Angel Number 6: Too Much Worry

Do you keep seeing the angel number 6? If so, the angels are sending you lots of loving advice. Keep reading to see what the angels want you to know.

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Meaning & Messages of Angel Number 6

“Too Much Worry”

The Energy of Angel Number 6

The angel number 6 is the most domestic of all the numbers. It is an all-encompassing domestic energy of our family, our material world, and our connection to the entire planet.

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It can be summed up as the energy of Mother Nature. A loving, nurturing energy that protects and provides for all the earth and its inhabitants. It is an energy of balance, harmony, and unconditional love.

The energy of the angel number 6 resonates highly with many of our material and physical needs. It also resonates with our deepest emotions. People often see the angel number 6 when living life unbalanced and too focused on the material world.

The angel number 6 has a very earthly energy as it represents agriculture, material needs, economy, and growth. It has the energy of what we need to live in the material world.

However, its earthly energy is about more than just physical and financial needs. As it also brings the energy of peace, honesty, integrity, healing, justice, conscientiousness, and humanitarianism. Everything on the earth is part of our greater family and needs to be treated as such.

With the energy of home and family, parenthood, guardianship, emotional depth, and unconditional love it represents the domestic side of life. The need to take care of others and the ever-important role of taking care of our home and family.

It also has the energy of self-sacrifice, selflessness, empathy, sympathy, nurturing, care, and service to others. All of which are reminders that there is more to life than accomplishing goals and financially supporting those we love. Like Mother Nature, we are here to support the earth and all its inhabitants.

The angel number 6 brings the energy of stability. It represents our need for balance in life and our ability to create stability through problem-solving, seeing clearly, curiosity, grace, and dignity. Like the role of parents and caregivers, it also represents our ability to teach others to have such stability in their lives as well.

Finally, the angel number 6 is the energy of our deepest and most profound emotions. Including the ups and downs, we feel while living in a physical world. From anxiety, worry, doubt, and depression to elation, love, euphoria, and ecstasy, the angel number 6 carries the energy of them all. As such, this is the energy of empathic and highly sensitive souls.

Angel Numbers Mastery

The Message of Angel Number 6

If you have been seeing the angel number 6 repeatedly the message you are receiving from the angels is one of loving advice. Here is what the angels are telling you.

Heal with Love

Girl on a bench surrounded by dark clouds. The Angel Number 6 is a message that you are too worried about material matters and need to change your focus.

The angels will send the angel number 6 when you are lost in deep intense emotions. Such as times of depression, grief and loss, and anxiety or excessive worry. The angels send this as a message of comfort and love.

Times may be hard right now and that is okay, all wounds heal with time. And you are not alone, the angels are with you. Every time you see the angel number 6, the angels are infusing you with positive, loving, and supportive energy.

The angels ask that you give yourself loving patience and acceptance of your experience and what you are going through. Heal your body, mind, and soul with love for yourself and by feeling the love you have for God, the angels, and all your spiritual guides.

Love can and will heal all things.

Try not to dwell on your overwhelming, negative, or low physical emotions. You need to ensure you have a balance between processing your feelings with focusing on your love and faith in something greater than all this.

And, remember – always – that you are deeply loved and never truly alone.

Change Your Focus

When you see the angel number 6 often the angels are telling you that your focus has been on the wrong things.

Perhaps you have been worrying a lot about money, having negative thoughts, or spending too much time and energy at work.

As a result, you are attracting more worry and more of what you are worried about to yourself. You are being called to take a step back and shift your focus to positive things.

The angels urge you to focus on all things positive and let go of the negative. Change your focus to what you are grateful for rather than what you lack. To spending time with your family rather than spending so much time at work. To having faith and trust rather than worry and fear.

The message of the angel number 6 is that your earthly and material needs are being taken care of so you do not need to worry so much.

Create Stability with Balance

Your physical and earthly needs are important for your life on earth. Money helps create security and stability and provides us with freedom. So there is nothing wrong with a desire for it.

However, the angels are sending you the message of angel number 6 because, at this time, you are lacking the stability you are working so hard for. This is due to a lack of balance in your life.

The angels are trying to let you know that you have been worrying too much about the material world and by doing so have neglected your spiritual side.

You need to let your worries go and have faith that your physical needs are being taken care of. Create balance by having faith and also being open to the opportunities for financial and physical abundance that will present themselves.

Be sure to balance work with play, your spiritual side with your physical side, and your worries with plenty of positive thinking and gratitude.

Help Others

Nurse kneeling next to a patient in a wheelchair. The Angel Number 6 encourages you to find balance and stability in your life by giving and helping others.

The angel number 6 is calling you to reach out and help others.

If you have been focused a lot on your own material needs and worries now is a good time to reach out and help those who need help more than you.

It serves as a reminder of how much you have, encouraging an attitude of gratitude. Remember to treat those you help as kindly and lovingly as you would a member of your family.

By nurturing, caring for, and serving those in need you are fulfilling your life purpose and serving the greater good. Not to mention it will shift your attraction from that of lack to that of abundance. As the energy you put out by giving is that you have enough to give.

And who doesn’t want to attract “enough” into their lives? Especially if it can be done while helping others at the same time.

Family and Domestic Matters

Hands of many sizes and colors on top of each other. When the Angel Number 6 refers to family it means the family in your heart, not just just biological or legal family.

The members of your family are not always biologically or legally defined. Family (especially in the sense of the angel number 6) is what you feel in your heart – therefore anyone can be family. With that said, the angel number 6 may be calling your attention to your family. Here are a few possibilities:

Someone Needs you

Perhaps someone in your family needs you. Your natural empathy and nurturing are heightened right now so you can be there to help those who will benefit from your domestic abilities.

You are being called to pay attention to those you love because someone may be in need of your help, love and empathy now or in the near future.

A Change is Coming

The angel number 6 may be calling your attention to a change that is about to occur that will affect your family.

This change might be something like a move, an addition to your family, or a death. The angels want you to know that this change is good and they are there supporting you. Call on them whenever you need their help staying positive during this change.

Family Is Part of Your Life Path

Hand holding a sphere with a family in it. Angel Number 6 may mean that family is part of your life path.

When seeing the angel number 6 you may be receiving the message that having a family of your own is part of your life path. If you are already married and/or have children the message you are receiving is of support that you are on the right path.

If you are single the angel number 6 may be letting you know to be open to marriage and children as it is in your future and meant to be. Keep an eye out for a soul mate who may show up very soon.

It may also mean you are meant to work with children and/or families. Or the message may be calling you to adopt or do foster care.

Follow your heart and be open to possibilities and your life path will become clear. You can also call on the angels for support or clarification in understanding what your life path is.

Angel Number 6 Sequences.

66, 666, 6666. When you see a sequence of the number six it means the message you are receiving is intensified. The more sixes you see the more powerful and important the message is for you.

***Of special note – The number 666 does not mean anything bad. It is not a curse or bad omen. In fact, it resonates with deep and profound unconditional love both in the physical world and from God. However, you need to keep in mind that the number six is a message to keep your thoughts positive, so if you are concerned about the meaning of 666 you can easily bring negative energy to yourself. Stay positive and grateful and most of all remember that the angels only bring positive and helpful messages. Call on them for clarity if you need help understanding any message you receive.

Do you have any experience with the angel number 6? If so, share it with us in the comments section below.

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4 years ago

I’ve been seeing the sequence of numbers 66 666 and 6666 for the past week almost still unclear of the meaning or message but I’m relieved to know that it is not a big number thank you

3 years ago

I have been seeing ’66’ so much recently. It has been enough that I started to wonder if it was more than a coincidence, so I started to do some searching and came across your site. This was very insightful and helpful. I had a bit of a breakthrough/realization today with something that has been troubling me, so I am hoping that I am listening to the angels and making the right decisions.

3 years ago

I wonder why the number 6 shows up on my path so much when “troubles are coming”. I know it sounds negative but it seems the angels try to warn me that struggle is ahead by showing me 6 or 66. Any thoughts about that?

3 years ago

Just yesterday, I saw multiple 666 and even a 66666!!! I’ve also been seeing a lot of 444 for the past 2 weeks, I’d like to think it’s my dad who passed away 9 months ago, thank you for this article, I am definitely going to stop worrying so much and focus on the positive!

3 years ago

Is been a while everything I do has at least one number 6… Or multiples 6. My drivers license has 666 in yhe middle. When I order things on line it comes up to 66.69 dollars just yoday. Or I wake up 6:06 in the morning almost every dau without a alarm… And the list continues…

2 years ago

I recently discovered that number 6 comes back a lot in my ex-boyfriend and I relationship (We met on his birthday june 16, his favorite number is 26, a day i was really happy with him was april 6 and he broke up with me on may 6). Ever since he broke up with me a month ago, I keep seeing number everywhere (car plates, time, adress, …) What does it mean?

Reply to  alexe
2 years ago

It means that your becoming more in touch with your present moments. This is a good thing it is indicating that angels are telling you to to focus on loved ones, family, and your personal well being. Your manifesting focusing your intuition that will guide you during an important transition in your life.

Richard steglich
Richard steglich
2 years ago

After seeing sixes in short sequences almost constantly for the past 5-6 months last night my laptop was stuck typing 66666 infinitely, to the point ive shut the laptop down and called it a night. I even pounded on the keyboard to try and stop it to no avail. I held down delete and it would fight back and forth deleting and typing a new 6 every number. So i found this site and its unbelievable how relatable this information is to my life right now. Im currently the most depressed and unhappy ive ever been. The mother of my daughter is degrading me and my character for the world to see. Ive quit my long time job because i was being used and abused by the owners and my health and personal life was failing bad. That was 5 months ago. Im still looking for work. I stop seeing… Read more »

2 years ago

wow im so thankful and grateful that i saw this, throughout my life iv been seeing this number 6 66 pop up in my life. i was always thinking what does this mean, i must be cursed, this number isn’t good, and i always used to bring negative energy to myself and i was worrying continuously, and iv been like that for many years, but after reading this i had to sit here and literally cry to myself knowing the man above sent his angels to send me a message, everything i read related to me 100% .. everything ! and now i am more at peace with myself knowing that. the meaning of the number 6 is a positive meaning.

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