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What is an Earth Angel? by

What is an Earth Angel, why do they exist, and how do you know if you are one? This post is all about what an Earth Angel is and what it feels like, including common experiences and feelings. Going over the most common traits and what to do next, the following information will help you begin figuring it all out. So you can start taking steps toward accomplishing your mission in faith and confidence.


What is an Earth Angel?

What is an Earth Angel

In the simplest terms, an Earth Angel is a soul here for an entire physical lifetime to carry out a special mission from God. Specifically, they are here to serve, assist, and raise the vibrations of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Earth angels are human beings, and although they have a similar spiritual journey and life path as any human, these beings have a much higher spiritual calling. Because, in addition to their human spiritual journey, they are also here to assist the angels.

And that is where the term Earth Angel comes from. They are humans, incarnated on Earth, doing the work of angels. They are not incarnated angels or angels in physical form but rather humans (of the earth) helping, assisting, and doing the work of and with the angels.

Earth Angels are humans on special assignment to assist the angels in raising the earth’s vibrations and helping humanity.

Why do Earth Angels Exist?

Since Earth Angels are human beings, they are uniquely positioned to help the angels accomplish the mission of assisting and protecting humanity. As humans, we have different perspectives, understanding, and abilities to interact within the physical realm, offering the angels a unique way to bring increased vibrations and assistance to the earth.

On the other hand, angels are purely spiritual beings who can take form and visit the physical realm, but their interactions are limited. As humans, we are incarnated for an entire lifetime, which puts us in a position to help and connect with the world and other people in ways the angels are not quite equipped to do. For example, we are physical beings, so we can always be seen and heard and easily interact with the physical world.

You will find Earth Angels in any and every profession on the planet, as there are thousands of them spread throughout the world, assisting humans, animals, and the planet in every way fathomable.

Earth Angel Traits

The following are the primary traits you will find in every Earth Angel:

  1. Earth Angels innately feel a draw to or connection with the angels. And that is because they are not here alone. The angels are around to help them with their mission and throughout their lifetime. So, this is one of the most apparent signs or traits. It is the calling and the soul’s urge to work toward their mission, live harmoniously with their purpose, and have the peace and joy they deserve in this lifetime.
  2. Earth Angels are highly compassionate, giving, and kind. They feel good while being of service to others. In fact, they tend to feel compelled – as if they can’t help but somehow heal, assist, or help those in need. This includes the desire to help people, animals, the planet, or all three.
  3. Physical, emotional, and energetic sensitivities are all strong traits within the Earth Angel. They are highly sensitive to the environment and energy. This often manifests as being extremely sensitive to the physical world and easily overwhelmed by sounds, smells, bright lights, touch, or other physical sensations. They may also be energetically sensitive, picking up on the feelings and energy of people, things, and places around them.

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A Challenging Life Path

Earth Angels, being more spiritually evolved than the average soul incarnated on the Earth, tend to experience a different and often more difficult life path than other humans.

This tends to create problems, struggles, difficulties, and challenges in the life of Earth Angels. If they stray from their mission, don’t know what is going on, and are not living in harmony with their purpose, depression, anxiety, mental challenges, and maladaptive coping skills such as addictions, co-dependency, and high-risk behaviors can and often occur.

The world is not supportive of the feelings, sensitivities, and high spiritual needs of Earth Angels, which results in people dismissing and making them feel abnormal, wrong, and in need of fixing. Often, they grow up being told that what they think, know, and experience is not real and merely part of the imagination or, worse, part of a psychotic or disabled mind.

In fact, many Earth Angels have neurodivergent minds, and rather than being accepted, uplifted, and encouraged to live authentically, they are rejected and labeled as disabled, weird, and different. They are left to figure out how to navigate this world entirely alone. Often, they are given medication that suppresses their thoughts and feelings rather than being taught how to understand, manage, and deal with them in an appropriate, healthy, and adaptive way.

That is why it is imperative to follow up, learn as much as possible, and find support if you think you are an Earth Angel. Because you are not alone – not physically or spiritually! You have a highly essential spiritual purpose, and learning to understand and accept yourself is vital to your mission and your well-being.

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Why the Struggle?

Being an Earth Angel is not an easy path. It is filled with struggles, hardships, and challenges the average human does not have to face. This path is not for the weak or the fearful. Therefore, Earth Angels are not in this role, carrying out this challenging yet oh-so-important angelic mission by accident.

Every Earth Angel is here intentionally, not just by divine intervention but because their soul chose this path as part of their overall mission.

Their souls chose the life, the path, and the journey they are on because it is the one that will take them where they need to go, teach them what they need to learn, and give them the skills, empathy, perspective, and everything else needed while in their physical body to carry out their mission.

As I said earlier, this often manifests as Earth Angels presenting with various neuro diversities. Yet, all the personality types, neurodivergence, and often misunderstood ways of seeing and interacting with the world benefit the Earth Angel and their path.  

Although these traits are often labeled as disabilities or illnesses, they are helpful and necessary to their spiritual journey and ability to accomplish their mission. But these neuro-diversities are usually misunderstood, and it is often hard for the Earth Angel to find the benefit. Especially when they feel like the “weirdo” on the outside of societal norms. Therefore, self-acceptance and self-love are often the most significant lessons and most difficult to embrace along the spiritual journey of the Earth Angel.

Earth Angels also tend to find that they grew up in dysfunctional families, were bullied as children, never quite fit in, and suffered abuse even into adulthood. Sometimes, this is due to their neurodiversity or differences. Sometimes, it is because their light attracts negativity and darkness. But often, it is due to a necessary lifepath that can be wrought with obstacles, struggles, and challenges that push them to be and learn what they need for their purpose.

These lessons are challenging enough that Earth Angels often do not fully find their path, success, or the peace and contentment they long for until middle age or older.

It Was a Choice Their Soul Made

Overall, if you are an Earth Angel, you came into this life with all the knowledge of what the journey would be like – your soul chose it all: this path, the problems, struggles, challenges, and everything in between. Before this incarnation, your soul knew that it was possible you would not find your way, and that could lead to problems throughout your lifetime. Yet you wanted and chose to take that chance.

I cannot tell you why your soul made this decision – you will have to get in touch with your authentic self and your angels to find out. But the more you learn about, understand, and accept yourself for who you are, the more clarity you will have about why you needed to be on this unfair path of obstacles and struggle and why it was important to your soul to endure it all.

The Upside of Being an Earth Angel

Even though the life path of the Earth Angel is not easy, it is full of the potential for many blessings. What one might call – if we did not know better – both a blessing and a curse.

Although life for the Earth Angel often starts challenging and wrought with lessons and struggles, when embraced and understood, their path is extremely rewarding in both this life and the next if they can find their way and follow their life path.

This means that if you find your way, embrace your true nature, and follow your purpose, you will live a life of love, joy, happiness, success, security, and contentment and have just about anything you desire.

Earth Angels Have a Higher Vibrational Frequency

Earth Angels have a higher vibrational frequency than most humans. They are more spiritually evolved and closer to Spirit; therefore, they also resonate at a higher frequency. This means they can connect to Spirit more easily, their intentions have a boost, and they are extremely powerful co-creators of reality for both themselves and others.

This also gives them what they need to accomplish their mission and fulfill the role of an Earth Angel. Sadly, though, even with higher vibes, if they are not open to receiving, are too focused on the negative, or are drowning in earthly fear, worries, and concerns, they will experience more struggle. So, once again, it is imperative for the Earth Angel to know and find their way.

If you experience depression, anxiety, or negative thinking, be sure to check out the Depression Warriors category of posts and YouTube videos for some helpful advice.

Overall, despite the struggle they face, Earth Angels are powerful beings who are committed to their purpose. They can easily find joy and happiness when living harmoniously with that purpose. With the increased vibrations they harbor, they can easily manifest whatever is needed to achieve their dreams and goals and push their mission to the next level.

What to Do Next

If you think you might be an Earth Angel, be sure to keep learning. It is imperative that you find and follow your life’s purpose, as living in harmony with it will bring a lot of rewards, both physically and spiritually. These rewards will help raise your vibes even higher than they already are and will give you what you need to accomplish your mission fully.

Check out my other posts about Earth Angels, and know that you are not alone. Be sure to call on the angels for help and support anytime. And open your heart and mind to the possibilities of what you can and will accomplish just by being and embracing your true self.

Also, consider joining me over on Facebook or Instagram, where I post daily messages from the angels.

Do you know how important it is for Earth Angels to have high vibes? If you are an Earth Angel and feel out of sync with the Universe or as though it is working against you, be sure to read Fifteen Important Things Earth Angels Need to Do to Align with Universal Energy.

Do you have experience being an Earth Angel, or have any questions? Be sure to leave a comment below to share with others on the same path.

Love Always, SarahDawn

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