Live in the Blue: Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy

Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy - Law of Attraction


Sarahdawn is no stranger to depression, anxiety, and negative thinking. That is until her life hit the proverbial rock bottom and an angel whispered in her ear. Since then, Sarahdawn has been dedicated to helping others discover the power of angels and spirituality. She has a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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2 years ago

Thanks so much for this post…I found my way through another post on 5 numbers, and really enjoy your content.

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer Wood
1 year ago

My all-time most life-changing “out of the blue” experience was how I started dating my husband…. We were in high school and I was dating his best friend. We were all in a show choir group and shared rides and hung out together a lot. I was head-over-heels for my boyfriend and thought he was “the one.” He was handsome, smart and sweet. And we had been dating for what seemed like a long time – 3 months! But things never go as planned. We went to a party just before Christmas and he gave me a lovely necklace. But over the break, I didn’t see him, didn’t hear from him. No explanation. Nothing. I was confused and quite depressed. As a matter of fact, I was suicidal at one point. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done wrong. When we got back to school in January, he basically ignored… Read more »

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