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The Spiritual Side of Lavender Essential Oil

The Spiritual Side of Lavender by

Lavender is probably the most popular and well-known essential oil. And for very good reason! It is quite an amazing oil. It smells good, heals wounds, helps you sleep, takes you into a state of peace after a long day, eases depression and anxiety and so, so much more.

But perhaps the best parts of lavender essential oil are the spiritual benefits. Talk about feeding the body, mind, and soul – Lavender has got you covered.

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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

To begin with, lavender is an amazing oil for relaxing the body and mind. Nothing calms the body and eases muscle tension, pain, stress, and anxiety quite like lavender essential oil does.

The Spiritual Side of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a very soft and soothing energy that resonates at a high frequency. This energy will calm your physical and mental bodies while uplifting your spirit.

Because the mere scent of lavender eases the mind, emotions, and spirit, it is a very beneficial oil for anyone who experiences depression, anxiety, or any kind of stress. It encourages feelings of compassion, increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, and induces feelings of happiness

Due to its calming and uplifting qualities, lavender is often used to treat insomnia or anytime deep relaxation is called for.

The Spiritual Side of Lavender Essential Oil

Since lavender essential oil is so effective at helping to calm the mind and body it will help you get your consciousness out of the way while doing spiritual and healing work.

Once all those anxious, worrisome, doubtful, and negative vibes are calmed down and out of your thought stream, the properties in lavender essential oil makes it easier to do subconscious work and connect with the spiritual realm.

Not only that, lavender is a very spiritual oil in and of itself. It assists with creating balance, harmony, and inner-peace both within us and in our environment. Its vibrational frequency is so high that it not only creates a sense of calm within us but it also infuses its calming, and positive vibrations into the air and everything around you.

Making it one of the best oils to use in your spiritual practice.

Use Lavender Essential Oil in Your Spiritual Practice

Since lavender is such a highly spiritual oil, it will assist with any spiritual practice or technique you use. Here are some ways you can use lavender to enhance your spiritual practice, while also increasing your emotional and physical wellbeing:

For Spiritual Healing and Growth

Lavender needs to be your go-to oil for any spiritual healing you may need. Use it to help you see clearly, release blocks, and heal any past hurts or traumas that may keep you from reaching spiritual enlightenment. It will open you up to possibilities you may have never imagined.

Create an Over-all Sense of Well-Being

We all know that low vibes, negative thoughts, and feelings of doubt, lack, scarcity, worry, and fear get in the way of any spiritual practice. However, lavender essential oil helps to calm down all of these vibe killing thoughts, sensations, and emotions. It helps you to relax, get a good night’s sleep, and increases feelings of well-being.

So be sure to use lavender when you need to get a new perspective and take a break from the everyday stressors that keep you from fully embracing your spiritual side.

Work the Law of Attraction

If you are using the Law of Attraction and want to make sure your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with what you are trying to attract, lavender essential oil may just be your ticket. Like I mentioned before, it not only relaxes your body and mind so you can control your thoughts and feelings more effectively, it also induces feelings of happiness.

And that is in addition to the increased vibrational energy both within you and your environment. Which we all know is essential when trying to attract good things into our lives.

Use lavender essential oil during your visualizations and while setting intentions to make sure you’re in the best state of mind and feeling good from the start.

Increase Your Awareness

Lavender essential oil increases your awareness. This means that while it puts you in a relaxed state it also makes you more open to and aware of any signs, messages, synchronicities, and communications from the spiritual realm.

Take your mediation and prayer work to the next level by using lavender essential oil. It will raise your vibrations, relax your body and mind, and increase your awareness.

If you want to ensure that you see as many signs (such as angel numbers) and synchronicities as possible, be sure to make lavender essential oil part of your daily routine.

Release What No Longer Serves You

Lavender essential oil helps to release any energetic blocks you may have. While in a relaxed physical and mental state you can see more clearly what stands in your way so you can let them go and start moving forward along your spiritual journey.

Lavender will also assist you in cutting cords to unhealthy relationships, situations, and past events. Be sure to use your lavender essential oil after difficult or emotionally charged interactions with others to ensure you are free from any draining energetic attachments.

Use lavender while you visualize your energetic blocks and cords floating up into the heavens for transmutation. It will assist you in seeing clearly what no you need to let go and will help you release it.

Balance Your Energy

You can use lavender essential oil to balance all your energy centers including your chakras, aura, and personal space.

Lavender is associated with the fourth (heart) chakra and the seventh (crown) chakra. Making it especially helpful for opening your heart to receiving and increasing your feelings of connectedness with spirit.

Communicate with Sprit

Due to its spiritual properties and high vibrations, lavender is one of the top oils to assist you in connecting and communicating with angels and spirit guides.

Use lavender to increase your awareness, remove energetic blocks, and up your vibrational frequency, so you can hear, understand, and have a clear pathway for connecting with your angels, your higher-self, and the spiritual realm.

Spiritual benefits of lavender essential oils

How to use Lavender Essential Oil for Spiritual Healing and Growth

  • Soak in a lavender essential oil bath to cleanse, purify, and heal your soul. This is especially useful to relax, raise your vibrations, and prepare for spiritual work, including meditation and communicating with the angels.
  • Rub a drop of lavender on your temples to ease headaches, relieve migraines, and improve awareness.
  • Diffuse lavender oil to clear negative energy and attract positive, peaceful, loving energy.
  • Open yourself to receiving. Rub the lavender oil on your heart in a clockwise motion to bring love in.
  • Help bring your spirit and spirituality into your body by anointing the top of your forehead in a downward motion with a drop of lavender.
  • Open, clear and cleanse the crown charka by anointing the top of your head with lavender.
  • Lavender can also help you sleep and connect with the angels in your dreams. Diffuse, anoint or spray some lavender oil on your pillow as you fall asleep. Ask the angels to come to you in your dreams.

Now that you know the amazing spiritual benefits of lavender essential oil there are a few things you should know before you pick up a bottle to use. So here a few tips to make sure you get a quality oil that will bring about the spiritual benefits you are looking for.

Types of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender tends to get lumped into one category, however, there are several types and species. The two primary types of lavender are Lavender Greece and Lavender Bulgaria. Both are the Lavandula angustifolia plant and both have the same calming and beneficial effects. There are also other types of lavender and lavender blends that you may find useful. Choose the one you like the best.

Lavender Bulgaria is the traditional type of Lavender essential oil. It has a shaper, heavier, richer, and more herbaceous scent than the other Lavender varieties. There is a possibility this strain of lavender may induce deeper relaxation and more restful sleep.

Lavender Greece has a sweeter and more floral scent. It tends to be a familiar lavender scent and is preferred by many people. As the writers over at Eden’s Garden put it Lavender Greece is like lavender “with a dreamy twist.”

French Lavender is similar to Lavender Bulgaria but has a more intense aroma with balsamic undertones.

Lavender Spike will give you a lovely traditional lavender scent topped with a cooling, camphoraceous quality that is similar to peppermint, eucalyptus, and melaleuca.

Lavender Fine, grown in the highest altitudes of France, has an elegant aroma that is fresh, floral, and herbaceous topped with silky, creamy notes to round it out.

Lavender Around the World is a combination of Lavender oils grown in India, China, France, Bulgaria, and Greece bringing the therapeutic, spiritual, and aromatic benefits of Lavender varieties from all around the world together into one. Why choose just one, when you can get them all?

Lavender Essential Oil Blends Well With

Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Orange, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

You may enjoy these synergy blends:

Lavender Magnolia

French Lavender Sage

Lavender Chamomile

Purity and Quality of Essential Oils

When using essential oils be sure to get pure, quality oils. Many cheaper oils, like those found in grocery and health food stores, smell great but are full of synthetics. You want an oil that is pure and extracted without chemicals to ensure you are receiving the benefits essential oils can offer. Otherwise, you’re probably just getting a nice smelling perfume.


Lavender is a very gentle oil and is generally considered safe for both adults and children. However, always use essential oils safely. Do your research and test on a small area of skin before using large applications.

To prevent skin irritation, dilute the oil in a carrier oil or lotion. Only use essential oils internally under the supervision of a doctor. Follow directions and use only as intended.

Do you have any experiences using lavender essential oil in your spiritual practice? Let us know in the comments below.

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