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June Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ June ~

Angels Got Your Back

Energy is shifting and dynamic. It is constantly flowing, changing, and running in and out of our lives. The energy around us affects the energy within us, and with each passing month, there is a significant energy shift as the number it resonates with changes.

The angels are using this monthly energy to send us guidance and suggestions so that we can use it to make the most of our life’s path and to accomplish our dreams, goals, and soul’s mission.

The following post is what the angels want us to know about the monthly angel number energy of May.

Welcome to the month of June! The mark that this year is half over. Does that make you worry? If it does, you are not alone. But hang in there because knowing about the energy of the angel number 6 and how it influences us may be exactly what you need to get through this month with joy and closer than ever to achieving your dreams.

I love the energy of the angel number 6. It is such an amazing energy of faith, love, and support. Yet it is an energy I tend to struggle with a bit.

Usually, around this time of year (as summer begins and I am reminded that the year is halfway over), I start feeling stressed and overwhelmed that I am not getting my goals accomplished fast enough.

Of course, when you start thinking like that, you get caught up in worry, fear, and negative emotions.

If negative thinking is a struggle for you, too, check my Stop Trying to Change Your Thoughts YouTube video series. Or try out the Control Your Thoughts, Focus, & Attention Guided Mediation with Angels.

Unfortunately, with the energy of the angel number 6 surrounding us, allowing yourself to feel those negative emotions can quickly get out of control, which has definitely been my experience in past years.

The angel number 6 carries the energy of strong emotions. So whatever it is you’re feeling is likely to intensify this month. So as you make your way through the month of June, it is more important than ever to not worry about where you are in life or how successful you are.

This month you’ll want to make sure you are focused on what you are grateful for, how much you have already accomplished, and the things and people that make you feel loved.

Speaking of what makes you feel loved. This energy is very supportive of spending time with family, so it is a great month to focus on caring for your home and family life. Make sure that everyone that you consider family is doing well. Spend some extra time with them this month, and be sure to shower them with your nurturing love, kindness, and care.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about focusing this month on my family, I get excited. It sounds like fun. Yet I also worry and feel guilty that I won’t be working hard enough at my job. I have to make money to take care of my family. We need to eat and have electricity. And the cost of food and everything has gone up so much in the last couple of years! No, I must work more, not less, so I can provide for my family. Sure, it’d be nice to spend more time with them and focus on caring for them, but… money has to come first… doesn’t it?

But that is the real magic of the angel number 6. You CAN focus on family and loved ones. You CAN take a step back from worrying about everything in the material world. Because when the angel number 6 is in your life, it means you are being taken care of too. Not just you, but all your material needs are being taken care of as you enjoy the domestic side of life – for you and your family.

And that is largely due to the fact that this month also carries the energy of our spiritual family. Our angels, our spirit guides, our Creator, even our interconnectedness with every living and spiritual thing. We all come from the divine. All of us sparks of love and light that exist for a purpose.

So, this month, it is not only safe, but a very good idea to spend time focusing on your spiritual family and that connection. Practice feeling the love and the faith that they have for you as you let go of worry, doubts, and fears about the physical world and let them shower you with nurturing love, kindness, and care – the way you provide for your physical family here on Earth.

When you see the angel number 6, it means the angels have your back. You can focus on what brings you joy, you can take care of your family emotionally, and you can focus on your spiritual connection. Whatever it is you need while doing these things will come to you. Spirit will provide.

Of course, it takes a little bit of believing and faith. But give it a try this month. Take a step back from all the worry and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on doing emotionally fulfilling things as you enjoy the domestic side of life.

Focus on your spiritual connection, family, friends, and loved ones. And go forward in pure faith that whatever you need, your angels are making sure you have it at precisely the right time.

Cause, Your angels got your back.

Be sure to read “Too Much Worry: The Meaning and Messages of Angel Number 6” to learn more about the magical energy of the angel number 6.

June 2023 Events

~ June 6th (6/6): This month we have the 6th of June. That is a lot of angel number 6 energy. An energy of love, family, and spiritual connection that will urge you to be true to your soul.

Spend a little extra time on this day taking care of your family, and take some time to enjoy and deeply feel the connection you have with your spiritual family. Fully let go of worry and enjoy life as you spend time with family and walk your life’s path in confidence and faith.

And be sure to read about the energy of the angel number 66 to make the most of this loving, high-vibrating energy of love, joy, and faith.

~ June 21st – Summer (and Winter) Solstice: We’re halfway through the year, which means it is Solstice time again. We will have one day of equal amounts of light and darkness as the Earth begins its yearly rotation on the other side of the sun. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it will be the Summer Solstice and will mark the coming of shorter days – whereas those in the southern hemisphere will be experiencing their Winter Solstice.

This is an extremely spiritual and auspicious time that connects and unites all of us in love and light.

Whether you are burning bright with the Summer Solstice here with me in the northern hemisphere (North of the Equator), or if you are ready to bring the light in with the Winter Solstice over in the southern hemisphere (south of the Equator) – check out the following posts to learn ways to celebrate and get some affirmations that will help you fully bring all this wonderful energy into your life.

Burning Bright: How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Bring in the Light: Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Love Always, SarahDawn

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