self and state of being congruent with what it is you are trying to attract. If you can do this and maintain it – you will, without exception, manifest it.

We begin this process by creating powerful intentions.

The Subconscious Mind

Below the surface of every great mind is the part of us that operates outside of our awareness. The subconscious mind.

Signs pointing opposite directions for the negative and positive feelings we have. Representing how the subconscious mind may hold thoughts we are not aware of.

The subconscious holds forgotten memories, beliefs, and ideas about ourselves and our lives. All of which affect how we operate in the world. And how we see ourselves within the world.

Blocks, patterns of behavior, and both positive and negative beliefs we have are held within the subconscious mind. The difficulty is that all of it is operating on a level many people have no idea how to access or even understand.

Yet, as you know, when working the law of attraction and successfully manifesting our desires we need to be in alignment with what we want to attract. Meaning we must think, believe, and feel consistent to what we want.

It is not enough to have only the conscious mind on board, we also need to tap into the subconscious. In fact, it is the beliefs of the subconscious that have the biggest impact on what we are attracting.

So, for example, I may actively work at having positive thoughts in order to attract love into my life. But if my subconscious mind carries the belief that I do not deserve to be loved or that nobody can love me, my own mind will be sabotaging my efforts. Worse still, I may have no idea why I am only attracting toxic relationships.

Create Intentions in the Subconscious

In order to manifest your intentions, you need to focus first on creating intentions within the subconscious. If you’ve got your subconscious mind in on the process from the very beginning it is much easier to change your thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.

A house in the distance behind two gates, the first one is open. Create intentions within the subconscious to remove the blocks that often get in the way.

Which, consequentially, also makes changing your behaviors and actions incredibly easy. So those blocks that tend to get in your way are much less likely to make an appearance. Keep it up and they may just disappear altogether.

One of the most effective ways to access the subconscious mind is through relaxation and meditation. These activities put the conscious mind and the ego to rest, so they don’t get in the way. Creating a clear and open path to the subconscious mind.

Additionally, the subconscious mind thinks in images and emotions rather than words. So the process of creating, setting intentions, and following through involve a lot of imagery, visualization, and accessing feelings. Or, in other words, tapping into the subconscious mind.

So be sure to fully emerge yourself in the process of creating your intentions as this is the best place to engage the subconscious mind in the process. Keeping it on your side so it doesn’t end up sabotaging your efforts.

How to Create Intentions

You already have the tools it takes to manifest anything you desire. You dream it up, state it in any way you need to make it real for you, and be sure your thoughts, feelings, and focus are in alignment with what you want. We will go over all of this in more detail to ensure you are on the right path in this and the following articles.

For now, though, we will focus on how to create intentions that are strong, powerful, and in alignment with your heart’s desire.

Following are five steps to take your ability to create and set intentions to the next level. To make them powerful and infused with your passion. Creating intentions with the following steps is a wonderful way to draw in your subconscious and create the feelings and focus you need.

Step One: Dream It

Woman lying in the grass with her eyes closed. The first step to create intentions is to dream it up.

This may be the most important step for creating great intentions. After all, how can you intend it to happen if you don’t know what it is? So the first step is to dream it up.

You want to do this with all your heart, mind, and soul. Like a child who gets lost in their imagination, delving into the unlimited possibilities only an unrestricted mind can fathom. Tap into your inner-child and let yourself dream big, limitless ideas without fear.

Have fun with this. Let go of fear, lack, restriction or anything that may hold you back from amazingness. In the realm of imagination, anything is possible. So don’t hold back. Let your mind soar.

Step Two: Experience It

Once you have the unrestricted dream, allow yourself to really experience your desire by creating a vivid and strong visualization of it.

Get comfortable, take several deep breaths and relax. Then begin by thinking about what it is you want. Picture yourself having your desire fulfilled. Go through the motions of what it is like to really live with your desire manifested.

Take your time and be sure to use all your senses. You want to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell everything. Get lost in the visualization and be in the moment of having and experiencing your desire. With all the joy, excitement, and pleasure that goes along with having what you want.

Let’s use the example of a new car. Picture yourself as already having the car. Imagine leaving for work or the store and walking up to the car.

A stack of wrapped gifts with a tag that says just for you.

See the car, the colors, the tires, even the space around it. Open the door and get inside. Go slowly and indulge yourself in the experience of having that car. What does it feel like to grab the handle and open the door? What do the seats of your car feel like as you sit in it? What do you see, what do you smell? Take a few moments to really immerse yourself in the sensation of it all.

See yourself starting the car, putting it into gear, and feeling the first moments as the tires grip the road and the car begins to move. What is it like to drive on the highway, turn corners, step on the brakes? Continue the visualization for as long as you want.

Keep in mind the emotions you have as you go through the visualization. Is it excitement, exhilaration, joy, peace & calm, relief? Whatever it is you feel, remember and hang on to that feeling. You will need to remember that feeling throughout the entire process of manifesting your desire.

Step Three: Believe it

You’ve dreamed it up and you have taken the time to experience it. The next step is to believe it. This is probably the biggest challenge for many of us. So many past experiences, patterns, and what we have learned create blocks. Those blocks, usually trapped within the subconscious mind, stop us from believing and manifesting much of anything good.

It can help to begin by creating and manifesting smaller more perceptibly obtainable things. With practice and proof that you can manifest the smaller things, you will gain the confidence and belief in your ability to manifest the bigger things. So be sure you have read and are using the everyday intentions from the last article: When to Set Intentions.

Step Four: Let Go

The next step is to do your best to let go of past experiences and beliefs that stand your way of manifesting new and positive life experiences.

Positive words often used for creating intentions within a man's silhouette.

You have a story. That story defines your life, experiences, and expectations. Now is the time to make sure your story includes positive, affirming beliefs about yourself and what you expect to happen to you. Let any negativity be in your past and start the next chapter in your life with the beginnings of abundance, prosperity, health, and love.

If you have many blocks, you may find it helpful to look outside of yourself. Seek counseling to work through your past experiences. Ask the angels to help you release what no longer serves you. Talk to a supportive friend. Whatever it takes to help you let go of any ideas and feelings you have about experiencing or deserving lack, restriction, scarcity or deprivation.

Let it all go and realize you are a part of Source. A being of creation imbued with the power to assist in that creation. It is all within you and your nature to accomplish your soul’s mission. You are a co-creator with the ability to manifest what you need in life to help you with this purpose.

Believe in yourself, your spirit, and your importance in creating a better world for all. You have what it takes, you are meant to do it, and now it is time for you to believe it.

Step Five: Give it Details

Before you go on to set your intentions, make sure you have all the pieces in place. Think through your intention and create a very clear and detailed picture of what it is you really want. The more realistic and detailed image you have, the more powerful it is.

Image of a bud in focus with a blurry background. Give clarity to your intentions.

Create intentions so you know exactly what it is you want, and so the universe can provide it. If you have invoked the angels to assist you along your life path you are also letting them know what you are asking for help with. Same with any other spirit guides assisting you.

Details of what you desire help you have a clear image of what you want. Making it easier to remember and consequentially easier to focus on. The resulting clarity gives power to your intentions and to your belief in having it.

For example, the intention: “I intend to find love and supportive companionship,” clearly lets the universe (and yourself) know what you want. Whereas I want to get married is vague and leaves quite a bit of room for interpretation.

Practice adding details and narrowing down what it is you really want. You will know you are doing it right when you notice increased synchronicities along your path. You will also notice circumstances in alignment with your desire begin to manifest. Propelling you toward the life you desire to create.

The Next Steps

Now you have the tools to create powerful intentions that tap into the subconscious mind. Take your time with these steps and work through them as many times as you need or want. The more you work through these steps to create powerful intentions the easier it gets and the faster you will manifest whatever it is you desire.

The next article will be about how to set successful intentions so you can really begin to create the change and the life you desire. Continue reading now. Or read the previous post.

Do you have anything to add about creating intentions? If so, be sure to leave a comment in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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