On Wings of Change: Angel Number 5

Angel Number 5: On Wings of Change

Do you keep seeing the angel number 5? If so, the angels are sending you a message of preparation and support. Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know.

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The Energy of Angel Number 5

The angel number 5 brings the energy of positive and significant change. Yet, it is not the energy of ordinary change. Rather it signifies a divine metamorphosis of past experiences merging together to create something new and different.

An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers: Angel Number 5: On Wings of Change by sarahdawntunis.com

A change that is much like the transformation of the butterfly. In fact, the caterpillar will outgrow and shed its skin four times. It is the 5th time going through this cycle it will instead hang from a branch to form a chrysalis. From which it will emerge a butterfly.

The Angel Number 5 resonates with the energy of such positive, necessary, and life-long change.

It also resonates with the energy of personal freedom and individuality. Representing our ability to free ourselves from our past in order to grow and adapt physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Carrying the energy of versatility, adaptability, non-attachment, variety, and release/surrender the angel number 5 reminds us to learn and grow from our past experiences, but also be willing to let them go so we are not ruled by them.

Like the caterpillar who must summon the courage to venture into vast and unknown change, the angel number 5 represents the courageousness it takes for us to step into change. Along with the resourcefulness and motivation to take on the activity and the adventure of making these changes a reality.

The angel number 5 also resonates with the proverbial heart. Sending us the reminder that because you are the only one to know your true heart’s desire you are the only one who can follow your true passions and achieve your destiny.

Although the angel number 5 represents the kind of change we ultimately go through alone, at the same time it resonates with the energy of companionability, mercy, and kindness. Reminding us that our relationships with others are a significant part of our individual life and success. This also brings the energy of being surrounded by angels and spiritual guides.

Angel Numbers Mastery

The Message of Angel Number 5

If you have been seeing the angel number 5 repeatedly the message you are receiving from the angels is one of preparation and support. Here is what the angels are telling you.

Change is occurring

By seeing the angel number 5 the angels are sending you a message that a major and positive change is in your near future. In fact, this change has probably been in the process of occurring for a while now. Perhaps for weeks, months or even years. When the caterpillar enters the chrysalis the wings it will have as a butterfly have already begun to grow – unseen beneath the surface.

Caterpillar on leaf representing the change about to occur when seeing the angel number 5

You also are about to emerge through a major life change, but the transformation has already begun.

Be Prepared

The Angels want you to keep a grateful and positive state of mind. This will allow you to be in a place to accept and adapt to the change as it occurs. They understand that for many of us change is hard and venturing into the unknown is scary. So they are sending you this message to prepare you.

The angels want you to understand that this change will take courage. But it is good. It will bring you benefits for the rest of your life.

By keeping a positive outlook and an open mind you allow the change you are about to go through to be the positive life-long change you are meant to receive.

Angels are Surrounding You

The angels want you to know they are surrounding you and ready to assist you through this change. Remember to call on them for help if the change ever feels daunting or scary.

Be Kind To Yourself

The angels urge you to treat yourself with kindness and mercy. During times of change, it is easy to get caught up in judgment and negativity of ourselves. The angels remind you to look at yourself through their eyes and through the eyes of those who love you. Remember to implement a lot of self-care as you go through this change.

Free Yourself

In order to grow and have the full benefits of the change that is upon you, you’ll need to free yourself from the restraints of your past. Now is the time to let go of your past. Taking with you the lessons from your experiences and releasing anything that holds you back.

“Out with the old, in with the new,” is a good phrase to keep in mind.

A butterfly on a blade of grass representing the Angel Number 5's message to set yourself free from the restraints of your past.

Once the butterfly is born, its lifestyle will become completely different than it was before its wings emerged. Unlike the caterpillar, it will enjoy the freedom of flight and the sweetness of nectar, but its purpose will also be different.

To try to continue living as a caterpillar would deny the butterfly of its destiny.

Follow Your Heart

The change occurring in your life is positive and divinely guided. Although such a big change may seem overwhelming it is for your greater good. It will be worth it.

In order to gain the full benefit of this change, you need to take action. You have earned this change, but it will not happen if you do not act upon the opportunity before you.

So, the angel number 5 is a message to follow your heart. Avoid listening to the ego or any negative or self-defeating talk. The angels are sending you this message so your actions do not end up getting in the way. Follow your heart, including your passions, imagination, and desires and you will be able to assist this divine change without allowing any fear of change to stand in the way.

Take a Break

The primary message of angel number 5 is about change and transformation, however, the angels may also send this number as a message to take a break.

Your mind has been heavily focused on many things and the angels are supportive of your efforts. But they are saying you need to step back and take some time to heal and grow through rest and relaxation.

Take a vacation or go somewhere new to gain a different perspective. This is an excellent time to travel (physically or even just in your mind) and learn something new.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.”

Richard Back
Three butterflies on a branch. The change that ultimately occurs with angel number 5

Number Five Sequences.

55, 555, 5555. When you see a sequence of the number five it means the message you are receiving is intensified. The more fives you see the more powerful and important the message is for you.

Do you have any experience with the angel number 5? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

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Life with Angels blog series by sarahdawntunis.com
Life with Angels: Blog Series

Want to learn more about having the angels in your life and how to connect and communicate with them? Check out the Life with Angels Series.

Sending love and blessings to all,

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Sarahdawn is no stranger to depression, anxiety, and negative thinking. That is until her life hit the proverbial rock bottom and an angel whispered in her ear. Since then, Sarahdawn has been dedicated to helping others discover the power of angels and spirituality. She has a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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2 years ago

Early this morning, my A odometer marked 555.5 and when I checked the time, it was 5:55 am. I took a picture on my phone as a reminder of something important coming into my life. I’ve been receiving messages, usually 222 and 417 for a while now. Last year when I saw 222 for the third day in a row, I received unexpected money. Thank you for posting this article. Now I know I have to get ready for some big change. I’ll keep you posted.

2 years ago

So this evening on my way home from work, i was talking with my husband on my cell phone about our retirement plans and i was a bit worried about it working out like we hope. We own our own business and plan on our two daughters and another employee to run it. While on the phone with him, i received an incoming call that i didn’t recognize. I didn’t answer it and only looked at the missed call once i arrived home. The number of the missed call was (my area cde) 555-5122. I thought that prefix only existed in the movies. A friend told me she believes it is an angel trying to let me know sonething and guiding me. I guess only time will tell. But after reading up on the numbers 555, I do believe i am in store for a big change in my life.… Read more »

2 years ago

55 on a post from my fav major label i have worked my whole life to manifest then I see a comment saying if your reading this I wish you wealth AMAZING HOW THE UNI WORKS… THANKYOU angels and creator gratitude shalom

Michelle Henderson
2 years ago

Ive been seeing 555 for awhile now and I’ve read several things that it could mean but one thing that has been consistent is change I’ve questioned my husband’s love alot because he doesn’t say it as often as I’d like and he has explained to me that he’d rather show it than say it which he does take care of me by doing things but emotionally and physically I feel starved at times I love my husband very much could this mean a positive change in my marriage

1 year ago

I saw 555 (once) and 1111 & 66 (twice today). I always see numbers in doubles every day. Mostly 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55. I had a very interesting dream a week ago and saw 7777 four times in my dream. What does it mean when you see ALL the numbers. When I dreamed of the 7s I saw 1111 and 55 just before going to bed and speaking with an ex on the phone. I realized it was time to let go so I cried and released him, prayed, asked my angels to help me and then I dreamed of the 7s. Also before I dreamed of the 7s I asked the universe to give me a clear message. I see numbers mostly in doubles every day and at least a triple set every other day. There isn’t usually a set group of numbers. Even today I still… Read more »

Reply to  Sarahdawn
1 year ago

Thank you! That was helpful. Somehow I knew that was the case. About 5 months ago I took a big job. I’m seriously doubting myself but working to be confident and push through the noise. I’Ve been praying for guidance and assurance on my true life path. I took this job but not sure if I’m feeling it anymore. Also, I’m coming to terms with a breakup and approaching a life milestone. I’ve been feeling like I just woke and and found I wasted my life being afraid to be brave. I took the job as a way start facing my fears but finding it challenging.. I will definitely get your book!

Reply to  Sarahdawn
1 year ago

Your book is wonderful! Thank you!

1 year ago

I looked at my emails and it said 55555 (I know I have a lot of emails lol) and when I looked at the clock it said 11:11. So what I gather is, is that my change is manifesting and it’s the shift of a lifetime. My desires are coming forward. I’m ecstatic! I was shocked because I’ve been seeing 11:11 consistently since 2014 but recently 555 has come into the picture. Tonight was the first time to see 55555 at the same time as 11:11.

Reply to  Tim
1 year ago

I was going to prepare my resume and was about to add my photo from gallery and it showed 1/111 of the photos and the time was 5:55 and my battery charge was 55% .
So yeah on the screen i was seeing my photo for resume ,1/111, 5:55pm 55% …
Thats 1111 & 55555… I was literally crying… And then came here searching for its meaning and i saw someone who’ve seen exactly the same numbers as i did on the exact day…. I feel so blessed

1 year ago

Hello dear Sarahjane 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful knowledge of angels/numbers…. so much resonates. I believe I had my first connection with Sandalphon 7 years ago. I was deep in trance listening to a particular song over and over for four hours. I then had a few visions. First a raven flying towards me then a little girl with blonde shoulder length curly hair, she smiled at me as I walked past to climb a ladder, I reached the third step and turned around and asked her name to which she replied….Elijah. I felt an incredible sense of peace in these visions. I soon came out of my trance and cried my heart out with such appreciation and feeling absolute connection to god source. I didn’t understand the visions for a long time. I just knew something incredible had shifted within. I tried sharing my experience… Read more »

1 year ago

I I dreamt last night that a mail truck ran into my car and pushed me backwards. I can never remember numbers in my dreams, but in this one I remembered the license plate was 55-555. I kept repeating the number to,myself in my dream because I wanted to tell my husband! Does this mean a change is coming for my husband? ( there were also whales and seals jumping really high out of the water in this,dream, if that adds anything to it!) Thanks!

1 year ago

My life has been filled with 5’s and 11’s for many many months. Quite strange really. If I am seeing them both on a regular basis, what does this mean?

Infinite One
9 months ago

This was indescribably helpful!

Thank You for being a vessel of light. <3

Amy Guererri
Amy Guererri
8 months ago

The numbers 555 have been revealing themselves to me over the last several years. I see them absolutely everywhere- but most often on my cell phone – and I always take a screenshot. My first major encounter with the power of this message I had a dream and saw 555 illuminated- and awoke to see my digital clock at 5:55. That day I bought 15 $1 lottery scratch off tickets (Not a habit at the time but I felt compelled to)- and I won $5,555.00!!!! Seriously.!!! My daughter now also sees 5:55 on her phone (usually p.m.)- as I continue to do on a regular basis. A few days ago I shared a sceeenshot with her of 5:55 am- and she texted me back with a screenshot from 5:55 am on the very same day!! I feel like there has to be an important message for us to both have… Read more »

7 months ago

I was looking at a page from my ‘sacred word’ Google search and writing down the names for God that came up. I felt compelled to check the time on my phone which was 5:55 AND the battery icon right next to it read 55 percent! I smiled with huge reassurance that I’m on the right path for me in regards to the realizations I had earlier today, one of which is to use the musical skills I strained to teach myself over the last 20+ years to serve the Divine by writing chant songs using as many names as I can find.

Lina Louis
Lina Louis
7 months ago

I’ve been seeing number 5 a looooot, even in a game I’m playing, the game gives me many boxes to choose one of them then gain how much coins the box had, it’s always 5, today I was late at college and didn’t find my friends in the class, I asked them where are they and they said class 5.. it’s always 5, also I keep seeing 69 everzywhere and all the time, well I’m married but I found out he cheated on me many times, we were about to divorce then he tried hard for a second chance, I gave him one, then I found out he was talking to his ex that he’s tired and wants to divorce, he thought I was sick and asleep but I was reading his messages, he was flirting with girls too, he deleted all the conversations, and he called his ex, my… Read more »

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