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Why you NEED to LOVE yourself by Sarahdawn Tunis

There are many reasons why you need to love yourself. Not just for your mental health or to find happiness in this life – but because it is your soul’s calling.

Yet it is often a real struggle. A struggle to find that love for ourselves, to let go, ask for, and allow our needs to be met. To put yourself first the way you do others you love.

But it is a necessary part of your purpose and one that you need to learn and embrace if you genuinely want to find happiness, accomplish your mission, and walk your spiritual life path.

Keep reading to learn some of the reasons that it is not only essential but vital for you to learn to love yourself.

The Struggle We Face

The world can be a lonely place. It is so easy to get lost within ourselves and feel separate and different from everyone else around us. It is all too easy to feel consumed by the notion that we are not worthy of the love, respect, and admiration we so freely give to others.

We grow up learning that humility is a virtue and something to strive for. So we send our praises, love, and assistance to all those around us. Yet so easily neglect our needs -treating ourselves as less than those we are always there for. We are more critical and judgmental of ourselves than we are of strangers who cross our paths for the briefest moments.

Why you NEED to LOVE yourself

We learn to judge ourselves at an early age. And learn to be critical and search for all our flaws so we can fix them and be better people. This results in us growing into adults who have worked very hard to be good, honest, worthy people trying to be perfect and live up to the standards of a flawed society. Only to now look at ourselves and merely see what is wrong and what we have yet to accomplish.

I have so many times expressed admiration to some amazing people only to watch them internally struggle to accept my compliments. Usually, dismissing it as my being “one of those people” who has to make everyone around me happy.

Over the years, I have often asked myself why? Why is it so easy to give love to others yet so difficult for so many of us to turn that love inward? So hard to see the value we innately possess? The value we don’t have to work for. The value we, as simply being who we are, already have in abundance?

We Are Being Selfish!

Living our lives this way creates problems on so many levels. As it only really serves to feed into lower energies and deny our spiritual selves the life we were meant to have while on this Earth. It keeps us from our mission and from being in harmony with our life purpose. We need to learn and understand that by not loving ourselves, we are actually being selfish.

But to give to others and sacrifice my own needs is anything but selfish, you say?

I know. That is what I used to think as well. That somehow, if I gave as much of myself as I could to others and denied myself of my own wants and desires, I would somehow be more worthy, more loveable. But over the years, I have learned that nothing could be further from the truth.

And the angels have told me many times over that such is an extremely flawed way that humans tend to think. Not just you, not just me – but many people, especially those with an important or special life mission. Such as lightworkers and Earth Angels.

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Yet, if you really want to contribute to the greater good and make the world a better place, you first need to be able to do it. And how you get to that place is by loving, believing in, and taking care of yourself.

But it All Starts With Love!

For many years, I put my children above anything else. I would freely go without things I wanted or needed to get whatever I could to make my children happy and feel loved, wanted, and appreciated.

But the constant drain on my energy and psyche ended up making me feel frustrated, irritated, and unfulfilled – not with my children, but with life in general. It just kind of sucked. I never felt important or worthy of anything, and as a result, who suffered right along with me? You got it! My children did. It was a complete backfire on all my efforts to make them happy.

It wasn’t until I faced losing everything that I figured out I had to learn to treat myself better. I had to learn how to put myself first and strive for my own happiness and fulfillment. As I reached for the hand of God to pull me out of the hole of despair that I dug for myself – I realized – that the only way to make anyone happy was to make myself happy. To live for myself. To love myself.

To truly be unselfish, I had to learn to love myself so that I could spread that love unto others. But I was leaving myself out of the equation. Ignoring my wants and putting myself and my needs last in an effort to be the best mother and the best person I could was selfish. Because the only one it served was my Ego.

We are Also Being Hypocrites

If a lack of self-love being a selfish act is not enough to convince you to start putting yourself first, what if I said you are also being hypocritical?

Jeeze, I sure am being mean in a post about why you need to love yourself! 

But that just goes to show you that everything is not exactly as it may appear to us. I am not being mean. I am showing you the truth. Revealing the consequence of living a life where you do not know how important it truly is to love yourself.

And the truth is that you are a divine spark of God’s love. You are not just a being here on the Earth. You are not separate from the divine. We are all connected and all as one. It is called the God Force. It is the divine that exists within all of us, within everything. Because we were not molded from a piece of clay or dirt. We were taken directly from God – we are part of God—one with all creation.

If you do not love yourself, think badly of yourself, or practice self-harm, within the bigger picture, you are doing, saying, and thinking the same thing about the angels, your spiritual guides, the ascended masters, the entire spiritual realm, and yes, even our Creator.

How can you claim to love anything or anyone? How can you say that you love Spirit and carry the love and light of Spirit if you do not fully embrace and love the same divine spark that resides within you? As part of your mission, you have a responsibility to afford the same love you have for anyone or anything to yourself.

Why You Need to Love Yourself

Over the years, I have put everything I have into understanding this phenomenon. Why is it better to live for ourselves and not just serve others? Why is it better to practice a bit of selfishness in order not to be so selfish? How does this paradox work?

Here are just a couple of reasons why you need to love yourself:

  1. Being humble and keeping yourself down is harmful. This way of being keeps you from your purpose, from being who you are, and from accomplishing your dreams. Believe it or not, you can give to others, help others, and raise the earth’s vibrations when you have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled. In fact, loving yourself will enable you to do it more often, more efficiently, and more effectively.
  2. Learning to love yourself is part of your spiritual journey. Love trumps all else in the grand scheme of things. Which means there is nothing wrong with you or how you feel about yourself – this is all just a part of the journey you are on.

But there is more, so let’s keep going…

Love is A Sure Way to Fight the Darkness

Most often, guilt holds us back from accomplishing and working toward our dreams and happiness. Guilt we take on from past experiences. The kind of guilt we’ve learned from others or have created in our minds that makes us believe asking for what we want and doing what we need to get it is actually what is selfish and wrong.

But after many years of being poor and depressed and then finding and working with the angels, I have learned that it is not bad to want and demand more for yourself. It is not bad to ask for help, and it is not bad to desire to have your needs met. But it is bad to let yourself sink into the depths of negativity because you are too afraid to ask for things to happen and, even if they do – be too afraid to let them in because you feel unworthy and guilty.

Some forces can and will try to bring you down. Your ego was developed over the same course of your life as your guilt. And other lower forces that want to keep you down. They want to keep you away from your light because you, your goodness, and your purpose do not serve them.

Keeping you down, poor, and struggling keeps you from serving your mission. Not taking care of yourself, not asking for what you need, and not being a little selfish at times keeps you from your light and your mission and ends up being a disservice to those you are here to help and what you are meant to do.

Happiness, love, and confidence are all higher vibrating states of being that bring you closer to God and make your mission in this lifetime easier to accomplish. This means you are changing the world when you love yourself, take care of yourself, and treat yourself as a priority.

Change yourself, change the world.

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There are many reasons why too…

  • First of all, when you feel good, you accomplish more, do more good, and reach more people. You can follow your calling.
  • When your vibrations are high and you are doing well, your energy spreads to others. Your high vibrations change the frequency of the energy everywhere you go and raise the vibrations of everyone who comes across – not only you – but all those who enter a space where your energy has resonated. That is a lot of power to be passed along without any work being done on your part.
  • When you accept and allow yourself to receive wealth, abundance, and prosperity, your vibrational frequency is not being weighed down by the usual stress, worry, or insecurities that come with poverty. Instead, you are free to obtain what you need to not only accomplish your purpose but to make it easier. You have what you need to spread energy, wealth, abundance, and prosperity to others through money, resources, and the physical energy to keep going and keep doing more.  
  • Your mental, emotional, and physical health. When in a positive, uplifting, and self-loving state, you are more likely to identify, care about, and ensure that your health is in good shape. Loving yourself means your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s. So you will do what you need to be happy and healthy -just as you would help anyone else do the same. This not only ensures you are in the best place possible to walk your path, but you are also passing on the acceptance of self-love, self-compassion, and self-care to those around you.

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In conclusion, you can clearly see why you need to love yourself. I am not saying it is better to love yourself, good to love yourself, or okay to love yourself. This post intends to begin drilling into your physical mind that loving yourself is an important and necessary part of your life path and soul’s mission.

This is about so much more than you.  Your vibrations heal and uplift the world. This means when you learn to love yourself, you are assisting the angels in raising the vibrations of our planet and all its inhabitants. And if you are an Earth Angel, that is a powerful calling for you.  

So, if you want to help others, be a good person, and make the world a better place, you must begin by loving yourself. Because until you do, you are limiting your physical self, abilities, and overall capability of accomplishing this aspect of your spiritual journey.

May you always see the true beauty within you!!!

Love Always, SarahDawn

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