One Card Angel Reading


Quick one card reading. Good for simple yes/no and who, what, when, and where questions.


When to get a One Card Angel Reading

One card readings are quick and to the point. Great for daily messages, yes/no questions, and finding out when and/or if an event is going to occur. Such as; “When will I meet my soul mate.”, “When will I move.”, “Is now a good time to quit my job.”
Since Tarot and Oracle cards are full of information and want to give depth to the intended receiver, I recommend one card readings for those familiar with having their cards read and who are not expecting to receive a lot insight into their situation, but are simply looking for a quick answer to a question. Think who, what, where, when.

What to expect after you purchase a reading

After you have purchased your reading, be sure to check your e-mail, that will include instructions on what to do next. You will be asked for your question and to upload a picture of yourself, although the picture is optional, it makes it easy for me to create an etheric connection to you and your angels for more clear and accurate readings for you.


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