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Angels, our protectors, and the divine messengers of God, love to help and interact with us. So, they often send signs as guidance to answer our questions or simply to let us know they are around. The signs of angels being active in your life are all around. You simply need to open your heart and look for them.

This post goes over the basics of what angel signs are and includes the most common signs you can look for to know your angels are around and talking to you.

The Life with Angels Series

This is part 3 of the Life with Angels Series. To get the most out of this series, I recommend you read the articles in order.

The first two articles covered the benefits of angels, how to invite them into your life, and how to get to know them. If you have been reading this series, you may be starting to feel the presence of angels more often. You may even know the names of your guardian angels. And now, the next step along your journey with the angels is to begin looking for the signs of angels so you can really begin to feel their presence in your life.

Signs of Angels

Signs are the most common and easiest way for the angels to let us know they are around. These little messages that the angels send are a surefire way to provide us with their guidance, love, and support.

Since angels can’t just walk into the room and say, “Hey, what’s up?” they find other ways to let us know they are around and watching out for us. Although they are not physical beings and cannot talk or interact with us in the usual “human” way, they do have the ability to manipulate the physical world around us and leave us little nuggets of communication along our daily path.

It can be something that triggers a thought or emotion, answers a question, or guides a decision we’ve asked for help with. The angles can also set a timeline in motion that either sends us to a sign or the sign to us whenever we need one.

The signs of angels are varied and can come in just about any form. So, it does require us to pay attention and look for them. You need to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and the world around you. Although the signs of angels may often seem to come out of nowhere, they will only appear if you have an open heart and you believe.

In fact, the only two requirements to receive signs of angels is for you to ask and to believe. Angels do not send signs to prove their existence. Rather, signs are for those who already believe and are asking for assistance.

Angel Signs & Synchronicities | The How , What, When, & Why of Angel Signs

Check out this YouTube video for more about angel signs, what they are, and how you can get the most out of them when they appear in your life, along with several other videos about how to understand the signs from your angels.

Although signs of angels can come in any form, there are a few signs that are more common. By learning some of these signs and paying attention to the world around us, we can get to know the angels, form a lasting relationship with them, and even have a conversation with them.

Look for These Signs of Angels

Look for the following signs and synchronicities in your daily life. You may notice them more often after praying, meditating, or asking for help.


Close up of a white feather. Feather are one of the most common signs of angels.

Feathers are one of the most common and well-known signs of angels. If you find a feather in your path, especially if it is a white feather, the angels are letting you know they are with you and listening to your prayers.

It is often a sign of protection, love, and support.


Coins of any kind may be a sign of angels. Like feathers, angels will put coins along your path to let you know they are with you.

They often appear if you are worried about a physical or material need. Finding a coin often means your needs are being taken care of, so give your worries to God and the angels.

Coins may also be a sign from crossed-over loved ones and/or spirit guides, letting you know they are near and watching over you.

Baby’s Breath:

The flower Baby’s Breath is also an indication of angels being present. Baby’s breath symbolizes purity, innocence, and everlasting love. Often used as a filler in bouquets, the baby’s breath surrounds and accents the primary flower in the arrangement. The way angels surround and assist people along their life path.

The long-lasting bloom of the baby’s breath represents how the angel’s love for us endures through all the changes and phases we go through in life.

Angel Numbers:

Numbers carry energy, and each number resonates with and carries certain energies. The angels use this energy of numbers to communicate certain messages.

A Magical Course in Angel Numbers by Sarahdawn Tunis

If you see a number a lot or a sequence of numbers that stands out to you, there is a very good chance the angels are trying to get a message across to you.

I have written An Easy Guide to Angel Numbers, a blog series, and the book Angel Numbers Mastery to help you receive and understand these important signs of angels. And the book A Magical Course in Angel Number is not only a guide to angel numbers but will teach how to use these divine signs to increase your connection and ability to communicate directly with the angels in your everyday life.


Angels will appear to us in dreams. When you dream, your conscious mind is sleeping, and your subconscious is active. Since the subconscious mind is not concerned with keeping it real and with your conscious mind out of the way, dreams are an ideal way for the angels to appear to you and talk to you directly.

Try it tonight. Ask the angels to come to you in a dream as you are going to sleep. Be sure also to ask them to help you remember the dream when you wake up.


You may see certain formations in the clouds, such as an angel, a heart, or a feather.

These formations are confirmation that the angels are listening to you and are with you.

Other shapes and formations in the clouds may serve as a direct message to you as well. So keep looking up.

Environmental signs:

Anything you encounter in your environment may be a sign from the angels. This includes billboards, flyers, graffiti, t.v. or radio commercials. Pretty much anything you come across may have a sign or message for you.

These signs often contain words or images that are direct answers to a question or decision you are trying to make. For example, you could be driving home from work and thinking about what you should have for dinner when you look up and see a billboard advertising your favorite restaurant.

This can also happen when you drop a book or magazine, and it just happens to open to a page that addresses your thoughts or questions. You can even try asking a question and then open the Bible, Quran, or any religious or spiritual text to a random page to get the answer. It really works; try it.

A change in the atmosphere around you:

Rainbow behind a tree. Rainbows are signs of angels meant to bring us hope.

Sometimes, when angels are around, there will be a change in the air or atmosphere. The sun may come out from a cloud, or it may suddenly begin to rain. Often, when connecting with angels, you will notice the feeling in the air around you; you will feel lighter, warmer, or slightly cooler.

These atmospheric changes are a sure sign there is an angel in your presence. it means that, without a doubt, there is at least one angel around you – listening and supporting you.


Rainbows have been a sign of hope for a very long time. Anytime you see a rainbow, it could be a sign from the angels to have hope and faith. Very intensely colored rainbows, double rainbows, and rainbows that appear when it hasn’t rained have a stronger message.

I remember the day my Grandfather died. As I drove home in tears from the hospice, where he had just taken his last breath in my arms, I looked up and saw a rainbow. The sun was going down, and there had been no rain at all that day. I pointed it out to my son in the back seat and said, “Look at that rainbow. That is, Jesus and the angels are taking Grandpa to heaven. Now we know he is okay.”

Pets and Babies

Dog resting his head on a newborn baby. Babies and Pets can often see angels and signs of angels easier than we can.

You may have heard before that animals and babies are more likely to see the spiritual due to their innocence. When a baby looks up at the ceiling laughing and waving, it is thought they are interacting with the angels watching over them.

Similarly, your pets may seem to be playful or joyfully interacting with an unseen force, which is likely to be an angel.

Your pets may come to comfort you when you are sad or upset, which can also be a sign that the angels are encouraging your pets to comfort you in times of need.

Your five senses

The angels will deliver messages to you through the five senses of smell, sound, sight, taste, and sensation or touch.


Angels will use your sense of smell to let you know they are around. Some people will notice a certain scent when an angel is around them, such as roses or a similar pleasing fragrance that seems to come from nowhere.

You may notice a smell that reminds you of someone, such as a certain perfume or food cooking. These scents not only appear when angels are around, but they are also often an indication of our crossed-over loved ones and spirit guides, as certain smells remind us of them.


Angels often send signs through your sense of hearing. Someone saying something that seems to answer a prayer, a song on the radio that eerily relates to what you have been thinking about, or a disembodied voice or whisper are all signs of angels.

You may also hear a slight ringing or buzzing sound in your ear that is a call from the angels to give your attention to your life path or to be on the lookout for signs.

Burst of colorful light. Angels and signs of angels may appear a flash of light in the corner of your eye.

Keep in mind this ringing should not be painful or last for long periods of time. Long-lasting, acute, or painful ringing may be a sign of a medical condition, so if it happens, have it checked by your doctor.


Angels and signs of angels can appear to you through your sense of sight. Other than seeing other types of signs, you may see bright flashes of light or color. These flashes are angels around you and usually appear as white, blue, purple, or indigo, depending on the angel.

Seeing a figure in the corner of your eye when no one is there may be an angel watching over you.

If you suddenly notice the space you are in seems to light up and the colors around you become brighter and more vibrant, you are probably in the presence of angels.

Sight, like hearing, is another sign that can be confused with a medical condition, so if you are seeing things, especially flashes of light that seem abnormal, painful, or are anything other than comforting and peaceful, have your doctor make sure nothing is wrong.


A sweet taste in your mouth that comes from nowhere can also be a way the angels let you know they are around you.

Figurine of a childlike angel with arms around a child reading a book. The signs of angels can come through any of our five psychical senses.

Conversely, a bitter or unpleasant taste in your mouth can be a warning sign from the angels. If that happens, pay attention to who or what you are around or thinking about; it may be something or someone you want to avoid.


Your sense of touch is also a common way for angels to let you know they are with you.

You may get goosebumps. Feel a breeze pass by you when the air is still. You may feel a pleasant tingling sensation in your body or get “a chill.” You may even feel the touch of an angel’s hand on your arm or shoulder—a light touch like a feather stroking your face, arm, or back. Or you may feel your body being wrapped in the arms and/or wings of an angel’s embrace.

Thoughts and Emotions:

Your own thoughts and feelings will let you know angels are communicating with you. You may have a thought in answer to a question. Or you may feel happy or sad in response to a decision you’re trying to make.

Since we tend to assume our thoughts and feelings are coming from our own minds, it is easy to dismiss these angel messages.

Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling when you are asking the angels for assistance because there is a very good chance that is how you will receive the answer, especially when you get to more advanced forms of angel communication.

A sense of peace and calm washes over you

Half of a woman's face in peaceful rest with rose petals on her. One of the signs of angels is sense of peace and calm washes over you.

You may feel a sense of peace and calm wash over your entire being. A feeling as if, no matter what is going on, everything is okay and will be okay. This feeling is often described as euphoric.

This peaceful feeling may occur in times of stress, anxiety, or depression to provide you comfort.

It is also likely to happen at the same time as any other signs or experiences you have with angels. This is because the energy of angels is peaceful, calm, loving, and exhilarating.

How do I know if this experience is a sign of angels or just a coincidence?

Sometimes, it may be difficult to distinguish what is a sign of angels and what just happens to be in your environment. This is especially true because these signs do not always come from “out of nowhere.” That white feather you found may have fallen from the tail of that pigeon in the tree above you. That pleasant smell may come from the sudden spritz of an air freshener.

Remember, as I said earlier, angels can manipulate the physical world to create signs for you. Angels will communicate and show you their love and support however it is possible to reach you. However, they primarily communicate through our intuition and feelings.

The best way to determine if a sign is from the angels is by how you feel. Does it feel good, supportive, and helpful? Does it seem to answer a question or be directly related to your thoughts? If so, you can safely assume it is a sign of angels.

Always let your heart and intuition guide you. This is primarily how the angels give you messages. So, if you ask the angels to help you through a hard time and get the urge to go for a walk, do it. You may just find a white feather appears in your path.

Angel Signs are Always Positive

Heart shaped cloud. Signs of angels are always positive and benefit never harm you.

Angels are positive, high-vibrating beings of light. Their messages are always positive, uplifting, and encouraging.

Any sign that is coming from an angel will have a benefit. As soon as you experience the sign, you will feel good in some way.

Even the warning signs angels send, alerting you to a potential problem, come in a loving and supportive way.

So, if you ever experience what seems to be a sign of angels but makes you feel a negative emotion, puts you down, or causes any physical or emotional pain, it is not a sign of angels. In such a case, ask your angels for guidance and protection.

The next posts in this series include advanced techniques for connecting with the angels, including how to receive and understand the deeper meanings in the messages angels have for you.

Until then, be sure to share any experiences you have with the signs of angels in the comment section below. Do you have anything to add or any questions? Be sure to leave a comment for that, too.

Love Always, SarahDawn

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others. You are more than welcome to use the information contained in this post for any personal or not-for-profit purposes. Please cite Sarahdawn Tunis as the author and include a working link back to this page. 

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