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The Spiritual Side of Halloween: Put the Spirit in Your Halloween

The Spiritual Side of Halloween

Do you know about the spiritual side of Halloween? If not, you are in the right place. This may just be the most important time of year for our personal growth and spiritual development, and knowing about it will bring amazing benefits along your spiritual life path. This post is all about how you can celebrate and get the most from the energy of this intriguing and dark time.

Celebrating the Spiritual Side of Halloween

We all know Halloween as a fun time for dressing up, scaring ourselves, and the ever-exciting trick-or-treating and spooky parties.

We dress up, buy a bunch of candy for the kids who will stop by, and, well, just party—bobbing for apples, going to haunted houses, pretending to be our favorite ghosts, ghouls, and characters of any kind.

It is a night full of that oh-so-important fun and the good times we all need to propel us along our life paths.

But if you take the time to step back from all the Halloween fanfare, it is easy to sense that there is much more to this time of year than candy and costumes.

The Spiritual Side of Halloween by Sarahdawn Tunis

It is an extremely significant and deeply spiritual time – carrying an energy not quite like any other time during the year.

Tapping into this energy will bring healing and growth into your life.

Not only that, the energy within the spiritual side of Halloween can help bring you closer to loved ones who have passed on, help children understand the cycle of life, and give us all a new perspective on what it means to live and die.

Driving us forward along our life path and spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Side of Halloween

The Pagan celebration of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) has a long history of recognizing this time of year as when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest.

A time when the world around us is preparing for winter. The trees lose their leaves, the animals begin their hibernation, the final harvest of the year is taken in, and the days become colder and shorter.

This time of year shrouds us in death and darkness and pushes us inside for the colder, darker days to come.

With so much death and darkness upon us, it was believed the barrier between the living and the dead was so thin spirits could easily cross through it and even interact with the living.

Although this meant they needed to protect themselves from the mischievous and darker spirits who may have had malicious intent, it also meant they were able to connect and commune with loved ones on the other side. Something we can still do today to enhance our life path and the journey of our own spirits in the physical world.

The Light in the Darkness

The darkness around this time does not represent anything bad or evil. Rather it is a representation of potential. The potential of what is not yet seen.

We are leaving the past behind and freeing up the future for new dreams, new life, and new things we cannot yet even imagine. It is dark because it has yet to be created.

It is also a time when things slow down and force us to spend time inside.

Making it a significant time to turn inward and take a look at where we’ve been and where we want to go.

A time to contemplate the passing of this phase in our life. To recognize our accomplishments, reflect on our past, and prepare for what we want to happen next.

And if you think about it, isn’t this the kind of holiday our lives are missing?

The Benefits of a Spiritual Halloween

Wiccans continue to celebrate Samhain. This holiday is one of their most deep and significant spiritual times. Often taking place here in the Western Hemisphere from sundown October 31 until sundown November 1. It is known as the Witch’s New Year.

Some Christians continue to observe their adaptation of this holiday on November 1st and 2nd  as All Saints Day and All Souls Day to recognize and honor the saints and souls of those who have crossed over.

Mexico has its version of this holiday as well. Dia de los Muertos, a day to honor, provide offerings, and commune with their dead.

Day of the Dead. The spiritual side of Halloween celebrated in Mexico

Even if you are not a part of any of these religious practices, there is still a lot of benefit to recognizing this powerful spiritual time.

Here are a few of the benefits the spiritual side of Halloween can have for us:

  • Gain a deep and spiritual understanding of the cycle of life and death.
  • Reduce the fear, pain, and suffering that death brings for many of us in the western hemisphere.
  • Gain closure and relief from the loss of loved ones who have recently passed away.
  • Give our children a healthy perspective of death and loss.
  • Release the old and make room for the new that is necessary for our material and spiritual growth.
  • Become more in touch with your spiritual nature and gain a new perspective regarding your spiritual journey.
  • Connect with and honor our connection with the earth.
  • Celebrate and honor the seasons of our physical life.

Celebrating the Spiritual Side of Halloween

The spiritual side of Halloween or Samhain is celebrated at or around the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

As that is when we enter the shortest and darkest days of the year.

Most of the time, it is celebrated anywhere from the 31st of October through the first week of November.

However, this tends to be a more individual holiday, focused on personal development, so you can celebrate for one day, a few days, or for the whole week to reap the benefit. So go ahead and celebrate and revel in this energy for however long feels right to you.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the spiritual side of Halloween and use its spiritual energy to enhance both your material and spiritual journey:

Create an Altar in Remembrance of Crossed-Over Loved Ones

On or around the 31st of October, create a special place to honor and remember your loved one(s).

Using a shelf or table, place pictures of your loved ones, light some candles, and add mementos or reminders of your loved ones. You may also like to add some flowers. Anything that feels right is good.

Keep the altar up for about a week – or longer if you want. Light the candles each night in your loved one’s memory and honor. When you light the candles, take the time to remember and talk to them. Fill them in on what is happening in your life. Tell them how much you miss and appreciate them.

Keep in mind that since the veil between our worlds is thin during this time, they are more likely to hear you, and you are more likely to feel their presence with you.

Family Candle Ritual

Have each member of your family light a candle and share some memories of those they want to remember and honor, including any animals or pets.

As they light the candle, have them say the loved one’s name and why they want to honor them. Share some memories and special moments. Then finish up by thanking that loved one for having been a part of your life.

Take a Mindfulness Walk and Feel Your Connection to the Earth and the Cycle of the Seasons

Take a walk in the evening – the time between day and night – and while in a state of mindfulness, pay attention to the world changing all around us and bringing in a new season. Notice how Mother Earth is releasing the old life, going into hibernation, and preparing for new life to come.

Feel your connection to this energy and how you, too, are going through seasons in your life where parts of your past must be released so new growth and life can emerge.

Clean up and Clear Out

Pick a room, corner, closet, or somewhere in your physical space to focus on organizing and cleaning.

Throw away or donate things you no longer need, use, love, or that no longer bring a sense of joy into your life.

Wipe away any dust and give the space a good deep cleaning. As you do so, feel how it is also clearing away old thoughts, emotions, and experiences that no longer serve your growth and purpose going forward.

Practice Forgiveness

Take some time to explore any past hurts that continue to haunt you.

Face these experiences and accept them as being part of your past. Then forgive those who have hurt you in any way.

Be sure to include yourself in this session of forgiveness. Be willing to take any lessons from these experiences and then let them go.

Have a Feast

Have a special dinner to celebrate this spiritual time and honor your crossed-over loved ones.

Eat family-style with everyone sitting at the table with all the food on serving plates.

Have an empty chair and place setting for those who have crossed over. Put a little food on their plate and drink in their cup as a way to commune and eat with them once again.

If it’s a pet you want to honor, you can put a small plate for them on the floor.

Celebrate How Far You’ve come

You don’t know exactly what the future holds, but that does not mean that what you have already accomplished is not significant.

So, celebrate all the good you have done over the past year. Celebrate everything you have learned, become, and accomplished.

Think about how everything that occurred over the last year has helped you grow and become who you are today.

This is your support and your foundation for moving forward. That from which you will continue to evolve and grow along your spiritual path.

Put the Spirit in Your Halloween

However you choose to celebrate Halloween and the spiritual holiday of Samhain, be sure to take time to remember and honor your crossed-over loved ones, thanking them for enhancing your life.

And take the time to honor your own cycle and season of life.

The spiritual side of Halloween is a time that reminds us that our souls are eternal, but it also reminds us that we only have a short time on the physical plane to accomplish our goals, purpose, and mission.

So let go of the old and head into this next season with new ambition and perspective. Fully open to new experiences and opportunities for your material and spiritual growth.

Have anything to add? How do you celebrate/observe the spiritual side of Halloween? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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