In-depth Angel Reading


The most detail, understanding and clarity you can receive into any question, situation, or life event.


When to get an In-depth Angel Reading

If you’re looking for a deep, detailed reading on any subject, question, problem or aspect of life, the in-depth reading is what you are looking for.
The In-depth reading tends to have a very therapeutic aspect as they impart a significant amount of knowledge, insight, and advice for any given situation or question you may have.
In-depth readings are tailored to your specific question and situation. Based on your personal situation and the question you have, I am able to choose from a variety of spreads and combination of card decks to bring more answers and messages that will have you on the path.
You will receive several pages of details on the messages the angels have you, so please allow at least a 24 hours in order to give me time to do the reading and create a detailed write-up for you. All readings include a follow-up support e-mail to offer clarification or answer questions regarding your reading.

What to expect after your purchase an In-depth Angel Reading

After you have purchased your reading, be sure to check your e-mail, that will include instructions on what to do next. You will be asked for your question and to upload a picture of yourself, although the picture is optional, it makes it easy for me to create an etheric connection to you and your angels for more clear and accurate readings.


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