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Angel Number 22: Dream Maker by sarahdawntunis.com 8

Dream Maker: Angel Number 22

Do you keep seeing the angel number 22? If so, the angels are sending you power and encouragement. Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know.  Not sure what angel numbers are? Read this first: An Introduction to Angel Numbers. Click...

Title Image for Life with Angels Part 2: Getting to Know the Angels. It has an angel statue close up with a quote and title. 0

Life with Angels 2: Getting to Know the Angels

Have you invited the angels into your life, but are not sure where to go from there? Life with Angels 2: Getting to Know the Angels will help you understand and know what to do next to begin forming a relationship with the angels. It is full of information about angels that will help you understand just what it means to have angels in your life. It even includes how to meet your guardian angels.

Angel Number 11: The Doorway 41

The Doorway: Angel Number 11

Do you keep seeing the number 11? If so, the angels are sending you a message to pay attention and take action. The Angel Number 11 is a very intense spiritual energy and its corresponding messages are also intense. If you see this number often you are being called to push yourself to spiritual greatness.

Angel Number 7: Keep it Up 38

Keep It Up: Angel Number 7

Do you keep seeing the number 7? If so, the angels are celebrating your accomplishments. The Angel Number 7 is a message that you have been successful in working toward your spiritual development and life purpose. Angels will send the Angel Number 7 to let you know they approve and can hear you and reach you easily.

Angel Number 6: Too Much Worry 13

Too Much Worry: Angel Number 6

Do you keep seeing the number 6? If so, the angels are sending lots of loving advice. The Angel Number 6 is a message that you have been putting too much worry into physical needs. Have faith and believe. The Angel Number 6 also has a special domestic energy that may include a message about your family or loved ones.


Mercury Retrograde 2015

If you’re interested in Mercury Retrograde and how to get the most out it, check this newer updated post. Getting the Most Out Of Mercury Retrograde.  As soon as the New Year has just begun we are hit with Mercury going retrograde. But it...


The Intuitive Mind

“The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


The Importance of Childhood Attachments

A Basic Human Need When my son, Nicholas, was born he was a healthy 7 pound 15-ounce baby boy. From my perspective, he was the definition of a bundle of joy. I’ll never forget the moment I heard the nurse say; “It’s a baby!”...