Realm Reading Report


Full length report to help explain it all, offer helpful tips and advice to get you on the right path in life, relationships, and love.


Already know your realm, but want more information on what it all means?
The realm report is created to give you detailed information about the many characteristics of your realm, including personality traits, relationship patterns and needs, health issues, best career choices, the shadow (unhealthy) side with tips, advice, suggestions, meditations, visualizations and other activities on how to overcome and work with issues related to your realm.

What to expect after you purchase a reading

In order to send you the appropriate report, I will need to know which realm you are from. If you did not or were unable include your realm in a note during checkout, I will send an e-mail to you asking for your realm, preferred e-mail address, and any other additional information I need. Please note, I will use the e-mail that you used during checkout – so please be sure to check your inbox including your junk or spam folders.


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