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October Monthly Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ October ~

A Time for Something New

Energy is shifting and dynamic. It is constantly flowing, changing, and running in and out of our lives. The energy around us affects the energy within us, and with each passing month, there is a significant energy shift as the number it resonates with changes.

The angels are using this monthly energy to send us guidance and suggestions so that we can use it to make the most of our life’s path and to accomplish our dreams, goals, and soul’s mission.

The following post is what the angels want us to know about the monthly angel number energy of October.

Can you feel it? The change in the atmosphere all around us? The cool air and shorter days bringing a sense of freshness and starting over?

An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers. Spiritual Beginnings: Angel Number 10
- The start of your spiritual journey
-Your consciousness
-Surrounded by angels
-Keep your dreams and goals big
-Focus on all things positive
-Vibes on the rise
-Your higher self knows
-Now is the time to start

Of course, if you are on the other side of the world, the days are getting longer, and new life is beginning to emerge around you.

Either way, this month brings the energy and opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. 

And this refreshing sense of newness is not only occurring in the physical world around us but also in the spiritual world. And that is because this month brings the energy of the angel number 10—a very spiritual number all about entering into a new phase of our spiritual journey.

Last month, you may have felt like things were not always under your control. That things seemed to be slipping by you and not going quite according to plan. But as we enter this tenth month of the year, you may begin to feel as though those things that seemed to slip by are all now lining up in a very auspicious way. 

This is because there is a major shift from the 9th month that carries the energy of completion and letting go to this 10th month of new beginnings and fresh starts. 

In order to allow the energy of the angel number 10 to bring positive change and help push you forward along your path, you want to make sure you are keeping your thoughts positive, focusing on gratitude, and taking action toward your goals and desires. 

The energy of the angel number 10 will inspire and encourage you to let go of trying to make everything happen and instead turn to your higher self for answers and guidance.

All you need to do is focus on your dreams and goals, set some good intentions, follow your intuition, practice an attitude of gratitude, and then let the pieces fall into place.

By doing so, entering into this new phase of the physical life around you and the spiritual world within you will happen with ease and positivity.

As always, I wish you all the best and send lots of love! May your October be full of blessings.

Read “Spiritual Beginnings” The Meaning and Messages of Angel Number 10″ to learn more about the spiritually uplifting energy of the angel number 10.

October 2022 events:

~ October 10th (10/10)

Lean into your spiritual connection and really feel the love that flows both ways. This is a day to focus on falling into faith and allowing your spirituality to elevate you into a fresh new beginning of your spiritual life and journey. You are deeply loved and supported.

Reap the benefits of this highly spiritually charged day by spending some time in focused meditation. Reflect on where you have been and how far you have come. Relish the gratitude you feel for how far your faith and spiritual connection have brought you already. Then, focus deeply on your path going forward and where you want to go.

This is a wonderful day to set intentions, and you allow yourself to let go and fall into a mindset of abundance with faith that everything that is meant to be is manifesting. Light a candle for each intention you have as you meditate, reflect on, and visualize it. When you blow the candle out, see the smoke float upward and know your angels are lovingly carrying your intentions into the Universe.

The benefits of recognizing and working with the energy of this day will carry you through phases, awakenings, and deeper spiritual understanding and connection as you continue along your path. To learn more about this energy, be sure to check out this post about the angel number 1010.

~ Halloween: October 31st (ish)

A time to get in touch with our spiritual sides, appreciate the darker side of life and revel in the beauty of Mother Earth and her seasons. The spiritual side of Halloween represents a direct reflection of us and the paths we take through this physical life. Celebrating it may just be the most significant holiday you can observe to enhance your life and spiritual journey. Check out this post, The Spiritual Side of Halloween, to learn what this holiday is about under the surface and how you can celebrate it to get the most out of its spiritually charged energy.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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