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Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy - Law of Attraction

Most of us have experienced life with hardships and struggle. We’ve had challenges and obstacles that seem too big to surmount. But life is not about succumbing and surrendering to problems. It is about believing in so much more. Believing in possibilities, in potential, and in miracles. This article is about living in the blue and allowing our lives and purpose to unfold by manifesting our spirit’s desires with faith and expectancy.

Life Uplifts Everything

I was at church one Sunday morning listening to one of Dr. Roger Teel’s amazing sermons. He was talking about the law of attraction and how to allow ourselves to manifest our intentions.

He began talking about the ego and fear. How these things like to cling to the status quo and inhibit us from change.  He said, “Fear is believing more in the possible than the impossible.”

He then began talking about possibility. About the unlimited potential of our consciousness and the power of our thoughts to create.

But what he said next would have a powerful impact on how I view problems and manifesting for the rest of my life.

He said, “I like to live in the blue.” Blue being an acronym for Believing Life Uplifts Everything.

He went on to explain that when going through life’s problems or struggles and you see no way out, something will often just happen “out of the blue.”

Without any indication, the answer or solution just comes out of nowhere and propels you forward along your path. Life uplifts everything in this way. Life is full of possibilities.

Live in the Blue: Manifesting with Faith and Expectancy. Let Go. Live in Faith. Live with Expectancy.

(The rest of this article is based on my truth, experience, and opinion and does not necessarily reflect the teaching of Dr. Roger Teel.)

Endless Possibilities

Living in the blue means living with faith and expectancy. It is about not letting fear, worry, or the ego lead to doubt and negative thinking.

Rather, it means remembering, even in the worst of times, that we cannot fathom all the possibilities that exist.

Anything can happen. To live in the blue is to believe in the potential of life. Believing more in possibilities than in what is simply possible.

Ever since I heard Dr. Teel speak those words, they have stuck with me. In times of doubt, anxiety or fear the words “live in the blue” pop into my head. Right out of the blue (yes – pun intended).

How many times in your life have you been struggling? Feeling doubt, worry, anxiety, and/or fear? These negative emotions and thoughts consuming you? Consuming you to the point of taking over your life and your joy?

And then one day, just out of nowhere, you have an idea, or something happens, and the perfect solution just falls into your lap?

Or what about those times when you regret a decision you made or how things have turned out only to later have something amazing happen because of that very decision or situation you thought was bad?

Things happen just out of the blue all the time. In fact, most everything happens out of the blue. A knock at the door. A phone call. Brilliant ideas and epiphanies. Running into the right person.

I mean, really, how many times when working toward a goal has everything worked out exactly the way you imagined it?

In contrast, how many times have unexpected things, good or bad, occurred and changed your plans?

The fact is we do not know what the future holds. At any given moment something out of the blue can occur.

This is because there is an unlimited number of possibilities in any given moment. And there is no possible way we can foresee all of them.

An Out of the Blue Experience

Not long after my husband died, I lost the house we were living in. So my three children and I were all staying in one bedroom in my mother’s house. I wasn’t long out of grad school and still in the process of building my practice, so money was a bit scarce.

I felt trapped, alone, and scared. My life had suddenly completely changed.

I was now a single mother, homeless, and broke. All I could think about is what this meant for me and my children? Where could we possibly go from here?

I was told that my husband did not have life insurance. So I had to figure it all out on my own. And I had no idea how or even if I could.

I was left with all his bills and none of his income. You can probably imagine how depression and fear began to overcome me.

What could I do? Fortunately, I chose to focus on my children. To do what I could to give them hope and confidence rather than focusing on the fear that kept creeping back. I didn’t want them to know how scared I was. I wanted them to feel hope.

So I repeatedly sang and listened to the song, Better Life by Keith Urban with them. We would dance and sing to the song over and over dreaming of how much better our lives were going to be one day.

My promise that our lives would one day be wonderful is what kept me afloat through it all.

Then, one afternoon as I sat on the back porch contemplating and trying to figure things out, my mother handed me some mail.

It was mostly junk mail and one envelope that looked to be yet another bill my husband and I had.

Yet what was inside that envelope was something I never would have expected.

It was a check. A check for my husband’s life insurance. It even had a bit of interest tacked on since it had taken so long to get to me.

“What!!?? How is this possible?”

I gasped and stared at that check with my mouth agape. I am pretty sure I even stopped breathing. Concerned, my mother asked if I was okay. And without a word, I handed her the check.

As she looked at it, I said, “Is this real? Am I being scammed?”

“No, I think it is real.” She said. “I thought he didn’t have life insurance?”

“He didn’t! I thought he didn’t…”

Because of that “out of the blue” moment, I was able to go rent an apartment, buy some furniture, and begin moving on with my life.

One moment I was sitting there feeling overwhelmed and scared. Then, in the time it took to open that envelope, everything felt okay. It was an answer to my prayers.

Who Cares What’s Possible

As you can imagine that moment was huge. It was life-changing. And it could not have been more unexpected nor come more “out of the blue.”

The possibility of that check coming wasn’t even in my reality. I was making different plans at the time and none of them included a big check.

That’s because my plans were focused on the possible – not so much on the possibilities. Except when I allowed myself to dream about the future with my boys.

The fact is, we have no idea what the future holds for us. In any given moment with any given experience, we try to look ahead and foresee the future.

We try to figure out what we need and what will solve our problems.

Yet we have no idea what we are doing because we are walking blindly into the future.

Attempts to take the reins and be in complete control of what our life holds, of where we are headed, of how our journey will unfold, is taking away the possibility for the impossible to occur.

For miracles to be set along our path.

What’s worse is when we are trying so hard to be in control of what happens and things don’t pan out the way we want them to, or when our prayers seem to go unanswered, we feel powerless, helpless, and out of control.

But those feelings are really the furthest thing from the truth.

Let Go

We actually have massive power and control in our lives. But that power doesn’t come from knowing what we need going forward.

It lies in our ability to let go. To let God, the universe, and the spiritual realm pour into your life everything you need to achieve happiness and abundance.

To let go is to get out of your own way. It is realizing you don’t know, and you cannot predict every possibility your future holds.

It means you are releasing the reigns and allowing spirit to provide what you need rather than trying to make it all happen yourself.

I chose to focus on giving my children hope for our future rather than letting myself be consumed by my fear and worry. I prayed every single day for God to provide what we needed to be okay. And I did my best through it all to focus on positive thoughts even when I felt like a complete failure.

My efforts panned out in that situation; however, I wonder what would have happened had I made a different choice?

Live in Faith

Your need for control and your need for answers can stand in your way and bar you from achieving amazing things. The more you let go of control the more control you have.

You may not know what is going to happen, but you know it will. And that knowing, that power, that control in your life, is faith.

But what exactly is faith?

Google dictionary defines faith as: “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

The Bible takes that definition a step further in Hebrews 11:1:

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1 NIV

Faith is believing, it is a knowing within your heart. Faith does not come from the mind but rather the soul. A turning inward toward the spiritual self. Toward that spiritual interconnectedness, we have with the world and all living things.

Most people know that faith is believing without any evidence or proof that everything is going to work out.

But faith is more than that. It is confidence, hope, dependence, reliance, belief, and it is trust.

The trust and confidence that what we hope for, what we really desire in our heart of hearts, is in the process of manifesting.

The beautiful thing is; once we release our need to know and the need to be in control of the how and when it is faith that pulls us through.

Faith that guides us in the right direction and down the right path.

Without faith we become stuck in the same old patterns, failing to grow into the people we are meant to become.

What lies in the blue may not be exactly what we think we want or what we think needs to happen.

It may be something better or it may lead you down a path completely different than you ever imagined. Whatever it is though, it will be exactly what you need.

Therefore, faith is confidence even when things appear impossible. It is the beauty of living in the blue. The more faith you have the faster and better whatever is waiting in the blue will be.

Live with Expectancy

You can manifest even greater hopes and bigger dreams by living with expectancy.

For example, expectancy is saying; not only do I believe and have confidence this will work out – I expect it. I expect something amazing to come any moment now.

Once again, expectancy is not knowing exactly what will happen, it is knowing that something will.

That no matter how dire any given situation is, you expect something to happen that will make it better. You expect the answers to come.

Anytime you are working with the law of attraction or doing spiritual work, living with expectancy is your greatest asset, along with letting go and having faith.

Expectancy gives the universe the message that good things happen to you.

It creates an energy that not only will this situation improve, but it will result in making your life all-around better.

When praying, expectancy is how you show God your faith. It is an extension of your faith.

Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:23-24 NIV

Living with expectancy is an important aspect of life. What you expect will determine what you manifest.

Even if you can let go of control and walk in faith – if you are expecting something negative you are going to attract something negative.

Expectancy of good things to come out of the blue and improve your situation ensures you are on the right path toward manifesting your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Live in the Blue

You do not know what the future holds. You cannot know everything that the universe and God knows.

What you can know is that miracles can and will happen.

But for that to happen you need to get out of the way. Get your mind and ego out of the way.

Learn to live in the blue and let the miracle of life and your life purpose unfold around you.

Get out of the way so God can fulfill his promise to you.

Living in the blue means letting go, having faith, and living with expectancy.

All of which opens you up to possibilities within the spiritual and energetic world.

The universe can and will create situations that help you along your path. The ascended masters and angels can create miracles. And God can answer prayers.

So let yourself believe and go forward in faith. Forget about the possible and instead live in the blue, in the mystery, and allow amazing things beyond your imagination to manifest.

The key to living is not to live in the know but live in the mystery.”

Fred Alan Wolfe, Ph.D

Be sure to share your “out of the blue” moments in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them. <3

Love Always, SarahDawn

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