Infinite Potential: Angel Number 8

Angel Number 8: Infinite Potential

Do you keep seeing the angel number 8? If so, the angels are encouraging and rewarding you. Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know.

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The Energy of Angel Number 8

The angel number 8, written as a single stroke looping around to end where it first began, represents infinity and connectedness.

Within the single stroke of the number 8, exists two separate loops. Each representing the balance of both higher and lower energies within us and within our physical lives.

An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers: Angel Number 8: Infinite Potential by -Your hard work has paid off -Keep it up -Achieve your highest potential -Stay positive -You may be on the wrong path

The angel number 8 reminds us that even though life has its downtimes, by hanging in there and having faith it always returns to the beginning or top. Creating a whole and complete cycle.  

It means our growth in this life is dependent on all our experiences, good, bad, easy and difficult, coming together as a whole.

If you turn the number 8 onto its side it becomes the sign of infinity.

The loops are no longer one above the other, rather they reside on an even level. Reminding us that the ups and downs in life are equal in value and importance.

The angel number 8 brings the energy of putting in the effort and receiving abundance and reward as a result. Without the effort, the reward is not possible.

The angel number 8 has the energy of money, riches, finances, abundance, prosperity and manifesting wealth.

It is the energy of material reward. And the result of putting in the work and the effort to achieve prosperity on earth.

Since the angel number 8 carries the energy of infinity, it reminds us that there is enough money for everyone to live in abundance.

The angel number 8 brings the energy of infinite balance and fairness.

It holds the energy of Karma and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Both of which state that our thoughts and actions will come back to us.

It also represents how the work we put into our dreams, goals, and self-growth will return with infinite abundance and reward. Both in this life and the next.

The angel number 8 resonates strongly with your highest potential while incarnated in this lifetime.

It is the energy of finding, focusing on and realizing your potential to bring balance and make the world a better place.

Whether you know it or not, your potential is infinite. As you accomplish the phases and cycles of your life you can accomplish and grow even more. Making your potential unending.

Although the angel number 8 brings the positive energy of abundance, balance and reward beware of the lower energies that can result if we get stuck in negativity.

The angel number 8 brings the lower energies of the ego, dictatorship, and discrimination. Trying to resist these parts of our human nature or giving into these lower energies will result in an infinite loop of negativity.

These lower energies do serve a purpose. They remind us that keeping our thoughts, feelings, and actions positive and in balance is part of being human and a necessary part of living according to our life’s path.

Angel Numbers Mastery

The Message of Angel Number 8

If you have been seeing the angel number 8 repeatedly the message you are receiving from the angels is one of encouragement reminding you of your infinite potential. Here is what the angels are telling you.

Your Hard Work Has Paid Off

The most common message of the angel number 8 is that you are coming upon significant financial abundance.

Yet, this abundance is not due to any kind of good luck or good fortune. It is a direct result of your own effort, diligence, and intelligence in working toward achieving your goals.

The angels are letting you know to keep working, having faith and being grateful and positive for what you have achieved because the results are about to literally pay off.

Remember to stay positive though. In order to receive this reward, you have to be open to it. Create a path for abundance to flow into your life by keeping your thoughts and focus positive and on what you desire.

Keep It Up

The angels want you to know that you are on the right path to achieving your dreams and goals.

So they are encouraging you and reminding you to keep going on your path of progress. Keep working to achieve your goals because you have already set yourself on the path to success and achievement.

As long as you stay on this path rewards will infinitely continue to come.

Be Grateful

By seeing the angel number 8 the angels are reminding you to stay positive, optimistic and grateful.

Keeping your energy high with positive thoughts and actions will lead you to financial abundance.

Be grateful for what you are about to receive so you can ensure that it will reach you.

Achieve Your Highest Potential

The angels want you to know that your life path is important for the greater good of all.

They are encouraging you to live up to your highest potential. And are sending you a message of empowerment.

The message of the angel number 8 lets you know you have what it takes to achieve more than you know.

Trust and have faith in your abilities, skills, and talents and use them to reach out and give to others.

Listen to your intuition and internal guidance as it will lead you in the right direction.

Put in the work and effort when necessary to achieve your goals and create a solid foundation for your future.

The financial reward and abundance that results by living up to your full potential will allow you to continue along your life path and ultimately make the world a better place.

You’re on the Wrong Path

There may be times that the angels send you the message of the angel number 8 because you are stuck in a negative cycle of pessimism and negativity.

You may be experiencing depression, anxiety or a challenging or difficult time in your life

In this case, the angel number 8 is letting you know that you have the full support, encouragement, and love of the angels.

The angels are also encouraging you to change your focus. Your negativity has you stuck and you are only attracting more negativity into your life. And that is not what the angels want for you.

So they are reminding you to think positive thoughts, be grateful for what you already have and do what it takes to get out of the negative cycle you are stuck in.

Even if you are going through a difficult time, the angels are reminding you to hold positive expectations and intentions of your future and of the potential you hold.

Once you put in the effort to be more positive and optimistic you will find that abundance and reward will be able to flow freely into your life.

The angels are reminding you to ask them for help as you put in the work and effort to feel better. Because the life of abundance and prosperity that you deserve is not out of reach.

Number Eight Sequences.

88, 888, 8888. When you see a sequence of the number eight it means the message you are receiving is intensified. The more eights you see the more powerful and important the message is for you.

Do you have any experience with the angel number 8? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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Joanna Martinez
2 years ago

Discovering what it really means left me in tears forever greatful to know it’s meaning….
Thank you so much!

CoCo Walden
CoCo Walden
2 years ago

Last week I had a dream about someone I knew…who has passed on…I can’t remember who they are now…but they gave me a group of 88 keys with long ribbons and told me I would need them. I was about to leave the room and they followed me with the keys and handed them to me and said take the 88 keys before you leave.

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