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Why You Need to Know if you are an Earth Angel by

Earth Angels spend an entire human lifetime on Earth with the unique mission of assisting the angels. It is a massive calling that requires a lot of responsibilities not meant for the average human being. Although, in the long run, being an Earth Angel will bring many benefits, blessings, and joys, getting there is not necessarily an easy or pleasant path. In fact, it can often be downright miserable – especially if you are unaware. So, if you think you may be one, it is imperative that you find out not just for your spiritual path but for the sake of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In this post, I will go over the top eleven reasons why you need to know if you are an Earth Angel so you can fully accept and embrace this side of yourself and experience the joys life has in store for you.

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Why You Need to Know if You’re an Earth Angel

There are many reasons why knowing if you are an Earth Angel is exceptionally beneficial. So many reasons, in fact, I cannot list them all.

Why You Need to Know if You're an Earth Angel by Sarahdawn Tunis  #1 You have a mission
#2 Your path is difficult
#3 To avoid unnecessary problems
#4 You are highly empathic & sensitive to energies
#5 To learn about and tap into your gifts
#6 Your free will choice
#7 You need protection
#8 You need freedom to be yourself
#9 You need appropriate guidance & support
#10 Earth Angels don't belong here
#11 You have a unique perspective

To begin with, knowing you are an Earth Angel allows you to open your mind and heart to the possibility so you can start to accept and embrace your calling. Not only that, knowing will help you follow your life’s path and feel comfortable in your own skin. It will also help you understand who you are, why life is different for you than most people, and how you can have the joy, abundance, and inner peace that has likely been missing from your life thus far.  

This is not like taking a fun little personality test. Knowing if you are an Earth Angel impacts your entire existence, choices, and, most importantly, how you see yourself. So, knowing about these aspects and learning to embrace your authentic self as an Earth Angel will help make your life much easier. Once you know, you will be able to find, understand, and fully engage in your life purpose as you accomplish the highest potential your soul and the angels are urging you to reach.

So, sit back and relax as you read about the eleven primary and most important reasons why you need to know if you are an Earth Angel.

#1 ~ You Have a Mission

You have a mission to accomplish and a path you are meant to walk. It is better to take off the blindfold and walk in faith than to remain in the dark and risk falling off a cliff.


#2 ~ Your Path is Difficult

The life path of an Earth Angel is already more challenging than it is for most human beings. Not only do you have the spiritual journey that your human soul is on, but before coming into this life, you elected to take on the additional and special mission to assist the angels.

To fulfill that mission, there are many lessons you need to learn, and that results in a life path of struggles and challenges that push you to access your innate ability – to not only overcome but also take with you -the lessons inherent in those challenges, struggles, and all the pain that comes from them.

Looking back over your life and seeing the struggles and challenges you are currently facing through the lens of knowing who you are, why you are here, and why you have had the life you have will help you embrace it all. The knowledge and understanding will push you forward along your path as you begin to see it all for what it is rather than being left to feel as though life is just unfair or cruel or that there is something wrong with you.

# 3 ~ To Avoid Unnecessary Problems

Not knowing or understanding the challenging aspects of your life path can lead to significant and unnecessary problems. As an Earth Angel, your struggles and challenges are meant to make you stronger and more empowered and give you the experience, knowledge, and understanding you need to complete your mission.

Yet, many Earth Angels believe that something is wrong with themselves. They isolate, pull away from their potential, and generally see themselves and the world through a negative lens. As such, dealing with all of this often leads to very unhealthy coping skills and other behaviors or ways of thinking that create more problems and more struggles and pull you away from your happiness, joy, and purpose.

These problems can turn into massive life-altering conditions such as chronic depression, severe anxiety, addictions, self-hatred, and suicidal ideation. Although sometimes these issues are part of your path and the lessons you need to learn – all too often they manifest or are worsened as you try to cope and deal with the pain and hurt life seems to dish out constantly. And that is the part that is unhealthy and unhelpful.

Walking the life path of the Earth Angel is generally hard enough without adding unnecessary problems that result from self-doubt and unhealthy coping skills. Coping skills that you picked up to deal with all the confusion – simply because you did not know what was going on.

So, as you can easily see, avoiding these unnecessary problems in life is why knowing if you are an Earth Angel is extremely important. Embracing this side of yourself and recognizing how far you have come will enable you to find the love, support, and assistance you need to end, heal from, and avoid these unnecessary and harmful problems that so often arise in the lives of Earth Angels.

#4 ~ You Are Highly Empathic and Sensitive to Energies

As an Earth Angel, you are highly empathic and sensitive to energy on more levels than most human beings can even begin to fathom. This gift helps with your mission. Yet, not understanding what is happening to you is another way that not knowing if you are an Earth Angel can create unnecessary pain, struggle, and problems.

You see, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed and flooded by these energies. The energy and emotions of other people can invade your aura and entire being. If you do not know about and understand your abilities as an Earth Angel, you risk becoming consumed by feelings that are not your own. Which all too often leads to a lot of frustration, confusion, overwhelming emotions, and the desire to give up.

Additionally, you are sensitive to many things in the physical environment—sights, sounds, smells, etc. You may have what is called a Sensory Processing Disorder that makes living in the physical world more difficult. Things that do not bother most other people can feel like they are pelting you with pain, anxiety, and a need to escape. Therefore, it is beneficial to know this about yourself and allow yourself to have the accommodations you need to make life a bit easier and more bearable.  

#5 ~ To Learn About and Tap into Your Gifts

Earth Angels have a spiritual shield that they are generally not aware of. This shield provided to you before conception helps to keep you safe and be a bit more “thick-skinned” as well. It helps you take on all your life’s burdens, challenges, and struggles.

You may have noticed that no matter how bad or hard things get, you still find the good in it all. You always somehow see the light through the darkness. You always know the good – the hope. You can’t help but notice the light in everything and everyone. You may try to dismiss it in the most difficult and trying times in your life – but the fact is that it is always there.

No matter how good or bad you feel, you see positivity (the light) in things that most others cannot.

And no matter how much you hurt, you can rise from the depths to care for another who is in need.  

This is due to your spiritual gifts meant to help you along your path. It is almost like having magical powers! When you know about, understand, and tap into this side of yourself, you can change lives, bring miracles, and have angelic-like powers overall.

Not only can you – but it is part of your purpose to do so. It is what develops and comes from the struggle you need to endure.

I am working on a post about these spiritual gifts and powers that I will link here. In the meantime, know that a lot of what you may see as weird or making you feel unworthy in any way are often spiritual gifts that you just need to learn to accept, understand, and tap into.

#6 ~ Your Free Will Choice

Being an Earth Angel, living up to your soul’s mission, and enduring everything that comes with it does not necessarily have to happen. No matter what, you have free will and the choice to reject or embrace this side of yourself. You can choose to focus solely on your human path and journey, and if that is what you truly desire, some of the struggles and challenges will ease up.

However, if you are reading this post, your desire to rise up is likely strong. Whom your soul is calling you to be, and learning about the life and traits of an Earth Angel feels empowering, hopeful, and even a bit exciting to you. And that is because if you are reading this post and have read this far, you are likely an Earth Angel. All you need to do to begin embracing this side of yourself and living up to your spiritual potential is open yourself to it and allow the angels to guide you.

So, one excellent reason you need to know if you are an Earth Angel is to ensure you allow the angels to work with and through you.

Accept your mission by inviting the angels into your life.

#7 ~ You Need Protection

As mentioned in reason #5, you have a protective shield that helps you survive, learn, and accomplish your mission. However, that unique ability may not be enough to protect you fully. Especially when you embrace and begin spreading your light unto the world.

First of all, you see the good in everyone and everything, leaving you more vulnerable than most. This, along with all your other spiritual gifts and embracing the traits of the Earth Angel, makes your light extremely bright. It is so bright that it acts as a beacon calling other souls to you for love, support, and help. However, the brighter you shine, the easier those in the darkness can see and find you – both good and negative entities. Your light attracts the souls you are meant to help, but it also attracts negative entities both in the physical and spiritual worlds that want to use you, bring you down, and put your light out.

However, knowing you are an Earth Angel enables you to protect your kind, compassionate, and caring self as you tap into your fiercely protective warrior side. Additionally, the angels can protect you more when you allow them to be part of your life.

To understand this warrior side of your nature, consider how angels are not just beings of love and light – they are warriors who fight to protect us and the Earth from harmful negative forces. As an Earth Angel, you, too, have these traits within you. Think about the Archangel Michael, one of the most loving and caring angels. He is the archangel to call on in times of grief, as he provides loving comfort, and his presence eases our pain. Yet he is also the archangel known for his sword of light and fighting evil. Angels are beings of love, light, and protection.

This is all within you and affects you on so many levels that being able to tap into it is one of the most important reasons why you need to know you are an Earth Angel.

#8 ~ You Need Freedom to Be Yourself

The world we live in is not very supportive of our nature and purpose. This results in most Earth Angels learning to live an inauthentic life shrouded in masks and fakeness as they try to fit in and feel accepted.

This often excessive masking or pretending to be something or someone you are not can go on for so long that you forget and lose touch with who you really are. For obvious reasons, this is not helping you to come anywhere near close to living up to your potential, achieving your mission, or even feeling good about yourself and your life here on Earth.

You need to know if you are an Earth Angel because knowing helps you tap into your authentic self.  Eventually, you will feel comfortable removing the masks, and your spiritual gifts will shine, bringing you the joy, peace, and comfort that comes from being an Earth Angel who is living in harmony with your soul’s calling.

You will also find engaging and communicating with the ever-supportive angels much easier.  Not to mention, knowing helps you find other Earth Angels who can understand and support you and your mission as well.

#9 ~ You Need Appropriate Guidance and Support

You have several skills, talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts as an Earth Angel, such as your vibrational frequency, which is naturally higher than most humans. Your elevated vibrational frequency enables you to manifest quicker, reach and hear the angels more easily, and spread your frequency to the rest of the world. But with great power comes – yes, great responsibility -but also the need for great support.

And you are not alone. The angels are available to help you as much, if not more, than anyone else. They are there to help, coach, support, guide, and lift you within all the confines life throws at you.  I like to call them “the bosses” (mentors is also a good word) because we are working for them – with them – as we learn to understand and accomplish our mission. They are always around and always available. And the fact is we need the guidance, support, and love that only the angels who “get” our life path can genuinely provide.

#10 ~ Earth Angels Don’t Belong Here

Starting in childhood, Earth Angels tend to carry a sense of not belonging “here” throughout their lives. Not just in our families or with other people – we tend to feel like we do not belong on this planet – this life is not home.

And we are right.

As spiritual beings, this notion of Earth not being our real “home” is correct for all human beings. We are spiritual beings in this physical form, and this physical life is but a blip within the eternity of our soul’s existence. Yet it is the Earth Angels’ sensitivities to energy, their higher vibrations, and innate openness and closeness to the spiritual realm that makes them feel “home” or as though they don’t really belong here more intensely during this lifetime than other humans.

This homesick feeling that pretty much all Earth Angels experience is a bit of a mixed bag. Even though these experiences, sensitivities, and inherent awareness make us feel distant and out of place, they are actually significant spiritual powers. They allow us to feel the truth that others cannot see so we can serve our purpose, help others, and communicate with the angels on a much deeper and more substantial level.

Therefore, this is one of the primary reasons you need to know if you are an Earth Angel so that you can understand this feeling and use it for the greater good rather than becoming consumed by it and falling into the pits of depression or giving up on yourself and your purpose.

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#11 ~ You Have a Unique Perspective

Earth angels have a natural tendency to doubt themselves and their abilities. They are all too often, subconsciously, humble – to a fault – so as not to cause or be an undue burden upon anyone else. They often struggle with imposter syndrome and such a strong need to fit in and make others happy that they sacrifice themselves and ignore their own earthly and spiritual needs.

You can relate to this one all too much, can’t you? Me too.

The problem is that this perspective blocks you from the angels and your important mission. Such an altruistic and loving perspective – coming from your heart and desire to help – only serves to lower your vibes and keep the work you are meant to do from occurring. You cannot be authentic without loving, believing in, or understanding yourself.

So, an essential reason to know if you are an Earth Angel is so you can stop doubting how important and unique you are and instead begin to actively know, work on, and accept your mission fully.

Yes!!! You are an extraordinary being here on Earth with a special mission. You are higher in the spiritual hierarchy than other human beings. You have an increased vibrational frequency and unique spiritual gifts and powers that allow you to accomplish your mission. You are special, and you are important.

And because you are an Earth Angel, you will have a hard time embracing and accepting that. It is in your nature. You do not feel any different or any more special than anything or anyone else. And you are right; you are not better than anyone else, but the fact is your mission is special. It is important, and you have got to let go and allow yourself to see that you are special… extremely important… and you have a mission to accomplish!


There are many reasons why it is imperative to know if you are an Earth Angel, from your spiritual mission and life path to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. But the life of an Earth Angel is not easy, and that aspect of this life purpose can take you down a wrong and quite harmful path – away from your mission and your purpose – which only leads to unnecessary pain and struggle.

But perhaps the most critical and essential reason why knowing if you are an Earth Angel is so important is that you are meant for and deserve more than what you have been allowing into your life.

You are special, unique, and meant to carry out a special mission. You are doing the work of angels for God here on the planet in physical form. Limited by the physical world, the physical mind and body, space and time. Knowing more about yourself and your mission helps you embrace your humble nature and stay open and receptive to receiving the energy, help, assistance, protection, and everything you need to accomplish your mission and find the joy, peace, and abundance you are meant to have.

Welcome to the Choir!

What to do Next:

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Love Always, SarahDawn

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