Realm Reading with Report


What does it all mean? Purchase your realm reading with an included full-length report to help explain it all, offer helpful tips and advice to get you on the right path in life, relationships, and love.


When to get a Realm Reading with Report

Are you an Incarnated Angel, Incarnated Elemental, Star Person, Wise one or from a blended realm such as Cherub, Merperson or Atlantean?
Not everyone is an Earth Angel, but those of us who are, greatly benefit from knowing our realm, why we have certain personality characteristics, relationship patterns, health issues and much more.
Just by simply knowing your realm most people report feeling increased self-confidence, decreased feelings of depression & anxiety, and a sense of finally belonging. Knowing your realm can take you places you never thought possible.

What to expect after you purchase a Realm Reading with Report

After you have purchased your reading, be sure to check your e-mail, that will include instructions on what to do next. You will be asked  to upload a picture of yourself, as there are many physical characteristics specific to each realm, your photo also makes it easy for me to create an etheric connection to you and your angels for more clear and accurate readings for you. You will also receive at least one interview questionnaire for you to fill out.


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