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spiritual meaning of repeating numbers

April Angel Number Energy by

April Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy
~ April ~ Challenge Accepted! You know that saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” right?

That phrase applies so well – not only to the changing of seasons – but also to the monthly energy of April. The seeds of those flowers are already there, but it is the rain of April that will help them spout from the ground…

March Angel Number Energy

March Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy ~ March ~ Marching into Faithful Manifestation

We are on the move!

Spring is in the air with warmer days and new life beginning to emerge all around us in its wondrous beauty…

February Angel Number Energy

February Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ February ~

A Test of Faith?

Welcome to the second month of the year!

Do you feel like the energy of the fresh, inspirational, and upbeat new year is starting to wear off a bit? If so, that is likely due to the energy of the angel number 2 showering us with its influence this month.

The angel number 2 is a fascinating and wonderful energy, but..

December Angel Number Energy

December Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ December ~

The Soul’s Garden

It’s December, the final month of the year.

Time to start tying up all those loose ends and enjoying the end of yet another trying year. Right? Next year is going to be “my” year!

Well… that is not quite how it works this month…

November Angel Number Energy

November Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ November ~

A Leap of Faith

Here we are in November, almost to the end of another year. And let me tell you, my friends, the energy of this month is exciting!

First of all, this is the only month that carries the energy of a master number for the entire month…

October Monthly Angel Number Energy

October Angel Number Energy

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Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ October ~

A Time for Something New

Can you feel it? The change in the atmosphere all around us? The cool air and shorter days bringing a sense of freshness and starting over?

Of course, if you are on the other side of the world, the days are getting longer, and new life is beginning to emerge around you.

Either way, this month brings the energy and opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts…

August Angel Number Energy

August Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ August ~

“Are You On the Right Path?”

August carries the energy of the angel number 8. The energy of abundance and financial rewards for hard work and faith. This is the month you will begin to see a payoff…

July 2022 Monthly Angel Number Energy Forecast

July Angel Number Energy

Monthly Angel Number Energy

~ July ~

Rest, Reflect, and Don’t Forget to Celebrate!

It’s July! You know what that means, right? It is time to celebrate!

No, I don’t mean celebrating a holiday or special event. I mean, it is time to celebrate you and all that you are…