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Your Yearly Angel Number Energy

The Universal Year and Personal Year with Angel Number Energy

Normally we wait for angel numbers to appear when we need to hear from our angels, but that is not the limit to their usefulness. Each New Year, we experience a shift as the numerical energy of the Universe changes. This happens on a universal level and on a personal level, creating what is known as the Universal Year and the Personal Year.

Most of the time, we use numerology to figure out what that energy means for the year. But if you are on a spiritual journey with the angels, you can get a bit more specialized meaning and messages by using angel numbers.

This article will show you how to calculate the Universal Year and your Personal Year and includes a guide about how the year’s energy will affect you and what you will benefit from focusing on.


The Universal Year

Each year carries a specific universal energy. This is an overall energy that affects everyone on the planet. This energy can bring challenges that push our planet toward being better, or it can bring good luck and rewards for the work we have already done.

Knowing what the energy influencing our planet is can provide information about how the year will go and why you might be experiencing certain things during the year. It can give you a focus and help you go with the flow of this universal energy rather than unintentionally pushing against it. This yearly universal energy is called the Universal Year.

You get the number of the Universal Year by adding the sum of the year until you get to a single digit. For example, this year 2022 is a Universal Year 6. Because 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

Your Personal Year

You can also get your Personal Year number energy. It works the same way. It is an overall energy that will influence you throughout the year. Your Personal Year occurs from January 1st until December 31st, so it is not dependent on your birth year. Just the current year we are in.

Knowing your Personal Year can be extremely helpful in assisting you along your life path. It is an energy personalized to you based on the day you were born within the year. Knowing it, in addition to the Universal Year, can help you excel and accomplish your dreams and goals. This is the energy you as an individual need to focus on to help you along your spiritual journey and achieve your soul’s mission each year.

To get your Personal Year, add your birth month to your birth day until you get a single digit. For example, my birthday is April 6th. Since April is the 4th month, I add 4 to 6 (4 + 6 = 10). I still need to reduce the number to a single digit, so I add the digits of 10 until I get a single number which, in this case, is 1 (1 + 0 = 1).

Once you have the sum of your birth month and day, add that number to the Universal Year. So my Personal Year number for the year 2022 is 7. Here’s the formula:

Universal Year: 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

My birth month + day: 4 + 6 = 10,  reduce to a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1

Universal Year + birth month and day: 6 + 1 = 7

What the Numbers Mean

You can use numerology or angel numbers to determine what the energy of the Universal Year and your Personal Year means for you. There may be a slight difference between the two types of numbers, but there is also a lot of overlap.

Since I work with angels daily, I prefer using the energy of angel numbers. Angel numbers are based on numerology but contain additional spiritual and angelic messages that you may find helpful. If you are interested in learning how the energy of angel numbers is influencing your year, use the following guide.

Each meaning will apply to both the Universal Year and your Personal Year. The difference is that the Universal year is influencing everyone and the energy of the entire planet. Whereas your personal number is specific to you and your individual experience within the energy of the Universal Year.

Both the Universal Year and Personal Year work on a 9-year cycle. The following is each year’s energy based on the energy of angel numbers. It includes what to focus on, followed by a message from the angels for that year.

May your year be blessed!

Love Always, SarahDawn

The Yearly Energy of Angel Numbers Guide

Yearly Energy of Angel Number 1
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 2
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 3
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 4
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 5
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 6
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 7
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 8
Yearly Energy of Angel Number 9

A Magical Course in Angel Numbers by Sarahdawn Tunis

Yearly Energy of Angel Number 1

This is a year of action, new beginnings, and fresh starts. It is the beginning of a journey. A time to carve a new trail along your life path and spiritual journey. Individuality, strength, leadership, determination, willpower, and self-confidence are skills you both want to implement and will be powerful forces this year.

Use this year’s energy to begin new projects and dream up new goals and plans. Although dreaming is essential under the influence of the angel number 1, the most important aspect is taking action. The angel number 1 is anything but passive. It is always working, planning, and doing what it takes to make its ideas and dreams come true. While under its influence, you will be driven to do the same.

This is a number of individuality. It will influence and encourage you to work on personal goals and dreams and rely more on yourself than others to motivate you, make decisions, and move forward.

Although an individual number, the angel number 1 is about the collective. You are one individual, but you are part of the whole. Working on yourself and ensuring you are healthy is vital to living up to your potential to serve the greater good. Work on your own personal, emotional, physical, and spiritual self so that you are in the best shape possible to help others and contribute to the greater good.

An extremely important aspect of the angel number 1 is positivity. It is the energy of dreaming, taking action, and looking forward with optimism and positive thinking. Things manifest quickly while under the influence of angel number 1, so it is vital to stay positive and keep your focus on what is possible rather than fear, doubt, or lack.

What to focus on this  year:

Dreams, plans, taking action, paving new roads, positivity/optimism, manifestation, relying on yourself, taking care of yourself by working on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Message from the angels:

Just like a young child, when you begin a new phase of life, we surround you, love you, and protect you. Things may feel new and unknown right now, and that is okay. Stay positive and loving toward yourself and the world, and everything will work out exactly the way it is meant to. You are a powerful being and capable of greatness. Your purpose is huge and important. Listen to your inner guidance and follow your passions. These are your guidance systems and are fully supported by us and the entire spiritual realm. Trust and rely on yourself, as we trust and rely on you to make great things happen.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 2

This is a year of faith, creating balance, and compassion, and focusing on relationships. This is a year of massive progress that is not yet seen. It is about taking a step outside of yourself and working in complete faith and compassion.

This year is about making progress and working toward your goals and life purpose. But all the progress you’re making is not yet seen. So this year, you will need to focus on faith. All your hard work is paying off. You just can’t quite see it yet.

This year’s energy will challenge you to have and focus on your faith. Faith in God, faith that things are working out, and faith in yourself. Your prayers are being answered, and your visions are being manifested. However, your faith is the final piece of the puzzle.

In a way, the universe will be testing you. Blessed are those who believe without seeing. Can you handle what you desire, and do you really want it enough to keep going in faith? Can you tap into your own power and keep going? Do you believe in yourself and spirit enough to know what you’re working on will manifest before you actually see it?

You will also be called to work on your relationship with others and create balance in your life. This includes making sure your personal relationships are harmonious and balanced but is more about having a balance in how you see yourself in relation to other people and the world as a whole.

This is an extraordinarily kind and compassionate number. But this compassion comes from our own experiences. It is our empathy and understanding of the pain of others deeply because we, too, have experienced pain.

We are all one and equal in the eyes of God. So we are driven to help and serve others to create balance by turning what was once bad into good. As such, our pain, struggles, and challenges in life are realized as valuable and necessary to accomplish our soul’s mission and serve the greater good.

What to focus on this year:

Working toward your dreams and goals in faith, believing in your own power and the power of faith, creating balance and harmony in all areas of your life, being willing to give and receive, and allowing negative past experiences to give you the kindness and compassion needed to serve others.

Message from the angels:

You are so much more than you can see in this physical form. You are a spiritual being who is currently experiencing blindness. This blindness is part of your journey and experience to help you accomplish your soul’s desire to learn what it needs to learn. Although it may seem dark and lonely there, you are not alone. We continue to stay by your side and provide what you need through it all. There is so much more to you and your soul. Listen to your inner guidance and allow your life to be led by love; your soul knows the way through the darkness. You just need to believe.

~ Learn more about the energy and messages of the Angel Number 2 ~

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 3

This is a year all about joy, optimism, and faith. It is a fun energy with the power to manifest the most amazing things in this life. This is a year to focus on enjoying life and having fun as you tap into your natural skills and talents. Using creativity, art, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing everything outside the box.

This number is about faith. But it is not about obtaining or keeping faith. It is the energy of the faith you already have and have had your entire life. Whether this faith has been muted, forgotten, or embraced, you are called to tap into it and use it to its full extent this year.

This faith you have in abundance will help you to let go, feel protected and safe, and allow you to just enjoy the ride of life. It provides what you need to accomplish your soul’s mission with joy. It is tapping into your inner child and being reminded of the love God has for you and always has. There is no reason to fear what life may bring because you are loved and protected by something bigger that has always been with you.

This is a year to use your imagination and step out of the confines of your mind and physical experiences. Tap into and use whatever natural ability you have, even if you long ago decided you needed to forget or let it go.

Creativity, art, music, writing, imagination, and utilizing the parts of life that bring you joy is what this year is all about. Tap into the unrestricted and fearless parts of yourself to manifest amazing things.

What to focus on:

Self-expression, manifestation, creativity, joy, optimism, faith, believing in yourself without fear, tapping into your natural talents, stepping out of your comfort zone, being spontaneous, and taking risks knowing you are loved and protected.

Message from the angels:

Being physically incarnated on earth can be hard. It can be dark and lonely, and scary for any soul. But that is simply because the soul forgets. The physical body and mind create limits and confusion. But if you let go and look within yourself, you will remember the part of you that existed long before you were in this life and will exist long afterward. Remember, loved one, remember the part of you that does not forget, that part of you that feels the truth beyond the limitations. In this physical life, you have been given exactly what you need to learn and accomplish the mission of your soul. We ask you to just let go of the physical body’s need to control and enjoy the journey your soul is on. You are safe to do so and protected by all of us. See all the good in the world and all the gifts God has given you to enjoy in life. Your life on earth is about the journey, not the destination. Be free and enjoy it.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 4

This year is about getting down to business and making your dreams come true. This is the year to use logic, rationality, and earthly energies to make things happen. It has a focus on your physical world, life, and body.

The energy of the angel number 4 will call you to get your head out of the clouds and physically manifest what you have been dreaming about and working toward. It is about using good organization, planning, implementation, and staying grounded as you ensure your physical world is supportive of all your dreams and goals.

Perhaps most importantly, this year is about building a solid foundation to support and build your dreams upon. So you’ll want to focus your efforts on all things physical. Practice being grounded and tapping into all your physical skills and talents to turn your dreams into reality. And take care of your physical body and your physical surroundings.

Your environment is a direct reflection of your internal world. So you will benefit from having a clean, organized environment free from clutter and needless distractions. Consider learning and implementing the art of Feng Shui in your home and office this year to ensure the energy in your physical environment is as supportive as possible.

This year will also support your doing everything with integrity. Do not compromise your morals for any reason. Stay true to yourself and treat others with diplomacy, justice, conscientiousness, honesty, and trustworthiness.

What to focus on:

The physical world, good management, getting organized, making plans, using logic and rationality, making your dreams a reality, integrity, being grounded, morals, diplomacy, conscientiousness, honesty, being trustworthy, creating a strong and supportive foundation to build your dreams upon.

Message from the angels:

The physical world is an amazing place. Sure it has its limitations, but you do not. You are here to make a difference and make the world better for all. You have dreams that you have not quite figured out if they are possible. We are telling you that they are. And we support you. Use what you have learned about the physical world to make those dreams happen. Yes, you will be changing the physical world as you do so. You will be expanding its limits and creating something more. That is why you are here. Go forward with your dreams and build upon the physical world by expanding its limitations and making it better for all the souls that will manifest upon the earth once you achieve this mission.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 5

This year is about change and transformation, following your heart, personal freedom, and the pursuit of inner peace. This year’s energy is significant and powerful but isn’t necessarily easy to get through.

This year’s energy is all about shaking things up. The universe is taking everything we have been working on and coming to expect and throwing it all up in the air. It often isn’t until the following year that we figure out where the pieces of this change will land.

The energy of this year is actually very exciting, but the fact that it is centered around change can make it feel stressful and chaotic as things we may have become used to keep changing. Making the future feel unknown and uncertain.

To get through this energy, we need to practice the art of letting go and going with the flow. As human beings, we tend to try to predict and control the future and direction our lives are going. But within the restrictions of the human body, this type of control is not possible.

We do not actually know what the future will bring or what exactly we are going to need. So this year is all about mastering the art of letting go of control and letting things happen the way it is meant to. It is a test of true faith and trust.

So, the energy of this year is either going to feel stressful, overwhelming, and confusing or you can learn to let go and live in the moment. This is the energy that will teach you to follow your heart and trust your intuition.

The changes of this year are necessary and significant. They are part of the growth we need in both our physical and spiritual lives. Keeping that in mind will help you roll with the punches of the year.

To get the most out of this year, you will need to focus on releasing the past and any blocks that stand in your way of manifesting the life you want. As the pieces are up in the air, you can influence where they land by being in the right frame of mind. Staying positive, optimistic, and utilizing your faith and free will, will guide the pieces in the right direction. By removing blocks and leaving the past in the past you will ensure those pieces are not diverted right back into their old spots or somewhere less desirable.

Following your heart and letting go of the past will also help you find freedom and inner peace (the other energies the angel number 5 is pushing you toward). Seek to listen to and follow your heart throughout the year and work on cutting chords and letting go of the past that no longer serves you. Keep in mind that the past does not define you, and you have a choice and the ability to influence where the future will take you.

The angel number 5 is also about travel and rest. This year, take the time to explore new places both within and outside of yourself. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate your physical and inner self. You may want to consider taking a long vacation and going someplace you’ve never been before.

What to focus on:

Going with the flow, releasing the past, accepting change, following your heart, listening to your intuition, trust, inner peace, personal freedom, rest, travel, perspective, free will.

Message from the angels:

It is human nature to resist change. It is part of the human experience to try to make things happen according to your will. It is even normal to fear the unknown. But you are more than a human being. You are also a spiritual being. A piece of the divine whole. Everything changes. Every leaf you see on the tree outside your house is an entirely new leaf each year. The tree looks the same each year, but it is energetically and physically different, and that is according to God’s will. The same goes for you. Do not resist the change occurring in your life. You cannot stay the same, or your spiritual life becomes stagnant. God wants you to seek growth and change both within you and within the world around you. It is your spiritual journey. You are here for a reason, and that reason is to create change and growth both for your own spirit and for the greater good of all things. Follow your heart as you go with the flow of change in your life, knowing it is divinely inspired. We stand by your side every step of the way.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 6

This is a year to focus on your heart, family, and faith. The angel number 6 carries the energy of strong and profound emotions, both good and bad, so you can expect this year to feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster.

To ensure this year is full of more high than low intense emotions, you want to focus on your heart and your spiritual connection. This year is all about unconditional love, nurturing, and faith. In fact, this year is calling you to fully embrace a spiritually focused and heart-centered life.

A heart-centered life is when you focus on following your heart and doing things that make you feel good and happy about yourself and your life. It is having a job you love, spending time with your family, and overall ensuring your life is full of love, joy, hope, and faith.

An ego-dominated life is the opposite. It is living with worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. It is making decisions and going forward by trying to control everything rather than relying on and having faith in something greater than yourself.

So this year will challenge you to follow your heart and live in faith. This energy is about letting go of worry, doubt, and fear and trusting that spirit is taking care of you. Everything you need to survive this physical life and support your soul’s mission will be provided for you.

If you focus more on your spiritual self rather than drowning in worry, all of your needs will be taken care of.

You may find that you are more focused on family and nurturing the relationships you have in your life this year. This is a primary component of the angel number 6. So allow yourself to let go of career concerns or other material matters and spend your time enjoying the more domestic side of life. Remember your physical needs are being taken care of by spirit, so it is safe to shift your focus away from financial concerns and responsibilities.

This year is also about nature and the earth. Spend time outside and do things that will help and nurture the earth. And since humanity is ultimately your larger spiritual family, you will be called to help and spend time nurturing others.

This year may test your resolve to have faith in spirit and trust in yourself. You may experience difficult emotions, and things may not work out quite the way you want them to. You may find that as you make changes toward a more heart-centered life and work toward accomplishing your dreams, things may not go according to plan.

If and when this test happens, you will need to commit even more to listening to your heart and relying on spirit to see you through. It is simply a test to see if you can handle your spiritual gifts and move into the next phase of your spiritual journey. Can you maintain your faith even during trying times? Can you continue to believe and follow your heart even when the physical world gets in the way?

Solve problems and ace any test this year gives you by focusing on grace, dignity, integrity, justice, conscientiousness, selflessness, and curiosity. Focus on your spiritual connection and continue to follow your heart, and you will pass with flying colors.

All in all, this year is about following your heart and spending time with those you love. It is tapping into your nurturing side and taking care of others. And it is doing so in pure faith. Faith that as you focus on following your heart, living your life’s purpose, and nurturing others, your needs are being taken care of by spirit.

What to focus on:

Living a heart-centered life, nurturing others, nature, and the earth, grace, dignity, integrity, justice, conscientiousness, selflessness, curiosity, family, unconditional love, your spiritual connection, listening to your heart.

Message from the angels:

We know this physical manifestation you are in can be difficult. The physical world has its limitations, sufferings, and challenges. But this is by design. It is not meant to make you feel bad; it is meant to help you learn and grow in spirit. As you live your physical life, you tend to forget that you are not alone. Your life and what you choose to do with it is part of something much greater. Your heart is your guidance system. It leads you toward your purpose and allows us to provide what you need to accomplish your life purpose. Open yourself up to spirit, child. Do not drown or get lost in the physical as so many others do. We are still with you always. Remember why you are here. Follow your heart and speak to us with your faith and love. We will make this path you are on easier so that you can accomplish your purpose completely and fully.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 7

This is your lucky year. It carries a very high vibrating spiritual energy and calls for you to celebrate all your accomplishments, focus on your connection to spirit, and to work on your personal development.

Your mind, intuition, and internal world are your best assets this year. Trust in yourself and your connection to spirit to help you manage the events of this year and excel along your spiritual journey.

This is a year to spend as much time as possible learning as much as you can. Taking classes, going back to school, and learning about subjects you are interested in will push you along your life’s path and take your spiritual journey to the next level.

But you are also being called to learn about and focus on the development of yourself. You have learned and accomplished a lot along your path, and now it is time to really get to know yourself. Focus on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development this year.

Place a special emphasis on understanding and developing any psychic, empathic, or intuitive abilities you have. This is the year you will excel at them.

One of the most important things you can do this year is celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate and appreciate everything you have accomplished. Focus on how far you have come and practice gratitude for who you are and what you know you can do. Your accomplishments have put you on the path of success, and you deserve to give yourself the proper recognition for it.

This year you will want to rely on your own inner wisdom and guidance system. Turn inward rather than seeking out others to assist you along your life’s path and navigate any problems or challenges. You will find the answers you seek are within you this year.

Trust your intuition and inner guidance and rely on it without hesitation. Keep in mind that we are all part of a greater whole. Within you resides the collective consciousness where all wisdom and answers to everything reside. And you will be able to tap into that knowledge this year easily and effectively.

This is also a year you can expect to see things go your way. You may even experience miracles along your path. Since this year’s energy vibrates at such a high frequency, the angels and the spiritual realm will reach you very easily.

Take time this year to celebrate and appreciate all your accomplishments and the path you are on. This will raise your vibrations even higher. Learn as much as you can about all your interests and yourself. This year is all about self-development, gaining wisdom, and the self’s connection to spirit.

What to focus on:

Celebrating accomplishments, your mind and internal world, gaining wisdom, learning as much as you can, self-development, your connection to spirit and the collective, inner wisdom, inner guidance, expecting good luck and miracles.

Message from the angels:

We are so happy and excited to be with you on this journey of yours. You have done well, and we are celebrating all your accomplishments. You may not yet see or understand how far you have come along your journey. Many of the accomplishments we are celebrating you don’t even realize you’ve done, but from our perspective, we are in awe and amazement of your commitment to master your soul’s mission and help bring spirit to earth. Your path has not always been easy, but you have shown your commitment to staying true to your connection to spirit. Keep going and celebrate even the little steps you take. Because, in the grand scheme of things, you are making strides bigger than you can fathom in your physical existence. Keep going, stay true to yourself, and know our love is raining down upon you.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 8

This is a year of limitless hope and possibility. This is the year to reach for the stars and achieve your highest potential. A year you will see rewards, including financial rewards, for the work you have done and gain a new appreciation for the ultimate balance life has.

This year will encourage you to begin gaining a new appreciation for yourself and for all the experiences you have had. But it calls for you to change your perspective. To stop seeing the world in black and white or good and bad. To realize that every part of our existence serves a greater purpose.

Basically, this year is about turning the number 8 on its side and seeing it as the infinity loop. The possibilities for our life and spiritual development are endless. And the energy of this year will push you to reach for your highest potential, and you will experience physical and material rewards as a result.

When you plant a seed, it begins beneath the soil in darkness until it finally breaks through the earth and is exposed to sunlight. But the roots of that plant remain in the dark, soaking up nutrients and providing life to the plant. Just because the seed has the potential to grow and bloom into something beautiful does not make the roots beneath the surface any less important.

This year will push you to see the dark times in life as vital and necessary for the growth and development of you and your spiritual journey. Your dark sides as a person are just as important as the light sides you want to embrace. Your struggles, failures, hardships, and difficult moments in life are your roots beneath the soil of your successes. They support you, and without them, you would not be where you are today.

This is a year to change your perspective and see every aspect and part of life as good and serving a purpose. With your positivity, you will see rewards for your work and the work you will do. But if you want to see those rewards continue, you must accept that it is a direct result of your positivity, hard work, and effort.

The reward results from the failures and the successes, the struggles and the triumphs, the good and the bad. This is the ultimate balance and positivity this year wants you to learn and understand.

Use this year to focus on understanding universal and spiritual balance. Gain a significant understanding of Karma, the universal law of cause and effect, and how the energy of thoughts create reality. This is a year to master the Law of Attraction because the energy of rewards for hard work and positive thinking are especially strong.

You must be aware that the energy of the angel number 8 goes both ways. You will experience rewards this year if you can maintain positivity. But if you become consumed by negative thoughts, negativity rather than reward will be your experience.

So do what you can to not become consumed by the negativity of your past struggles. Embrace all your experiences as stepping stones toward your potential and reach for the stars. This year will be full of amazing rewards, hope, and limitless possibility.

What to focus on:

Reward for hard work, achieving your highest potential, Karma, putting good into the world, balance, seeing the good in all things, valuing all your experiences.

Message from the angels:

We want to reward you and give you everything you need to get through this physical life in comfort and joy. But you need to achieve a level of spiritual development so that we can get those rewards to you. The rewards are endless and can be in the form of whatever you desire. Money, love, fun, nothing is out of the realm of possibility, and the amount we have knows no bounds. It is infinite. The universe is providing rewards for you as well. It is sending back to you the energy you are sending out. Once you understand and embrace the joy of existence and how all the pieces of your journey fit together, you will find that you can experience infinite abundance and prosperity on earth. Reach high, loved one. You have what it takes.

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Yearly Energy of Angel Number 9

This is the year to devote and commit fully to your soul’s mission. It will push you to see everything through the eyes of God and treat the world as an agent of God.

This year will urge you to find, understand, and work toward your soul’s mission. The angel number 9 is the highest of the primary numbers, and it is the most compassionate, altruistic, and spiritual. Regardless of your soul’s mission is, it is about making the world a better place for all, and it will include these loving traits of the angel number 9.

This year is about learning to see everything through the eyes of God. Without judgment, criticism, doubt, or fear. It is about seeing the love and beauty in all things and having compassion and a desire to make the lives of those who struggle better. And how you feel driven to accomplish that goal is your soul’s mission.

But this year is also about seeing yourself through the eyes of God. Seeing everything about yourself as the perfect creation to accomplish your mission. From an earthly perspective, we are not technically perfect, but from a spiritual perspective, we are exactly what we need to be to accomplish our soul’s mission. Our personality, talents, skills, desires, and even the mistakes we tend to make are what we need to be the perfect being for the journey we are meant to take in this physical life.

So this year is about understanding and seeing the beauty and perfection in all of God’s creations. Not through the eyes of a rational and logical human being but through the eyes of an all-loving God.

Use this year to learn how to truly trust in and rely on your higher self and inner guidance. Rather than focusing on the physical world’s expectations and what others think, this year is about letting all that go, embracing spiritual truth, and living your life accordingly.

The angel number 9 is also about a completion. The completion of a phase of life or along your spiritual journey. It is time to take a step back and evaluate where you have been and where you want to go from here.

Tie up loose ends this year and release the parts of your past that no longer serve you. Embrace the person you have become and prepare to enter a new phase of your physical and spiritual development.

This year is largely about being giving, compassionate, and selfless as we do God’s work through our soul’s mission. But it is also important to focus on self-care. Use this year to focus on treating yourself and others equally. It is about balance. No one person is more important as we all have different yet equally important missions. So it is necessary to put energy and effort into helping others and ensure you are taken care of as well.

Ultimately this year is about rising above the physical world and learning to operate as a spiritual being. A spiritual being who sees the world and all of creation as something beautiful, amazing, and deserving of our love, time, and commitment to make it even better. It is about rising above judgment and fear, knowing our truth, and living an authentic life.

What to focus on:

Your soul’s mission, seeing everything through the eyes of God, selflessness, compassion, kindness, healing, giving, the completion of this phase and preparing for the next, self-care, truth, spirituality, balance, being open to giving and receiving, listening to your higher self, following your inner guidance, being an agent of God.

Message from the angels:

It is time now to progress to the next level of your spiritual awakening. You understand the importance of healing, nurturing, and loving all of God’s creations. We’ve seen you take the steps to better yourself and grow into the being your soul desires. We ask now that you continue to listen to your higher self and follow your internal guidance system. Release the needs of the lower physical plane to please others and indulge in judgment and the fear of judgment. Rise above these limitations and allow your soul to soar. You are here to make a difference, be the difference. Trust in yourself, know your truth, and live according to your soul’s desire to grow, learn, and contribute to the wellbeing of all.

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