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2015 Blood Moon, Supermoon and Mercury In Retrograde. What To Expect and How To Make The Most Of This Amazing Time.


You may not be aware of it, but right now we are experiencing something truly amazing.

Tonight, September 17, 2015, is a full moon, blood moon, supermoon lunar eclipse. Not only that, but Mercury is in retrograde until the 9th of October. The lunar eclipse and Supermoon combo that we are experiencing is one that will not occur again until 2033 and with Mercury in retrograde, such a combination of cosmic events is a once in a lifetime experience.

It is a time of change. Of vast, life-altering changes being put into place and it is coming whether you are ready or not.

So here is what can you expect

The moon affects our emotions; when it is full we tend to experience an increase in emotional disturbance and confusion. Such as crying easily, agitation, frustration, and ups and downs that feel a bit out of control. Not only is it currently a full moon, it is a supermoon meaning it is very close to earth, intensifying the emotional state we normally experience during a full moon. So, expect emotions to be extremely erratic.  But that is not all we are experiencing right now.

With Mercury in retrograde, you may experience difficulties in communication, of any kind, but especially in relationships, since Mercury is in Libra. This is not a bad thing, as Mercury retrograde is meant to have us reevaluate everything, including our lives, relationships, past decisions and is the best time to finalize and wrap up anything from the past. But, you do want to avoid beginning anything new as it is likely to not end well in the long term. You will find much more success in working and repairing an old relationship than you will have trying to start a new relationship.

What should you do?

  • Be prepared for change: Things are going to change in your life. These changes are likely going to be very significant. Change tends to be hard for us, but often is what we need to take us to the next level of living life to it’s fullest. You may feel anxious, lost and perhaps as though your life is falling apart, but try to remember that you are surrounded by divine, loving energy that is supporting you. Ask God or your angels for help and support during any difficult times. They know your struggles want to help.
  • Rest, relax, and reflect: We are right in the middle of Mercury retrograde. Which means it is time to rest, relax, and reflect on the past and how your life is going. When Mercury is in retrograde it is always important to re-evaluate where our lives are headed and let go of blocks and past events that are no longer serving us, but this particular period of Mercury being in retrograde is even more significant than usual. When the change we can expect to see from the Lunar eclipse is set in motion, you are going to want to be ready by starting with a clean slate, free of the past that may stop positive changes from taking effect.
  • Be especially cautious of entering into contracts, agreements, or beginning any new projects: It may be more difficult than usual due to the high level of emotions intensified by the lunar eclipse, supermoon, but it is that much more important to not enter into any new contracts or projects during this Mercury retrograde, as your emotions are even more likely to cloud and confuse your judgement, on top of the usual troubles Mercury in retrograde tends to create.
  • Give yourself respect, love, and forgiveness. You may experience moments of wanting to give up, feeling bad about yourself, regret things you have said, or feel shame over erratic emotions. Remind yourself that a lot is going on cosmically and give yourself time to really focus on loving and caring about yourself. Which means room for forgiveness without judgement and treating yourself gently with love and respect.

There will not be another opportunity like this for letting go, removing blocks and experiencing change for a very long time. So, take advantage of this awesome cosmic event to really turn inward and confidently step into the magnificent changes life is about to bring.

I hope you are able to see the eclipse tonight, wherever you are. I send my love and best wishes for the journey ahead.



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