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The Role of Earth Angels and the Angelic Hierarchy

The Role of Earth Angels and the Angelic Hierarchy by Sarahdawn Tunis

Find out about the role Earth Angels have and where they fit in the Angelic Hierarchy. This post goes over what the angels are, what they do, what the angelic hierarchy is, and how humans play a role in all of it. As an Earth Angel, you will learn where you are in this spiritual hierarchy and how it makes you see and experience the world differently. You will also gain clarity about what it is you are meant to do with your life path and your soul’s mission.

This post is for those who already have a good understanding of what an Earth Angel is. If you are just starting out, be sure to read these posts to help you get started as an Earth Angel.

The Role of Earth Angels and the Angelic Hierarchy

If you have recently discovered that you are an Earth Angel, you may be wondering what it means for you and your life path. You’ve read about the qualities, traits, and life experiences of Earth Angels. You understand that your life has had several struggles and challenges to help you grow into the magnificent spiritual being you are meant to be. And you are ready to fulfill your role as an Earth Angel the best you can.

The Role of Earth Angels and the Angelic Hierarchy by SarahdawnTunis

But what exactly is that role? What happens next? What are you supposed to do with this information? And where do you fit within the angelic and spiritual realms?

To gain clarity and understanding of your role as an Earth Angel, let’s start at the beginning.

The Beginning – God

The concept of God may seem obvious to you. We all know what God is, after all. But to truly grasp your role as an Earth Angel and your purpose, it just makes sense to start at the beginning. And at the beginning of any story, concept, or idea is our Creator, the Source of all things. God. It doesn’t matter what you call it or how you choose to think of it, but what I choose to call God (most of the time) is the beginning.

God is everything; it is the Source of all existence, and it is what made all of this happen. What do I mean by “all of this?” I mean everything. Life, the Universe, the Earth, the Angels, us – everything!

Why did it create all of this? I have no idea, but I imagine the reason is beyond my human or even Earth Angel comprehension anyway, so I will allow the answer to that question to unfold as my spiritual journey and ascension to be closer to God takes place as it is meant to. (You’ll better understand what I mean by that once you finish reading this post).

The Light and Energy of Love

What you need to know about God is that it is an energy of pure love, joy, and light. There is really nothing more to the Source of Creation. It is such a high vibrational frequency that all that can exist within and around it is love, peace, and euphoria, as it bathes everything in pure divine light.

The reason it is called the Source is not so much because it is what began the creation of all things, but more that it is the energy from which all things come.

Think about how energy cannot be created or destroyed. It simply shifts, changes, adapts and molds into its various forms. Yet all energy had to come from somewhere, right? It did. It came from that original Source of energy and changed, transformed, molded, and adapted into what we are now experiencing as existence.

All of us and everything that exists is made up of that original Source energy. Hence the term the Source.


So yes, that means we all have God’s energy within us. No, actually, what that means is WE ARE God’s energy. We are all sparks of divine love and light, molded and shaped into unique beings of creation. As are the angels and all other spiritual beings. And every tree, organism, every animal that walks the Earth, and even those numbers Pythagoras told us about so many years ago.

All of it, even the bad and negative stuff, comes from God and is made of that original Source energy. This energy within all things is known as “God Force.” It is also referred to as the “I AM.” Written in all caps because when you use it, you are acknowledging your interconnectedness with Source energy.

God loves it all. And the closer to God you are, the more you love all of it too. Because the closer you are to God, the more like God you will become.

Even the bad and negative stuff you will have a love for because it is made up of God Force energy. It not only has the potential to become good again, but it is also a piece of God – the very thing that spiritual beings love so much that it compels them to worship it.

Remember this, my Earth Angel brothers and sisters. This love that becomes more profound the closer you are to God is a big part of what drives you to be such a loving, compassionate, kind, and helping soul. It is what makes you an Earth Angel.

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The Order of Creation

We all know what angels are. And as Earth Angels, we are already drawn to them in extremely powerful ways. But let’s talk about them next as we progress with this unfolding of creation.

The angels came a long time ago. Long before the Earth and long before any humans ever existed. And they were created in a specific order. This order is what is called the “hierarchy” of the angels. God created each group of angels for specific roles and tasks. And maybe because a Source energy of so much love and light just wanted something to share it with.

You know how it goes after that, right? Sometime later, God created the Earth, the sun, the moon, and the entirety of this physical realm – including all those planets and stars out there that make up the Universe. Then, God created physical life—the trees, plants, water, animals, and, of course, us.

But we haven’t gotten that far yet. First, let’s discuss the hierarchy in which the angels were created. Although it may seem we are getting into complicated and heavy spiritual concepts, we really are not.

This hierarchy is simple and easy to understand. Knowing about it will help you with your mission and will enable you to know which angels are available to assist you along your unique path of being an Earth Angel. It will also help you understand what it means to be an Earth Angel.

Stay in touch. The related post, “The Angels All Earth Angels Need to Know About,” will be linked here soon.

The Angelic Hierarchy

So, all angels exist within a hierarchy.  Within that hierarchy, there are nine choirs of angels or what we might call “types” of angels. Those nine choirs are sorted into three rings, circles, or levels of angels. 

To be clear, this hierarchy is not necessarily a ranking of angels by importance or power as we human beings tend to perceive hierarchies. Rather, when it comes to angels, the higher the level, the closer and more directly those angels work with Source energy. They are the most spiritually evolved and most like God.

Why are they more like God than the rest of us? Because they came first, remember? The first rings of angels were created to assist God directly. They are right there with nothing else to do except serve and worship God. They are basked in so much love and light that they only think about and love God.

As the creation of rings went on, more and more it became about creation rather than directly serving God, and each ring of angels, although still very connected, got further and further away from working directly with the energy of God and instead were in charge of many other aspects of creation.

Just because these lower rings of angels have other responsibilities and may not work directly with God does not change their goals or mission. No. All angels aspire to have more knowledge of and to be closer to God. They also strive to help and ensure everything in existence becomes closer to God.

You see what I mean about this not being a hierarchy of importance or a list of who is the best or better than everyone else? There is no order of importance or power when we all have the same goal. When it comes to the angels, it is all about bringing everything in creation closer to God.  

It is a Ladder of Ascension

All angels work as one, with one common existence, striving to attain more knowledge of and to become more like God. So, the higher angels pass down enlightenment to the lower angels as a way for all to reach spiritual perfection.

You can think of this hierarchy as a ladder. It is a ladder of spiritual ascension and enlightenment. The higher you get, the closer you are and the more you “know” God. Once again, it has nothing to do with power or importance because, as we discussed earlier, God Force is within all things, so all things are ultimately equal – they are the same.

Are you starting to see where the Earth Angel’s struggle with accepting themselves as anything special might be coming from? More on that in a bit.

Earth Angels and all human beings are part of this hierarchy as well. Although we are not purely Spirit, as are the angels, we are still Spirit, and therefore, we also are on this ladder of ascension to spiritual perfection. After all, that is what our spiritual journeys are about, and that is what the angels help us do.

The Rings of Angels

As I said before, the choirs of angels are sorted into rings or circles, each consisting of three choirs of angels. The first ring of angels and those closest to and directly working with, caring for, and assisting God are Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

The second ring of angels are known as the angels of creation, as they are concerned with the government of the Universe, the Power of the Universe, and the creation of the Universe. This ring is made up of Dominions, Virtues, and Powers.

The lowest ring of angels are the first angels you will want to be familiar with on your journey as an Earth Angel. It includes Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

These three choirs of angels are responsible for taking care of, managing, helping, and dealing with matters of the Earth and its inhabitants. Meaning, this ring of angels is specifically in charge of assisting and taking care of human beings.

The “Bosses”

This lowest ring of angels is the easiest for us to connect with as their energy is closest to ours. As an Earth Angel, you will be working with these angels the most often and most directly. And since we are here to help and assist them in their mission to raise the vibrations of the Earth as part of our soul’s mission, I like to call this ring of angels “the bosses.” They are the managers and the angels who pass down God’s will, messages, and intentions to us.


The Principalities at the top of this ring of angels watch over and protect groups of people and institutions, such as churches. They are also responsible for helping divert us from divine wrath, which just means they help us walk a virtuous path. These angels are known as the angels of purity because their only concern is to honor God’s intentions. As such, they are the ones who pass down the orders of God to the Archangels and Angels.


Archangels oversee the Angels and deal with different areas of the Earth and human existence. They operate as a sort of middle management, taking orders from the Principalities while managing and ensuring everything is running smoothly with the Angels. They are the most well-known angels and are the ones mentioned most often in the bible and other religious texts. Additionally, they are responsible for passing on messages from God and assisting with the affairs of Earth and humanity.

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The Angels

The Angels are the closest to us in the hierarchy and are the easiest for us to connect with. These angels specifically deal with humanity and include our guardian angels. An infinite number of Angels are tasked with the mission of guarding, protecting, and guiding us along our journey.

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Human Beings

At this point, you may ask yourself why so many of the roles of angels involve assisting the Earth and humanity, including an entire ring of three angel choirs. I know that is something I wonder about-  but I have no answer. God is an energy of creation, and I guess it just loves to create. I can relate to that.

So, even though we may not know the whys of it all, let’s talk about what human beings are next since we are all so incredibly important to the Angels, God, and subsequently to the soul’s mission of the Earth Angel.

Human beings are a step above the animals and the plants on the Earth. We are more like God in our sentience, ability and desire to create, and intelligence. Plus, we not only carry the light of the Holy Spirit, but we have the ability to spread that light to other people and things.

“You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” – I Peter 2:9

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the aspect of Source energy that travels between the veils and carries the light and love of God. It is the spark of Divine love and light that exists in us all. When referring to Spirit and connecting to Spirit, we are talking about the Holy Spirit as it encompasses all aspects of spirituality, divinity, love, and light.  


According to the Christian Bible, all human beings are considered Saints simply by turning away from sin and believing in Jesus. We carry so much of the light of the Holy Spirit that we are basically Saints by birthright. But ultimately, it is our choice and a big part of the spiritual journey for many human souls to choose to take that path or not.

So all human beings are meant to be in service of God, of the Greater Good. But we have free will, so not everyone is. Not everyone knows, has been taught, or even understands the light and love of our Source. Some people are shrouded so heavily in the depths of the physical world that they are entirely out of touch with Spirit. And then some people simply prefer not to believe.

So the bible says that God sets apart those who make this choice and fulfill the role of Saint—putting them on a special mission to spread the love and light of the Holy Spirit.


For those of us who do not really go by Christian terminology and want to be a bit more inclusive of those who choose to dedicate their lives to spreading this light and love, we use the term, Lightworker.

Lightworkers are Saints, and not only do they have a special mission on Earth, but they also have a special place in Heaven close to God and alongside the angels.

Earth Angels

Then we have Earth Angels. Earth Angels are human beings who reached Sainthood long ago. They are lightworkers who have ascended beyond this level along their spiritual journey. So, although we are human beings, our souls are more enlightened and awakened.

The role our souls have risen to as Earth Angels puts us higher on the hierarchy than the average human we are here to assist. We are both spiritual yet within a physical body, just like any human, but we are more in tune and closer to God. We have ascended.

Remember that the higher on the hierarchy, the closer to and more aware of God you will be.

Where do Earth Angels fit into the Hierarchy of Angelic Beings?

On the ladder of ascension and the hierarchy of angels, Earth Angels reside in our own choir – just under the Angels.

Earth Angels are highly spiritual beings who feel their calling strongly. As an Earth Angel, you will notice that you are drawn to and even compelled to be in touch with the Spiritual realm more than with the physical. You may find that you don’t really fit in with others and perhaps feel as though the Earth is not really your home – as if you truly belong somewhere else.

Overall, you just feel more at home, safe, and more secure when in touch with your spirituality. You may also feel as though spirituality is more important than any other issue or aspect of the earthly plane.

This occurs within the Earth Angel because you are energetically closer to the Spiritual realm than the average human incarnated here. It is because you have experienced greater ascension along your spiritual journey. You innately feel Spirit, innately know of it, and easily understand it because of your connection and closeness and because of your placement in the hierarchy.

Your Knowledge, Understanding, and Ranking in the Hierarchy Makes You Different

Your knowledge, understanding, and ranking in the hierarchy make you different than human beings -even those who have reached Saint status. And it causes you to see, feel, and experience the world much differently than most humans do. Because you are not exactly human anymore, you have been elevated to a higher level. You are now an Earth Angel.

So, as far as having a hard time accepting that you are an Earth Angel or dealing with imposter syndrome – it is because you are more aware. You know God better than other human beings, and you can feel that there is no measure of importance in the angelic and spiritual realm as we are all one and all part of the same Source of energy.

And that is a perspective this Earth and its people need a bit more of – isn’t it? So, I fully believe this post is your calling. You are here in this place and time reading and learning about all this for a reason. It is time for you to accept your position as an Earth Angel.

It is time for you to begin thinking more like an angel than a human as you embrace your mission and walk your path with honor and authenticity.

Welcome to the Choir! You’ve earned it!

The Role of Earth Angels

Earth Angels are hybrid souls. We are human beings who have reached a higher level of ascension and now reside closer to God in the angelic hierarchy. The fact we have made it into this hierarchy is a testament to the spiritual journey our souls have taken.

Earth angels do not have to be here. We have chosen to be here. It is our calling to do the work of angels and bring the earth and its inhabitants closer to God. We have given up the rewards our souls have accomplished. We have chosen to leave the love, light, and comforts of the spiritual realm to spend a lifetime on the Earth and do what we can to spread the light and love of God and the Holy Spirit.

We have chosen to endure the pain, the suffering, and the distance of our spiritual family so that we may provide a more intimate, direct, and powerful way to assist others in their ascension, awakening, and enlightenment.

The role of Earth Angels is the same as the angels themselves. We are here to assist the angels in their mission to raise the vibrations of the Earth because, ultimately, our soul’s mission is the same. We are assisting with the ascension of all things, so we are teachers, healers, and compassionate spiritual beings helping the Earth and its people be closer to God.

Much like the Angels and Archangels, Earth Angels also have areas of specialty that we are uniquely and adequately qualified to help others with. Soon, I will be publishing a post about the different types and specialties of Earth Angels. So please keep coming back or sign up for my mailing list to get updates.


Angels are not competitive. They do not care who is better or more powerful. Those are human concepts. Angels are all about becoming closer to God, worshiping and loving God, and knowing God. Other than that, their goals are to help everything and everyone to do the same. As an Earth Angel, here to assist the angels, that too is your mission. Let it be your focus and guiding force as you take the next steps along your path.

What to do Next on Your Path as an Earth Angel

Now you have a better idea of what your role as an Earth Angel is, how you fit in, and maybe even have a little bit better understanding of why you have some of the traits, qualities, and characteristics that you do, here are a few ideas for your next steps.

  • Read more about Earth Angels. Check out these posts.
  • Work on self-acceptance, self-love, and living with authenticity.
  • Join me and other Earth Angels on Facebook and Instagram to find those who can relate to you and your mission.
  • Learn more about the angels, how to connect with them, and how to get the most out of having a strong connection with them every day. Check out my YouTube channel, which has lots of videos to help you on your path of connecting with the angels.

Questions? Comments? Experiences? Anything you have to add? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

Love Always, SarahDawn

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