Week Ahead Angel Reading


Themes, goals, challenges and what the angels want you to know so you can head into the upcoming week fully supported and prepared. Similar to Doreen’s weekly readings, but these are personalized for you.


When to get a Week Ahead Angel Reading

The angels are not just on standby waiting for you to ask a question, they can be of assistance at any time full of advice and helpful information to keep you on the right path. What does the week ahead have in store for you? What do the angels want you to know about yourself, the people around you, the environment, and upcoming events. The week ahead reading will send you into the upcoming week prepared and assisted by the angels who love you so much.
Includes a three card reading representing the beginning, middle, and end of the week. Have an idea of what to expect this week, how to handle and ward of potential problems, and how to tap into the maximum potential of the week ahead.

What to expect when you purchase a Week Ahead Angel Reading

After you have purchased your reading, be sure to check your e-mail, that will include instructions on what to do next.


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