Powerful Intention 3: How to Create Powerful Intentions

How to Create Powerful Intentions. Part 3 of the Powerful Intention Series


Sarahdawn is no stranger to depression, anxiety, and negative thinking. That is until her life hit the proverbial rock bottom and an angel whispered in her ear. Since then, Sarahdawn has been dedicated to helping others discover the power of angels and spirituality. She has a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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2 years ago

Hello Sarah, I have been blessed by your blogs today. Over the past few months I have been seeing more and more repeating numbers beginning on November 11th (2018) at 11:11(am). I started seeing the number anytime I would glance at the clock or received change at the store. I would constantly find 1 dime and 1 penny around the house or when I was cleaning out an old pocketbook. At first I was freaked out, but I began seeking understanding from research on the web. I was intentional about not believing everything I read. Then I began seeing other numbers beginning with 2, 3, then 4, 5, 7…more recently 6, 8, 9….. Although numbers are all around us, I know when the numbers are for me – sometimes they are illuminated super bright, or my attention become so transfixed I cannot turn away or they just seem to scream… Read more »

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